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May 29, 2016


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Thanks a lot Simon. You almost fulfilled your New Year's resolution. Well done

I have a question please, I have been following your blog for two years every day, I almost read every thing from 2009, in this case do you think is there a difference between what you wrote all these years and you videos? To me, they are not that cheap, that is why I am asking.
In fact it took a lot of time and a huge effort to do that, your answer for my question will be beneficial to those who do not have time and for those who have a plenty of time to take the exam and according to everyone's budget of course.
I should also say that I made a huge progress by reading and following your materials.
Thanks a lot beyond words can express for your effort and time and your simple and rational techniques.

Thanks to your marvelous videos, I have improved speaking and writing scores from 6.0 and 5.5 to 8.0 and 7.0 respectively. Although I am now stop taking IELTS and preparing GRE test, I will retake near future in order to get 7.0 or above in all sections!

Please let us purchase using VISA card or MasterCard.

Well done, Auau. You are one of thousands of students who have benefited from Simon's site. He has helped so many students to achieve their dreams to study or work overseas.

I have taught IELTS since 2005, and I was delighted when Simon's blog first appeared in 2010. I have used it in the classroom and in online writing corrections. I recommend his site 100% for all IELTS teachers.

The comments are always valuable, too, and I always look specially for comments by sjm and - from a candidate's perspective - by James Z.

Long may Simon continue his work.

Dear Simon:
The new offer is great. However,it is really unfriendly to old costumers.
I bought the writing task 2 package. It's that means I can only buy other packages and future packages separately or I have to buy what I have bought twice?
Can you give your old customers a chance to upgrade to the full package?
It will increase your income.

yes, i do agree with u Lucas . I hope if we would have a chance to upgrade to the full package .


Hi Lana,

In terms of the advice I give, there are no new "secrets" in the videos. You can find everything you need in the free lessons here on my blog. The only difference is that the videos go step by step through my approach, and you could say that they "condense" my teaching and deliver it in a faster way. On the other hand, the blog is more like an ongoing conversation between me and the people who use it. The blog is very rich in content, and everything is there if you are prepared to look for it.


I'm glad you found the videos useful auau!


Hi H. A. Kader,

PayPal already allows you to pay by VISA or Mastercard.


Thanks Pete!


Hi Lucas,

I agree with you, and I did consider that. If you email me with details of the lessons you bought and what you would like to buy, I do have a solution.

I'm grateful to people who bought lessons before the course was finished, and I can give them a discount on the full course if they email me.

Just email: ieltssimon@gmail.com


Hi Zeki,

I haven't seen the question, but it sounds like the future passive will be fine.

Hey Simon,

I want ask a question to you. I took this exam last saturday and wriitng task 1 about redevelopment plan one site and i used future passive as a tense (will+be+v3) is it correct? Or should I have used only future perfect tense? This was quite similar your writing example http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/2015/08/ielts-writing-task-1-school-buildings-answer.html I am not sure about this case, I hope you asnwer me about it.

Thank you.

Sir when i was talking my speaking test at that time examiner was noting something 5-5 on her listbook. Can u tell me what it means?

Hi Simon,
I want to purchase the Full Course. I have sent two emails about it but could not get an answer from you. I can not get a PayPal access in Turkey . Could you please inform me if there are any other options for paying?
Thank you,
Best regards

Hi Simon,

The video course is very useful. It is what I really need now. Thank your for your effort to develop the course.

I am really looking forwards to watching your video of IELTS Listening and General Writing task 1.

My best wishes,

hi I am from Bangladesh . I want to buy ur book. bt how I don't know. plz help me plz

I pay $40 dollar for speaking package today by PayPal how could i get the code for using the videos?


You should have received a password by email. If you haven't received it, please email me (ieltssimon@gmail.com).

If you have already emailed me, I'll reply today.

Dear Simon,

I also want to purchase the courses. However there is no opportunity to buy your videos via Paypal in Turkey. It is unfortunately not available in Turkey. Therefore I will be appreciated if you can advice/show me another way to buy your courses besides Paypal.

Kind regards.

you can also watch this video to memorize vocabulary :

I bought one video but I didn't get email how to open the video . can you please help ?


Is everything ok now?

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