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April 16, 2016


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They are afraid of saying 'no'. Some of them do not confess of their lack of knowledge, which I suppose is wrong.

An ielts teacher told me not to use word "nowadays " because examiners do not like this word


What do u think about Nazira's comment?


i was told so, and i use "these days" instead


Simon used "nowadays" in one of his band 9 sample essays. So I'm afraid your teacher must be wrong.



I'm a bit confused but not afraid to use it in my essay.

I new he was wrong I think he wasn't qualified to teach ielts, I had a few lessons with him and I didn't like the way he teach, I found him online


There is nothing wrong with the word 'nowadays'.


I would be careful with 'these days'. It's not as flexible as 'today' or 'nowadays' and there are times when 'these days' might not be suitable.

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Be careful with using the word "nowadays", and avoiding misusing it. Many people usually start a sentence with "nowadays" without noticing that the subject is not only happening "now", but in the past it aslo a concern.

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