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April 01, 2016


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It was the topic of my last IELTS test. I couldn't manage to have a nice answer. Unfortunately, i got 6.5 in this set of speaking test. I usually get 7.5 or 8.

It is a hard topic for me I wouldn't manage it

I think it is a hard topic

Hello everybody

Who finished exam 2nd April, Please Share Questions as soon as possible.

[email protected]


i am seeking speaking practice partner, my skype id is sajj.sajj1
it would be better if we create a group on skype for ielts speaking practice with these guidence

Yes done with writing listiening reading
Write a letter ur relative is going to visit a country whr ur friend is living tell ur friend abt the realitve and her purpose of going to that country
teachers training z must or without training anyone can teach
Reading was not tht difficult last part was tricky
Listening was easy
last part was difficult

i am seeking speaking practice partner, my skype mahmoudsaad507

I'am also looking for a IELTS speaking partner. My Skype ID is afrin_mila2003

what the members of the family are like???
Dear Simon please do let me know what does it mean?

I am going to talk about a family that I have been in contact since about a year now.They are called as Puri family.This couple were very close school friends of my husband and I met them in the London when I moved here .I guess in one of the wedding ceremonies.
This is very small and lovely family I have ever met.it includes parents and two sweet daughters.Both parents work as a doctor in The NHS trust and work very hard to maintain work-life balance.The best thing I adore about them is that they are always there if you need help,very kind and sympathetic.They always keep their promises ,no matter how small they are.If I think about specific qualities they possess ,then what will be best thing about a mother.
Well,her name is Surabhi.She is very enthusiastic lady and I have always seen her on tip of her toes.Though she works full time,family and kids are her first priority but that doesn't mean she is not punctual at her workplace.She has a very positive outlook on life ,no matter how impossible it is.She always make it a point to engage kids at home in various activities as well as enjoy other aspects of life like holidays,social status,outdoor playtime and education.
For her husband,he always supports her wife in each of her decision and helps her to life go on.
Two daughter are really cute.i appreciate the manners they do have,their curiosity about each thing which is new to them .
Well ,I really love this family .For me,it's like an ideal family from whom we can learn a lot .

Please correct me if I am wrong about any aspect of it.

I am really eager to know,can this be one of the ielts answers to get max 7 score in the exam.

If not ,what should I change.

Kindly comment.


I have an interesting question regarding to this topic.

May I describe a virtual family from some movie or TV drama?

I plan to do this because the ideas can be shared with topics like "movie". Would it be considered as "off-topic"? :)

it is a hot potato

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