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June 13, 2016


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Hi Simon I have an exam on 14 july so tell me what I have to do right now.

Cambridge Book 11, Test 3, Reading passage 1

What is the answer? True, False, or Not give?
Question in the passage:

12. The Byzantines spread the practice of silk production across the west.

Text in the passage:

The secret of silk-making eventually reached the rest of the world via the Byzantine Empire, which ruled over the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East during the period 330-1453 AD.

Reach = spread
The rest of the world = across the west

My answer is True

the answer is False
you should read the context,then you will know trading of silk fabric in Byzantines is a strict imperial monopoly,so there is no way it can spread the practice of silk production across the west.

i am agree with #miriam.the answer will be false...

The answer is False,because i think that the last sentences (after which) only explain how many regions of the world the Byzantine Empire had ruled

My Answer is false because question does not tell anything about the west, like western Europe or western Africa.

My answer is True

i'm agree with tuchiba

Hi Simon. I had difficulty in question number 17 in that exercise. I don't understand why "recreation programs" relates to "safe fitness program" or "fitness courses". Can you explain it to me?
thank you so much!


Nice one.

Hi Simon,

I am preparing for IELTS General Training exam.
Should I use some Academic Reading materials for practicing? Someone told me that to help increase my reading score rapidly. Could you give me your opinion?

Many thanks.

Thank you very much for your help. The service you've provided has been excellent. 

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