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April 04, 2016


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Usually topics about linguistic or psychology are difficult...

Hi Simon,
Is it fine to write about surveys in essay writing if yes how can we use that in sentence.can you please help me regarding it.

・The situation has changed over time.
・I tried to make use of all the resources I had.
・The key to success in IELTS is to gather knowledge about the exam and practice every day.
・She made inferences about the future trend of stock prices.
・The dog's name is derived from its appearance.

The vessel was broken by one cat ,the host is suspected this kitty because the clue is its claws ,when it was evidenced clearly trace sth back to host' backyard.

1The college rules have changed over time
2The cooks made use of spices to reach such specific flavour
3The university applied a method of online searching
4To make inferences about this business,you should do market research

Dear Simon
I'm learning vocabulary for Ielts and have a question about the differences between "theory of" and "theory on". In page 31 - Cambridge Vocabulary for Ielts, question 27, test 1: "My tutor has many interesting ...... on how students learn." And the answer is D. Theories.
I searched on google and many dictionary website but I found that the word "Theory" only goes with preposition "of". Can you tell me why it goes with "on" in that book please!
Thank you so much for your help! Wish you have a good day!

On page 31 not in page 31 I'm sorry!

It is true that the people's minds derived from to know good and evil since they had been offenced the above .
In spite of uber apply the method ,the grandma didn't how to hired the tab at the first time when she stayed at my flat in New York

The woman , emotionally, change over the time ,even if the extreme weather hardly compared,the man said

@ng thuy: after "of" would be a noun or noun pharse. Therefore, there is not always the case that "theory" goes with "of". Correct me if im wrong

@Justin: Dear Justin. I have posted my question on some websites looking for help and one said "theory" goes with "of" is the most common way. Sometimes people use "on" but it's rare. He said I can use both and nothing wrong with "of" or "on". But "of" is the standard preposition. Maybe it's just that simple but I'm still looking for other answers and hope Simon will help.
Thank you so much for your reply!

Women so emotionally change over time that even the extreme weather hardly compared to, men said

The way people celebrate the festival has changed over time
Education is not just to acquire knowledge but to make the best use of what you have learnt
To be a successful person, you have to gather as much knowledge about life skills as you can
The name of the city is derived from the person who founded it

Human being opinions change over time.
In order to get a good score in IELTS, we should make use of our time efficiently.
I have gathererd a lot of knowledge in my filed of study.
For each type of questions in IELTS, we should apply a specific method.
Sometimes we have to make inferences about what we do not have enough evidence.
The conclusion is derived from the text.

sorry i m new here but m wondering when we ask any question to simon ,did he answer that??

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