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June 05, 2016


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Simplifying a paragraph/sentence is a good way for a writing topic in terms of paraprhasing.


Thanks again, Simon!

I think you haven't done lessons on General Writing for a while and I'm looking forward to seeing them. As you might have found it interesting, I'm beginning to learn how to write formal letters to prepare for my future life in the UK and I trust your guidance!

With best wishes!

I agree with James. .

By the way I tried using the phrase "place much importance "on my essay yesterday's exam. But I'm not 100%sure about.

If you could give me a feedback that would be great.

I believe that growing in a city would place much importance on kid's day to day needs as well as their personality.

I wanted to include that phrase on my essay from the day I learnt it from this site. I know it sounds crazy..

I totally agree. I have been waiting for general writing task lessons for a little while.I just recently found this awesome and very helpful ws. Hope Simon will be posting some lessons on writing tasks ( general) soon. I'll be taking my general IELTS exam few weeks from now. Good luck to me!

Thanks for the reminder James! I'll do another GT task 1 lesson as soon as I can.


Thanks for taking your time, Simon!

With very best wishes,


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