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June 18, 2016


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Thanks Simon for the GT lesson! I followed your advice and style every time I wrote to university admission officers.

Dear Simon,
I know it varies from exam to another, but could you please tell me how many right questions one should answer to get 7,7.5,8 and 8.5.

Thanks a lot.

I mean in both listening and reading. My friend told me it is not even the same for reading and listening amd that to 39 out of 40 in listening is 8.5 while it is less than that for that mark in reading.
Could you clarify that please

Sorry again,

If it is 30 for band 7 and 33 for band 7.5, then is 32 regarded as band 7 or 7.5?


Hi Yana,
Listening: 33-35 (7.0); 36-37 (7.5); 38 (8.0); 39 (8.5)
Reading Academic: 29-32; 33-35; 36-37; 38-39
Reading General: 35-36; 37; 38; 39

Hi Simon,,
i'd like to thank you for your great help.

Could anyone please publish a link to free download Cambridge ielts 11 general training (pdf)..i fed up from searching, and no results at all..

Are you sure Alex? In some places it is 30 for 7 for reading and listening, it is very important to me as i need 7.5 at least in each section.
Looking forward to hearing from Simon.

Dear Sirs,
I known thay you have plan to run a sports and leisure centren closed.I totall agree with you. It will save money for building and our travel.
We often come these centrel with my family or my friends. We want to intend some activies. But the travel spend our times and money from sports centel to leisure centrel. In other hand, my family have children. They enjoy intending leisure activies. And i like sports. When you involve two centrel like that help us can take children go there together.
For your side, you can save money for bulding, space, employee. You also earn money due to it attact many people come.
I hope the idea comes to real soon. Hope everything comes best and like thing we thought.

Thanks & best regards,


When IELTS creates reading and listening tests, they 'test' these tests on thousands of students. I used to work at a school that was a 'pre-test' centre. This is because they want to see how 'difficult' or 'easy' the test is. It is impossible to create a listening or reading test that is exactly as 'difficult' as other tests.

IELTS then looks at the scores and does a statistical analysis, which tells them where to set the scores, and this is why there is a 'range'. Some tests are easier than others, and so a 7 in Academic reading may be 32, and other tests might be harder, so a 7 might be 30. As a general guide, Alex's figures above are correct.

Thanks sjm, you said when it is harder, a 7 is 32, but Alex said it is 33-35? So which is more accurate? Could you tell me if I aim to 7a d 7.5, how many right answers should I aim when practicing at home in listening and reading?
According to Alex, 32in listening is 6.5,isn't it?
What I understand now that
7 in listening is either 33or 34or 35,and 36 or 37 is 7.5,
7in reading is either 29 or 30 or 31 or 32, and 7.5 is either 33 or 34 or 35,
Did I understand correctly what Alex meant?
Thanks in advance

Sorry sjm,
You said when I is easier,7 is 32.
My question,is it 32 at least or at most?
Sorry it is confusing.
Could you provide accurate answer please?

By the way, Alex's figures for listening is shocking to me, 33 and 34and 35 are all 7 only?!!
It has become more difficult to me now.

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing in connection with your consideration of closing a sport and leisure centre, with a request not to close this centre.

My family use the centre almost every day. My elderly mother and I participate in square dancing which your centre organizes. My little daughter visits the children playground. My husband and his colleagues love playing in your indoor paintball fields.

The centre plays an important role for the local community. It is not only about exercising but it is more about socializing. Also, it is a great place for newcomers in our district.

If the centre is closed it will have a negative effect for all the people in the district. Retirees would find themselves idle or even isolated. Children would not have a place for playing with other children. Also, if teenagers were not occupied it would reflect on the district criminal situation.

In this way, I am very concerned about closing the centre. I would be really appreciated if you take this into consideration and will keep the centre.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Dina Scherbakova


From the IELTS website:

Listening and Academic Reading: 6= 23, 7= 30, 8=35
General Reading: 6=30, 7=34

I know these scores can vary by around 1 point either side, depending on the 'difficulty' of the test, so you can generally assume that in listening 29 to 32 is a 7, 32 to 34 is 7.5 and 34 to 36 is an 8. (The overlap depends on the difficulty of the test).

Thanks a lot Sjm.

Thank a lot, Simon!

Dear sir or madam

I am writting this letter in response to porposed closure of local sport and leisure centre.

First, I would like to stress you about how importatn this centre to me and my family. Almost every day after my work me and my wife loved to go to that centre for gym. My two little boy and girl alos love to go ther in order to keep themself physically fit.

I believe this centre has played pivotal role to keep all our community vivrant and healthy.

If you are going to close this fitness centre I am sure it would have serious detrimental effect to whole of our community as there is no other centres within communicable distance.

I hope you would consider these issues before you take your final decision.

Your sincerly

Dear Sir or madam
I am writting this letter to extend my opinion about the closing sport centre.
My family, friends and I usually go to the sport centre to improve our health.Not only me, but there is also helpful for inhabitants.After their work hard day, people always need a place to relax where help them temporary forget trouble at their work. and also refresh themselve.If worker have a good healthy, which means have higher effecient work, and that bring lots of profit to the development of local.
If the fitness centre do not active.that means inhabitants do not have enough healthy condition for your life to work and the economic local will be decreased.as they say : " if you have a good health, you will have evrything which you want and if you do not have a good health. I would have nothing.
I hope you could listen and think about it.
thank you for spending your time to read my letter
Your sinceerly

Hi could anybody post the listening and reading answer for academic which is 18 June 2016 test date.. Please help me out

Thank you for this tips..

Dear sir or Madam,
I'm writing to send my opinion in closing such sports centre.However, I respect your concept of saving money,I want to announce you that it affects our district in unpleasant way.
My family is going to the centre daily.Even my grandmother has told that she used to go there since it has been opened.Moreover, this centre is considered as a gathering hall for all the neighbourhood in the district.
According to your decision on closing the centre in order to save money, we as clients oppose this perspective. Saving money doesn't oppose spending great time with family,friends, and neighbourhood.
Hope you taking the right decision.
with my regards.

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing with regard to the advertising which has been published on Washington Post pertains to the proposal you are considering to shut down the recreation center in Fairfax area due to money saving.

I and my friends meet regularly at the center and exercise some physical activities such as swimming, tennis, as well as free weight. In addition, my kids participate in football club and enjoy immensely , in addition learning swimming every other day after school where fitness keep them healthy and motivated.

I believe that the center has tremendous beneficial to the society because it keeps the community unified by knowing each other and interactive.

Let me explain the situation for you if you decide to close the center. As you probably know that the only sport center we have had and I cannot imagine how the teenagers will not engaged in any activity which lead them to not be occupied and as a result they will be in street mixed with other young people who addicted to drugs and alcohol. It means we destroy our young people.

I hope that you take these concerns into consideration before you take making a decision.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours Faithfully,

Khaled Aly

Be careful Khaled. It's 'Madam', not 'Madame'.

'Madame' is the French word.

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