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May 20, 2016


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Thanks a lot for your effort giving for the betterment of IELTS candidates.

It would be highly appreciated if some 'standard answers' on the below topic is available in your website.

1. Describe a person
2. Describe a place
3. Describe an object
4. Describe an event
5. Describe an activity
6. Describe your favourites

H. A. Kader,

If you look back through all of my speaking lessons, you should find at least one lesson about each of the six main topics. Also, my video lessons cover these topics in more detail.

H. A. Kader,

I think it would be a more sensible approach if you try to create your own stories based on your real life experience and find good vocabulary to improve them. Yes you can memorise some model answers but they won't be as helpful as you do it yourself.


Dear Simon

I understand you are too busy to focus out of your schedule. Although you are in Manchester, UK; prospective IELTS candidates around the world following your website and the trend is increasingly increasing. I believe I am one of them.

I also watched your free video lessons on viddler, but unfortunately due to the unavailability of PayPal here in Bangladesh shunned me watching paid video services.

It is an humble request consider the students of the rest of the world where PayPal yet to be. We also interested to purchase those valuables but with VISA and MasterCard this is still impossible.

I am looking for your speaking topics here.

Thank you so much for your untiring support.

Hi James Z.

Thank you.

Hi, Simon,
Your suggestions are sensible. thanks.

I just had my results back, and overall was 5.5 that is still same as last time I took the exam. However my writing score improved from 5 to 6 with using Mr.Simon's methods. I still have to work hard on other sections, but this little improvement gave me a hope. My goal is overall 6.5 and least 6.0 for each section. My most weakest is speaking which was only scored 5. I plan to study using cambridge 4 to 10, and also using Mr. Simon's this great blog. I do appreciate if anyone give me more advices. Thank you for reading my thoughts and desires.

Hi James
I need your help
Especially for writing and reading

Part 3 structure 4 steps :

1. Answer the question directly.( Don't sit on the fence be clear )

2. Explain your answer ( tell me whyyyyy:)

3. For example if .....

4. Give the alternatives / or give the opposite idea .

Give long detailed answer . Force yourself to speak more :)

The first thing an IELTS examiner notices in the speaking test is the sound of your voice, in particular, your fluency (pausing, repetition, and speed variation), and the clarity and rhythm of your pronunciation. In particular, examiners are comparing you to a native speaker.

Your thoughts are reasonable. Thanks for your sharing.

In part 2 when you think and answer, i usually translate from my native language in my mind to english, it will make you slow. I think we should prepare from which sentence we will use too.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your advice towards speaking test! By the way, did you take a look on IELTS11 book? I bought IELTS-11 yesterday, to be honest, I was litte disappointed about IELTS 11, I don't know why there was no writing samples being prepared by IELTS examiners inside. In addition, this book contains a lot of new vocabularies in reading test as well as some long sentences are hard to understand. I think the difficulties had been increased in IETLS exam towards Academic reading.

I think it's a good idea you write with different color (black and green).

Looking for a speaking buddy! Please need some help

Dear Simon, could you please specified what is the 3 or 4 steps that you explained in the video? Because we have limited access to the Internet in China, and we are not able to watch the video.
Thanks very much~!

hi simon
can you guide me about tips speaking. I'm very bad at speaking . can you improve me quickly?. I just have a week for preparing Ielts test

Hi Simon, I have an exam on 3rd of Dec in Sudan and I need overall 6.5 and am struggling with writing and reading. Could you please send me some recent exam questions? I really need it for my migration process...Please help me out.
Best regards,

Just one question! What to do if topic is difficult and you dont have a good vocabulary for that ?

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