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June 17, 2016


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I might answer like this:

The living room in my apartment is shared by eight students. We have a small television and a book shelf installed in the living room.

well,living room is an important component of the house.its a place where i can enjoy with my family and peers like by watching TV and also through conversation .

Our living room is quite spacious and can accommodate up to ten persons. As a typical type of receiving room,we have a television mounted on the wall and has good ventilation as well due to the number of windows that are widely opened. With regards to the interiors,it is designed with warm earth tones and artificial flower pots around the corners.

(or should I just answer it directly to make it short?)

Well, my living room is decorated with a TV near the window. There is also space for every people in my family sitting every evening with a table and a big sofa.

Actually, my living room is not large so much, just 3 square meter and I sometimes put some pictures up with a lot of different color, and last month I just put the conditioner in, and now although it is summer season, I always feel comfortable and always watch the TV to wind down, in fact when I turn it on, I also switch the conditioner of because the power electricity in my home sometimes turn off it I use it parallel

Oh My living room! Although It's not quite big, it's been pretty cozy and relaxing.Since whenever I got home I've been able to lying down on sofa just right in front of TV.

My dear friend, Trish.I've just read your eye-catching answer.However, I have found some grammar mistakes there.It was written just below and Keep trying.
1. persons : people
2. It was designed

Hi Kami,oh yeah I didn't notice that one. Thanks for the correction,it was very much appreciated. I really have problems with tenses sometimes.

My living room is spacious and equipped with cozy couch and Diwan . It is also decorated with flowers and beautiful wall adornments. I spend most of my time in this room for watching TV and chatting with my family.

But honestly I was confused. Should I really say "was designed"? Because I am describing my living room

My living room is little small but cozy, it can acommodate up to 10 people. My father painted blue color as i pestered him to choose that color. For the interior, It was decorated by artificial flower pots on wall, a large horse running picture apposite the main door entrance, TV, sofa. The part I am keen on is lying down the sofa and watching my favorite channels. For me, living room brings my family closer to each other when we gather for meals, watching TV.

My living room, well it is quite spacious,very bright due to the presence of a huge panoramic window with fabulous view which what I like most, there is as in any living room a TV and two three seater sofas. And of course my training bick which I use it sometimes.

I live in a flat and the living room is not quite big. Yet it is spacious enough for our family. It is painted with light green color and there is a couch, a television set and a table in my living room. Also the pictures of our family are put up on the wall.

My living room is not that spacious, it is only about 4 meters wide and 5 meters in length.it has a glass wall on the balcony side and a door leading to the balcony. There is a comfortable inclined leather sofa, and a large screen TV sitting on a cabinet in the living room. I spend a lot of time there , simply because I like watching TV programmes while sitting on the sofa such as tv series The Blue Planet and The Wild Life etc. Most importantly it has got stunning views. Standing in the living room or on balcony,you can see the river themes, and the main landmarks of central London such as the shard, tower bridge and London eye etc. So the living room is my favour ate place.

My living room is bit small, with a comfortable sofa and small center table. Television was mounted in the wall and with one small lamp shade. Despite of simpleness, I enjoyed a lot of staying there especially when I came from work because this is the area in our house that I could relaks while chatting with the family.

Hi Indy,
Splendid reply.
Seems nearer to B9.

my living room is quite spacious compared to other rooms in my home.it is pretty cozy and relaxing.we have a tv,sofa and has a good ventilation due to number of windows which are
always opened.we enjoy our quality time in this room

two or three sentences are enough. My living room is small and cozy. It has a big window, so I can enjoy the sunshine. Sometimes neighbors are noisy, but it is OK.

My living room is spacious, with a floor-to-ceiling window. It is simply furnished, fitted with wood flooring and a gas fireplace heater. The only furniture is a three-seater lounge placed in the middle of the room. We use it as a play room for my 1-year-old instead of a TV room, so he can play his toys and crawl all over the room.

my living room is well furnished and spacious.It has sofas and small central tables to accommodate more than 10 people at a time and it is a well- decorated room which has a full sized wall mural to add the elegance. It also has a TV mounted on the wall which aims to provide some relaxation for my guests.

if we don't have any living room then what should I answer of this question ? I mean if someone from poor family goes for IELTS and then asked this question to describe ? Actually poor family doesn't have any extra room for regarding people . That's why I asked this question..


No problem. Just say that you don't have a living room and give one sentence why. Remember, examiners are not judging how good your 'content' is - they are judging how you speak (fluency and pronunciation), how many mistakes you make (grammar) and what type of words you use.

Dear Trish.In the first place,Since the designing of your living room is an action happened in the past, not something related to the present, you should not use present tense for that.Secondly,It's not a big deal.When native speakers have challenges in terms of making a best use of their own language, we could be proud of ourselves due to this funny reason.Keep studying and fall everything in your lap.

Thank you dear Kami. Perhaps I could just be careful next time and practice more.

My living room is quite simply, only having a desk ,a book shelf, and a bed. I know it is pretty much shocking, but there are reasons behind this. I normally spend most of my time on reading interesting book, along with taking notes about interesting facts. And, the rest of time is spent on the bed, which is used to recharge after a long-time reading.

Once talking to my living room. I felt proud of it. My living room was filled up with all second hand Retro furniture except a grey rug. I bought the second hand furniture in good conditions and good price too!! Simple and clean are the best to me. I love my floor lamps next to Danish sofa with slimed-wooden legs in front of a TV hanged on the wall. It was so classy and so stylish!! I must say that living room is the most relaxing place in my house.

My room has a sort of minimalist look. It only has a bed, a desk ,a chair plus a closet. Because it is a school dorm provided for teachers.It's not that well furnished.But spacious enough for me to live.


Thanks for your interesting answers! Just a few of them look too long to me. Remember that there are about 10 questions in part 1, and the examiner has a maximum of 5 minutes to get through all of them. If you try to give long answers, the examiner will interrupt you, and this can be frustrating for both of you.

One or two sentences is enough. For example:

"The living room is the biggest room in our house. In it we have a sofa, a big armchair, a coffee table, and a TV in the corner."

That's enough for a part 1 answer - short and simple as usual.

i have a separate living room in my house .it is 3 metre square one and equipped with furniture in which my single bed and couch for guests.i have hanged some pictures of my friends and family members on wall .well i have also mounted a tv on wall for entertainment ti spend leisure time . my room is adorn with artificial flowers which change the all environment of room and make it comfortable for me i always keep my room neat and clean

I hire a small apartment in my capital which is very expensive. This is about 20m2. So, it is my living room with a sofa an a tv. It also is bedding room with a bed, is kitting room.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for all useful advices.
I'm still confusing because you said that there will be 10 questions in speaking part 1 while in Cambridge book there are only 5 questions. So will they minus my score if I give short answers?

Thank you very much!

My living room has a welcoming atmosphere. Although the furniture arrangement is quite minimalistic, it has all the essential items that you'd expect to see. For example, I have a comfortable couch by the window and a flat screen TV. The warm colour tone really creates a homey feeling to it and I just love that it catches all the sunlight in the morning.

Many thanks for your directive answer. Your answer, advice always looks natural and make me optimistic.

i am homeless actually

Now I don't work in my hometown, so I rent a room here. Actually I don't have a "real" living room because all my stuffs, like my bed, desk or refrigerator, are all in the same space.

My living room is quite capacious than other rooms. i have divided it into two parts, one fourth for dining area and rest of the area for drawing room which has good collection of paintings on walls, artificial flower pots and lamp.

my living room usually top most floor in my house . i specially designed my room . i am trying to leave pleasent alone atmosphere i had placed all the equipment which use in my daily routine i am lover of paintings so i usually placed fam0us paintings which makes peacfull after seeing .i totally maintain pleaseant atmosphere where ever i cant get it.

my living room is quite small, but it has all of the necessary things such as sofa, television, closet, air conditioner. it also has a good view which look out all of the neighborhoods nearby. my father had designed it by following the kind of vintage so it's quite ancient, there are a lot of things which is easy to realize like the wooden floor, arm chair.

My living room represents my taste.As per the colour and decoration ,it is very soothing and welcoming .There is enough space to sit for my friends and family .As per me ,I spent most of my freetime in the living room reading a book or waching television.this room has got a fantastic view of the rear garden from the window.

as of now, my living room is the same what is my bedroom. For I'm living in a rented house and got one room for my own. my living room has the bed where I spend most of my time. it has one heater, which is the foremost thing to mention seeing the weather of Ballarat, the city where I live. It has one dressing Table, where I kept all my books and uni-related stuff. Also to mention my closet which is opposite to my bed, where I've stored all my clothes. I kept two buckets one for washed and one for used clothes.

To talk about my living room, it's quite comfortable ant i felt relaxed to be in living room .There is air conditioner and i had decorated it by some beauiful arts and handicrafts.TV is hanged on the wall in front of the sofa which we wached together every evening.

living room is the place where people spend most of there time.i love my leaving room most and i have kept every single gadget that i need most.there is a television hanged on the wall in front of my bed a computer on my table.i have kept my gym elements in my room so whenever i want toexercise i can.there is also a open balcony beside my room and whenever rain comes i can have the touch of rain.

we have a tidy and spacious living room with to piece sofa sets, one set is in front of the TV and the other is far fromt it, for those who don't want to watch TV. but it is so stuffy and also windoless! that makes it abit uncomphortable for long staying .

My living room is comfortable place where I enjoy spending time with my family. We have a TV hanging on the wall together with photos of my daughter and my son. There are also some sofas where we can sit and relax. The best part of the living room is that we can see the play ground of a primary school through the window. I enjoy sitting on the sofa, having a cup of coffee and watching students playing football.

Well,my living room is moderate,neither is too big nor too small.i designed it with precious painting and beautiful wall adornment.it has a cozy couch,a bed and a study table.i am also hanging some motivational pictures on wall of my room that keep energizing me to go on toward my goal.and i spend my more time in this room to study and watch tv.

I love my living room because it's comfortable and cosy, it is also tastefully decorated and that's why I tend to spend a sizeable amount of time with my friends there. besides, it overlooks the parkland near where I live, and it's a big advantage.

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