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April 22, 2016


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you are encouraging students to take a short cut rather than build a solid foundation for academic EEnglish for IELTS.

Sorry David, but that's not true. What Simon is doing is actually teaching the skill of 'adapting' language for different situations, which is exactly what native speakers do when we use English.

Also, the speaking test is most certainly NOT academic English.

All of us know that IELTS test is mainly techniques, and the reason for that could be, not all native speakers can get whole marks in the whole areas. What Simon do is teaching these techniques. IELTS is not checking the foundation of academic English, but it checks the ability of answering the questions, and using techniques.
Thank you Simon.

Hi David,

I'm sorry to hear your words but you obviously misunderstood Simon. I can't find the post he wrote but fortunately I noted it down:

"9. There isn’t a secret

As I said earlier, there’s no special technique that will lead to a sudden, dramatic improvement in your score. Just keep practising and keep learning."

It's true that IELTS is a language test but that doesn't mean you can't do it more effectively.

Hi DAvid
You can learn English from everybody and everywhere , but you cannot learn Ielts techniques and tips everywhere.
If anybody has very good English language knowledge and can use different vocabulary for different topics, that will be amazing. But if you do not have enough vocabulary or your English language is poor, come here and learn techniques and .........,,

hi Simon!
i find your website very useful,so thank you very much for the tips.
i will be taking my ielts on june and i am wondering, in the speaking test, would they ask questions regarding current issues like politics? since i just moved in the US and i'm not very familiar with the news here.
please answer my query. thank you very much!

building a solid foundation for academic ielts!!!!!
it is exactly what is happening here.......thanks to Simon


Thanks to those of you who replied to David above. I'm sure that your explanations will help David and others.


Jo Marie,

Don't worry. They never ask about politics or any subject that is specific to one country. They only use "universal" topics e.g. health, work, family, education etc.

Does anyone help to judge my writing?
I am planning to take in May. This is my first essay after having studied lots of material and classes.
Which band could it be? Please
I am sorry post it in the wrong threat.

The topic is " Smart Devices have put all of the world's information at our fingertips. What is the drawbacks of this development?

Here is my essay,

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the information technology development, which has been a tremendous influence on people’s way of life with the invention of aplenty of convenient tools and equipment. One of which, smart devices is believed to be the most intelligent piece of equipment that one could deserve to own in this fast-paced modern world. Despite this, it is agreed that beside the privileges that it brings, this invention brings negative impacts on both social and environment aspects.
Firstly, in terms of social side, smart devices have been creating a network of sophisticated relationship among people. The growing in a number of smart phones, for instance, has a closely connection with the surge of in-app social webpages such as Facebook, Twitter, Dating Web like Flirts, etc. This link has opened up intricate relationships which is unknown and been creating an insecurity of people joined in these social places in respect of personal information being stolen. Thus, it is clear to address that the threats brought by these devices to the user is certain.
Secondly, in regard to environment issues, the manufacture and fabrication of these devices has caused destruction to people’s inhabitant. The mass production of these devices has to be gone through many processes and chains. One of the processes would be using the synthetic and artificial material and substances to make accessories and chips. This has produced a great deal of carbon dioxide exhausted to the air and cause global warning and dispose a variety of industrial waste. Hence, it is undeniably admitted that the people’s living quality is being destroyed.
As mentioned above, the increasing usage of smart devices has turned society and inhabitant in a danger, which could directly affect any living creatures. It is predicted that these weaknesses will continue to grow in size and scale in the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for the answer, Simon! I am so relieved.

Please tell me describe a family event will be happening forward to

Please give me some advice for good sentence formation ..

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