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April 08, 2016


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harmonious, modern, close-knit, flesh and blood

Hi Simon and everyone,
I want to share an essay for writing task 1 which is consisted of a line graph and bar chart. I have trouble writing the third and fourth paragraph.
So, I decided to write for the past-present years for 3rd paragraph and future years for fourth paragraph. Is this step correct?

Here is the question:

Hi simon
I really liked the idea of preparing set of words for each topic to use with easy word constructions to make appealing sentences .

I wonder where I can get these vocabulary from ?
I am thinking to make a vocabulary list of different topics ...

Understanding, loving,humble

Dear Fizz

Thank you for sharing this question. I think for paragraph 3 you need to use both, past and future tense, and for paragraph 4 you need to do the same.


So, basically, 3rd paragraph is for 1st graph and fourth paragraph is for the 2nd graph?

hard-working, energetic, polite,optimstic

Dear Fizz
Yes. I think it would be a good organisation.

cultured people or a cultured person, lovely, helpful, advisor, and cheerful.

understanding, cozy atmosphere, energetic, united

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That was my real test question 2 month ago and I was quite suprized when I saw that question because I could not think anythink about this question and I do lots of hesitations. But at the end of the speaking test, I got 6 point. I wasnt expecting this score. But following exam, I certainly more and clear spoke compared to previous speaking exam but can you guess my score? That was 5.5! I decided, this evaluation is not logical and acceptable. That was just my experience, when I saw this question I remembered my dramatic case..

organized, always like to help others, knowledgeable, educated people, funny, humble

congenial, strange, lovable, determined, honest and hard-working, welcoming, accommodating, skillful, unified family, supportive to other ppl, disciplined, unorthodox,perfect and amazing family structure with a few number of adorable kids.


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