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April 06, 2016


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Dear Simon,

I have question about listening. can we write the initial letter of all answers in capital letter?
Such as, Computers, Work, Play, Book and so on?

Thank you

Hi simon,

would it be wrong to discuss one responsibility in each paragraph?

hi simon,
how can we add surveys in eassy writting?should we say,"a survey conducted by national institute of statistics Uk reported that....."is this correct or not?can you please explan.

On the above statement, I strongly agreed with the opinion that business also have some social
responsibilities as well as making money.

Life is going on our society but without any classes there is no society in the world as one
is poor and another is rich or middle income.The ability of all is not the same, one will be entrepreneur, other will employee and one will be businessman, another will be worker for this there makes a classes.business should do something for their society as they are come from society and none cannot live without society.

If any society create far difference between rich and poor, it makes a possibility to create anarchy and chaos in the society so businessman could not deny their responsibilities.
Finally I have the last quotation on support this statement without social development businessman development is baseless.

So it is supposed to be all about the relationship between making money and having social responsibilities for businesses.

As well as making money, businesses also have the social responsibilities.I completely agree and I will discuss that this will help the humankind.

First of all, business needs to make money because of capital investment.For example Chaudhary Group.This is a manufacturing company that produces food items.It wants to sustain its business.
Second reason is benefit and earning for family and lead comfortable life.For example living standard would be h igh and get fame and respect in society.
If it fails to make money then money will be lost and business would be collapsed.It doesn't help for social activities.Many social responsibilities depend on money.
Let me discuss the second part of the essay that businesses also have the social responsibilities.The first reason is company takes advantage from local in many ways.For example low man power cost.
Second reason is the company pollutes the environment that affect to the health of people.For example noise , smoke come from the factory goes in the environment.Therefore deteriorates the life.
The third reason is to show the society and government that company is doing for welfare of the people.This saves some tax.
In conclusion, The business needs to make money as well as also has the social responsibilities.
I completely agree and this will help to mankind.

Dr Ali

As Simon has said, capitals are not important in the listening test, so you can write words beginning with capitals.


NEVER refer to a survey in an essay. In an IELTS essay you obviously can't do any research, so it is clearly 'made up' and memorised.

Thanks for your help.

I want to ask a question:
Some teachers told me that "in writing task 2, one criteria for marking task 2 is (all my sentences have to be 15 to 25 words long)"
Is it true?
if in task 2 of ielts writing, I have two or three sentences below 15 words, will examiners reduce my score?


This is completely incorrect. There is absolutely nothing about word length. In the GR criteria, you need to show 'a range of structures', so mixing sentence lengths with some long and short sentences is a good idea. This is what native speakers do to make writing more interesting for the reader.

Good afternoon SJM,
Mixing sentence lengths with some long and short sentences is a good idea : of which means simple structure mixing with some complex structure ,such as compound sentence.and choice the verb to write in those is a basic ideas.some times I think that

opinions: completely agree
It is not always true that doing the business can be earns millions; however, the sustainable industry might be a duty on general public along with the money, so I totally agree that business need to make money and also using the founds on developing the local community.
1rt para: the business is business, the trader sets his heart on privileges since owner started the business
2nd para: some reasons to explain why .raise the enterprise image
.to engage big bonus
the balance incomes as well as sustainable
To conclude,for continuing business it is worth that company spent amount of money and debate on some issue, like children, environment, and local development

Hi Simon, one of my teacher ever told to me that to get high band score, I should write 5 paragraph on essay task 2. Is it true?

Hi Simon. Is this question one sided or two sided ?

I wonder why in the first paragraph, we need to explain why businesses need to make money.

For me, we will give two reasons why businesses should have social responsibilities which is relatively equal importance as well as making money.
And each reason will be presented in each paragraph.

It's OK?

Here are some reasons for social responsibilities:

1. It give some benefits for a business
- Create good reputation that attracts investor and consumer involvement
- considered as a measure of overall performance (having social conscience like charity needs money)
- reflect ability to operate effectively

2. Business is a group of individuals relating to the society in which it operates.
- Businesses should have social duties as well as individuals
- it's called " corporate social responsibility"
- it does not oppose to a basic point of business's nature and the economy that governs it.
- each industry could have different social activities. For ex: ...

I already found some above ideas and I think I can develop it in my essay.

Some people argue that the main aim of running a business is not onlt to make money,but also to bring benefits to the local society. I completely agree with previous statement.
There are several reasons why maing money is an important factor for having successful business. Money is very important for continueing the business plan. This would increase the field of the business and may allow it to expand from being local business to become an international. Many buisenesses could experience a fail and this could end the business. However, if the comapy had a

Hi all, please help find room to improve my essay below
Many believe that earning profit is the ultimate and exclusive goal of all business units while others believe that corporation should have responsibility to society. The latter have my support

For many, the idea that the goal of corporations is to make money is one of immutable truths of the universe. Business entities at all scales are set up with an attempt of earning profit from investment through satisfying customer needs. However, on their endless progress of maximizing profit, many corporations ignore or even harm society. Destroying living environments of people and animals for pursuing money are typically found across the globe. For example, illegal logging has destroyed rain forests. As a result, rain fall could not be kept in soil which is essential for farming and causing heavy flood in territories. Furthermore, illegal logging is also considered as the major reason of animal habitat deterioration and biological imbanlance or even extinction of species.

There are two main reasons business organizations are believed to have responsibilities to society. Firstly, they have to pay back to society where they operate to compensate deadweight loss when supply and demand are not equilibrium caused by taxation, according to economists. Secondly, corporations earn society trust through activities within the community. They could emphasize their brand in customer minds through sponsoring annual charity events, and in return they could increase sales . They. Customers love brands which is beneficial to society such as related to health, education. For example, the Microsoft founder, Bill Gate, contributes a portion of his fortune to charity funds with an attempt of enhancing healthcare and expanding educational opportunity to information technology. Majority of computer users prefer purchasing Microsoft products over others and acknowledging contribution to the Bill Gates charity foundation.

In conclusion, the business organizations should always focus on pursuing profit for owners. However, they should also contribute to social development for community and at the same time raising awareness about their corporation.

But this is an opinion type of question, right? not a discussion + opinion one?

Hi jo marie salar.

Yes, i believe this is an opinion essay.😊

Hi Simon,

Can I write two main paragraphs about the reason why companies should have social responsibilities?

This is because I think companies' responsibility for making money is the background information.

Thank you so much!

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