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April 15, 2016


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i got the following question on my exam in March:

describe a person you know who travels a lot by plane.

Hi Simon, thank you very much for your interesting website.
To answer at your question, I found these three questions in the official Cambridge Books:

1. Describe a conflict at work you once had ( the nature of conflict, why the conflict occurred, what you felt at the time of the conflict, what you had to do to resolve it)

2. Describe an important choice you had to make in your life.

3. Describe a meeting you remember going to at work, college or school


Describe a habit in your friend that you want it ?
Describe a TV programme that you enjoy watching it ?

I got there two questions in my exam in Liverpool Community College

An interesting story you shared with someone.
a. From where did you hear it?
b. Whom did you share it with?

Describe a beautiful sky you watched.

I got this question on 2 Dec last year which nearly drove me to despair. After the exam, I worked extremely hard in an effort to work it out. Fortunately, I found the example of a sky with amazing auroras and I successfully adapted it to a range of topics including a holiday, a foreign country, etc.

hi Simon
well,I think your video lesson contain all speaking topics because it cover anything that we watched,listened or read until now!
best regard...

Hi Simon
Thank you for your interesting website

Describe a period of time that you wait an important decision in your life.

Describe a law which is good in your country.
I had no idea when I answer it.

These questions below seem strange and difficult for me.
1. Describe a recent time when you looked the sky (either day or night)
2. Describe a local news that people in your locality are interested in

Described a sport

1.Talk about an aquatic center you enjoy to go
-where it is?
-when do you go there?
-why do you like?
2.describe an adventurous person who you know
-who the person is?
-how you know this person does that is adventurous?
-and explain why you think this person likes to take risks.

Cue Card

Talk about a novel or a story that you have read recently. Please say
- What was it about?
- Why did you choose it?
- Did you like or dislike it? Why?


- How can reading affect the society?
- Do people still prefer real books or their digital versions? Why?

Hi Simon,
I have taken exam five times,I want to share my cue card questions
They are:
1,describe a training course you have attended.
2,describe a situation where you helped a stranger.
3,describe when someone give you a surprise visit.
4,describe a conversation when you convinced someone.
5,describe your future plans.

The question was in my exams
Place you want to go for visit
About electronic dictionary... I didn't have much knowledge about that topic
Sports for women

describe a language

which language will become popullar
who like to learn second language/ do you think people like to speak second language?
why it is important to learn it ?

describe a food

what kind of food you like to eat ?

Hi I wanted to share my cue card question (IELTS speaking part 2 GT 2/4/2016)

What the thing you borrowed from other which was really meaning to you?

I share the writing task 2 question I got today in China.

When new towns are planned, it is more important to include public parks and sports facilities than shopping centres for people to spend their free time in.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I tried my best to keep it to be exactly the same as the original one for obvious reasons.

Got this question on march 5th
Do u like science?
Did u study science in school
Effect of science.


Thanks for sharing your part 2 topics. Really useful.

hi Simon,

could you give a model answer for some of the question given?Please?

Thank you.

"Describe a sound that makes you remember something."

got these question seven years ago when i took ielts.

Hi Simon, I was asked about noisy place in one of my IELTS exams .

1- Describe a noisy place.
2- what was the source of noise.
3- Did you feel angry ? what did you do ?

Hi All,

I attended speaking test twice. The questions are as fallows

1. Describe about the festival in your country
a. Why it is celebrated
b. how it is celebrated

2. Describe about the tourist destination you want to travel
a. why you choose that place
b. what will you do after going there.
c. how do you come to know such a tourist place

Hello Mr.Simon;

I need information how to describe my relationship with a family member and some examples(writing task), please.

I got this in 2014,
What do u do when u stuck in the middle of a traffic?

Hi , Simon can you please describe your favourites choice you have made in your life

i got this in saudi arabia

describe a street you use everyday

Hi Simon,

Do you mean we just prepare one for each topic, so six in total? Then adapt them to other questions. Am I right? Thanks

I was asked about

Out of your country to which country you would like to go?
For what purpose you like to go there?
why you choose it?
reasons behind choosing it.

i was asked about
first sweet i have tasted

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