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June 19, 2016


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Thanks for your example. Did I understand right that it is always better to paraphrase each point given in a task as a topic sentence and then give more details?
So the structure like in an essay, but ideas are already provided.

God bless you :)

Thank you so much Simon. I'm having my Ietls exam next month and I haven't known about the writing section's structure of IELTS yet because I'm still learning TOEFL (I know it sounds weird but the coming IELTS exam opens freely and actually it's just simply a simulated one. I signed up for this because I want to try and determine my level so that I can decide what to train next, but bad new for me is I honestly have no experience :( ). I searched online for many introduction articles and eventually I found your website. It helps me a lot!

Hello simon,
I’m going to take IELTS coming Saturday here in Nepal. I follow all your blogs well. Finally I found my problem with reading and listening. The problem is that I almost get the answer but couldn’t pick the right one. For example Cambridge IELTS 4 test 1 reading passage 2 “similarly although at least some cetaceans have taste buds, the nerves serving these have degenerated or are rudimentary.” And the question is “nerves linked to their ………………are underdeveloped”
I just pick the word ‘buds’ but the correct answer is “taste buds” same happen in the listening test. Though I find the answer, I couldn’t pick right one. Sometimes single word is right for the answer where I pick two or three words as my right answer and sometimes two or three words are correct where I just pick the one. I don’t have any idea how to cope with this and I also don’t have enough time. What would be the possible solution?? I almost near the band 7 on condition that these problems are not the problem at all. I must admit that you are my only one IELTS instructor to whom I trust since last 2 years and I don’t have any other choice than you. Due to insufficient time of practicing, I’m looking for quick solution and hope I will get that soon
Kindly regards……

Hi Niraj,
Try to add possible detailed answer (several words) into a question sentence and if it is still grammatically correct and this don't break a restriction regarding the number of words - leave this answer.
It seems to me that it is better to add a spare word rather than miss it in such kind of tasks.

In later publications of IELTS books you may find that answers may have variations (with a spare word or without, be plural or singular). It appears that organisers eased their requirements with the lapse of time.


I didn't do it consciously, but it seems that it worked well to paraphrase then expand each point (in this case).

Hi Simon ,
Your are doing great job to teach students.I have learned many things from your blog but I am struggling with ielts.It is sometimes quite frustrating If you take the exam again and again and there is no progress at all.ielts has obstructed every way of success and finding professional job.

Thank you so much for your tips..

sir, i just want to ask about the number of parragraphs. usually 4 parragraphs are written everwhere in letter is it okk with 5 parras in letter

Thank and here is my example. I wish you could comment on it.

Hi sir/madam,
I’m writing you with regard to proposed closure of the sports and leisure centre.
This place became very considerable for most of people at various ages, and most of them got used to use it for health, mental, and body building activities while others prefer to spend their free time in.
Moreover, this centre has become able to help youths in terms of building their minds positively which will lead in the future the community to be affective. In other words, during leisure time, we are able to conduct efficient activities for teenagers who are actually have nothing to do, and that reflects on how they wouldn’t be passively behave.
Furthermore, local people, especially parents, will feel the difference between how their children were engaged to such benefits and now how they experience losing development in their characters which is based mainly on the methods being used in your centre.
I hope you might change your decision for sake our new generations that we are somehow responsible for.
Best regards,

I have no idea if you can help but I am running out of options so I am trying everything I can think of.

My son has taken the general Ielts test several times and passes all sections 7 plus except the writing, where he gets 6,6.5 !!, he needs 7 for Australian visa, (27yeras old native English speaker)

He has a certificate to say he is dyslexic, spelling being his main problem, although writing and reading are impaired by it, no where near to the same level as it effects his writing because of the issue he has with spelling.

Can you suggest anything that could help him (he is not allowed a scribe and the laptop he is given to use has the spell check turned off!)

Do you know of anyone who is dyslexic having passed the tests at a 7

Hi Wendy,

I replied to your email.

dear simon, just fu*k off

Thank you Simon!

Hi Simon,
It's good to see model answer as it provides some guidelines on how answer shall be arranged. However, in most cases really difficult to see difference between 6 and 9 (at least for students). Therefore, could you please provide comments for each band descriptor why this letter\essay would be 9 and anther one would be 7.
Thanks a lot!

thank you so much for your help

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing with regard to the advertising which has been published on Washington Post pertains to the proposal you are considering to shut down the recreation center in Fairfax area due to money saving.

I and my friends meet regularly at the center and exercise some physical activities such as swimming, tennis, as well as free weight. In addition, my kids participate in football club and enjoy immensely , in addition learning swimming every other day after school where fitness keep them healthy and motivated.

I believe that the center has tremendous beneficial to the society because it keeps the community unified by knowing each other and interactive.

Let me explain the situation for you if you decide to close the center. As you probably know that the only sport center we have had and I cannot imagine how the teenagers will not engaged in any activity which lead them to not be occupied and as a result they will be in street mixed with other young people who addicted to drugs and alcohol. It means we destroy our young people.

I hope that you take these concerns into consideration before you take making a decision.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully,

Khaled Aly

Its should be loose or lose.. Which one is correct center or centre...

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