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April 10, 2016


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My IELTS instructor likes you about teaching style. I adore both of you. You are great. Thanks for lightning my way and others.

I read a news article at various news producers' website. It is free, updated in real time, and entertaining. One of my favorite news producers is VOA News. It covers not only daily news from around the world, but also it provoded a valuable English lesson every day with LearninngEngligh radio program. I also read a lot of English-written materials including journal articles, books, and magazines. That way, I can improve my comprehension level in English.

I introduced your blog and advertised it in my instagram page with lots of followers.
This is the only way I could pay off your kindness ;)

From your "quick tip" today I've learnt the structure: some days ... , while other days ... :)

HI Simon,
please,tell to some users that avoid from using bolding words and your name in their comments.
It does mislead us.
thanks a lot

Same here Simon . Some days I follow your post and make good notes , while other days I might only listened to an English song . The important thing is I am not going to give up until I become very fluent in English .

Steady and slow wins the the race :)

Dear Simon,
We all understand that you, similar to us, need some days off, and we appreciate your effort to help us with providing loads of valuable tips and technique.
Wish the best.

Some days you are tired and want to give up, while other days you definitely will to pass the challenge, it is normal

If you cannot fly, then run
If you cannot run, then walk
If you cannot walk, then crawl
Whatever you do, you have to keep moving FORWARD

Great comments guys. Thanks!

Could u tell me about the right rules of using punctuation (semi colon and coma)in writing module?

Most of the time I can't understand question of speaking terms,when teacher asks me.how can I improve?


"speaking terms" you mean speaking exam?

To improve in this area, you have to be familiar with the test format and the possible questions you will have in each part of the speaking exam. Simon has a ton of these in this site.

You might also consider purchasing his e-book to get more ideas/vocabularies in both speaking and writing task 2. But the most important thing you have to do is to improve your overall English skill for better comprehension and response.

Dear Simon,

I have a question about IELTS speaking. So many guidance books say "eye contact" is really important and contestants should do it a lot in IELTS speaking to be looked natural. So are there any certain rules that how frequently we should do it? what if I am a person who just don't like look directly at others' eyes even when talking in the mother languange? Long time of eye contact may be awkward and make me more nervous, so what should I do?

Thank you.

That advice is wrong Samuel. There are no points for eye contact, so you don't need to worry.

hi simon !!!!! my question is how to write a report ??
The chart below shows estimated world literacy rates by region and by gender for the year 2000.
Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.


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