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June 03, 2016


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Oh.. I wish this was posted a day before.. I had my speaking test today.. and I got similar questions.

Would you like someone taking your photograph?
I also gave a negative answer as..
Well Im not a fan of being on photographs.. but I do like to take photographs in occasions as they will become memorable..

Thanks Simon

Thank you very much for your lesson, teacher Simon :D
Truly as you mentioned above, the easiest way to answer is not to create a positive answer, but just to tell the truth that you can feel free to talk about!

Dear Simon

Thank you for showing us the way to answer in the TEST.

congratulations . this boring subject was the my exam subcejt which was taken place on last march. I got 5.5 because I had no any idea and interest about this issue.

Dear simon,

I just took a test today.And this is today's question of task 2. It is suggested that everyone should has a car , a TV and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?

My plans went like this way:

Paragraph 2. There are various advantages
Idea 1: society will benefit from people working hard to earn more money to purchase those stuffs
Idea 2: there will be more job opportunities in the society such as marketing and manufacturing
Paragraph 3. There are several drawbacks (I was main focusing on describing the bad thing of consuming cultures)
Idea1: society will be unhealthy because it will lead to the comparison of material stuffs,people will judge other ones by those stuff rather than virtues
Idea2: the increasing crime rate of those people can not be able to buy those things

My question is: is this structure totally going off-topic??????????

I'm confused!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyone can help me decide whether I should take another test or not ?? All I need is a score 6!!! Thanks anyone who can answer

Hi Amber, I just did the same topic as well!

I think this topic require personal opinion and that's what I did.

Intro:paraphrase plus my opinion, the drawbacks outweighs the advantage.

First part:
Talk about the advantages: lead to competition and ppl work hard to innovate, higher productivity in society. Then consider this reason in opposite angle. Excessive competition lead to crime.

Second part:
Focus on the disadvantages:
Estrangement of society based on wealthinessu
Resentment towards rich ppl
Lose of traditional values, humanities, like caring sharing with ppl

Conclusion: restate the opinion

I just realize I made some spelling mistake, I hope it won't affect the banding so much. All I need is a 7😭


Plus I mention ppl chasing luxury rather than helping other poor ppl


Hi Allen,

I'm frustrated with my ideas because I was told by my mentor that it was totally going off-topics because the topic did not mention anything about the luxury goods. And he also told me that I should mention the air pollution and traffic jam resulted from cars such specific things about cars,tv and fridges not the other stuffs. Now I'm super confused because I think our ideas do make sense. I wish Simon could give me some advices from the examiner's view. And how much marks I will possibly lose.

Dear Amber,

I think the main point is those items are not necessarily needed by people. Materialism is the first word I think of. So I just develop my ideas base on it.

Also, it is make sense to mention irbpolkution and traffic congestion with cars, but what about the others? I think using general description is good enough. Plus we cannot change the past,why don't we just focus on the oral exam first LOL

But I also want to know if there servant comment from Simon and our fd here. Please let us know what you think! 😄

hi allen and amber. wow i also receive the same question for task 2 today. when i read the question, all that i can think of is about materialism .

im confused whether it asked about our opinion or not since it doesnt mention "Do you think?"

so i say the development can have disadvantage and advantage in equal measures.

paragraph 2: 1.more motivated to do job
2. efficient and comfortable life
3. symbol of civilized and well-progressed nation

paragraph 3:
1. tend to be hefty in spending money
2. bound by debt
3. unsafe

Hi Simon,

I would like to see post about basic ielts grammar needed in writing especially.

Looking forward to it.


Dear Simon,
Thanks for your time allotted to prepare material to help IELTS candidates.
Wish you all the best.



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