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April 24, 2016


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Thank you! the website is really handy

Hey Simon, I wonder do you provide ielts writing marking? i mean can I transfer you my writing and the charge online? Cheers,Emma

Hi Emma,

I don't offer essay marking myself, but I have some colleagues who do. Just email me for more information ([email protected]).

hi simon sir,
plz help me with this query
is it ok to use below synonym for equal ability and mixed abilities?
Same ability= homogeneous ability
mixed ability=heterogeneous ability

Hi everyone I need a partner for ielts speaking my skyp id:wares_12345.

Dear Simon,

I'm wondering the difference between should do and should be doing.

Could you clarify it please?

Best regards,

dear simon sir,
can i use an influx in writing task 1and2?
Is it an academic word?

put importance on= attach great importance to doing sth

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