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June 29, 2016


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Finally, development of an economy might help a nation tackle with such problems as currency fluctuations, natural damages, terrorist attacks and the like.

Finally,a sustainable economy also help the government well-prepare for natural disaster as well as the battle against inflation

Finally, strong economy leads towards a better lifestyle for inhabitants by providing state of the art technology.

Finally,from broader aspect,progress in economy enable government to gain authority in political arena,thereby helps to future progression of a country.

Finally, a well sustained economy allows the government to address national issues such as poverty, crimes and illiteracy among others.

Finally, the development of economy can be used for proving the country's stability and position in the global market. For instance, if one country has a strong economy compared as other countries in the world, they will have a higher position and sustainable development for the whole aspects of life.


I'm IsaaC,I'm relatively beginner here,but this website appealed to me.
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Saying that because I think I am able to succeed by myself
Please Simon,guys...rely on your suggestions!

Finally, there will be more opportunities for its citizens to do business with other developed countries to enjoy economic benefits, and accordingly strengthening border safety of the countries. A good illustration is the European Union where many country members and their citizens enjoy advantages over other less developed economies.

finally,the development of economy means authorities can be allocted more budget to improve public healthcare.by doing this,all inhabitants would be accessed by excellent services regardless of their income.
is this ok simon sir??
Plz comment on my writing

Finally, a stable and strong economy enables the goverment to provide a suitable and efficient health service along wider range in the country, the medical tools, devices, and drugs really require a high budget that could not be available if the economy collapses.

Finally, healthy and sustainable economy attracts foreign direct investment (FDI) which will give a further boost to economical growth.

Finally, The Education and Politics system become fair and stronger of a country which is developed enough in economics.For example,it is possible for Government to make educate every citizen and educated citizens play important role in development and are able to make right decision in politics.

Finally, a sustainable and sound economy of a country often allows them to invest in new experimentations and invention related to all contexts of developments. For instance, space exploration, such inventions empower them to get recognition at an international level.

Finally,if we have a sustainable economy who can invest retired and elderly people.In this case,they need a lot of thing rather than other people.

Finally, the economic growth can contribute the government to strengthen their military force against the hostile countries.

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Finally the economic growth will stable the countries overall situation since as a matter of fact all problem arises when the economic condition is not well solved.

Finally, economic growth will enhance belief of residents with regards to the government's policy which is essential to guarantee a stable polity.

finally research and development, innovation for the country can be done with strong economic progress.For example space exploration and medicine for diseases.

finally a healthy economy can also invest in new inventions and global causes like clean water and carbon foot print reduction etc,which would make not only that economy but also the whole world a better place.

Finally, a strong economy also helps governments well prepare for unexpected natural disasters. That is to say, the governments will have more resources to limit damage during disasters, and the recovery will also be much faster.

Finally, economic index is an important criterion to measure the national power, in the sense of attracting foreign investment, showing country profile and backing up military force.

Finally, the healthy economy will get more investment flows from the countries all around the world. Nowadays, the foreign direct investment may be as important role for each country, it not only creates more jobs for an area that the capital invests, but also it will use the technology from countries invest to their country.

Finally, a healthy economy can attract more expertise in various fields from other countries as an immigrant. They can contribute the nations by their professional knowledge and capitals.

Finally,it is universally believed that many crimes have been happened because of financial reasons;therefore,a prosper economy offering all people reasinabl-paid jobs appears to be by far the most practical solution to increase crimes.

Finally, prosperous economical nations usually have more sovereignty on their policies . This would probably generate the feeling of pride and patriotism among the these thriving societies .

Finally, the healthy and sustainable economy will assure the foreign policy and alliance with other countries. This would prevent potential conflict and remain the world in peace.

Finally,economic prosperity is highly likely to reflect on the life quality of the majority of citizens,which in turn bridges the gap between the social classes leading to a more stable nation.

Possible answer:
Finally, a steady and positive growth of economy represents a country’s vitality and continued growth potential, which would attract more investments from other foreign countries. This would, in turn, positively contribute to the development of the domestic market. Multi-national companies are good example for this as they only invest funds in those countries whose economic conditions are optimistic in order to avoid the possible risk of loss.

Finally, Economic progress makes the country has ability to help others. As we know, there still have a lot of undeveloped countries who need economic help. This makes country more responsible in the world and will benefit all the countries.

Finally, a progressive economy provides satisfactory social welfare and health care insurance to all citizens. For example, all people are able to afford health care services or are entitled to receive unemployment benefits.

Finally, as a result of economic development people have access to more and better goods and services, therefore improving the quality of life.

Finally, a healthy economy guarantee the country to keep developing without facing any difficulty in lack of funds.

Finally, a countries economic development is vital to tackle the issues such as crime, poverty and natural disasters. Moreover, it is important for a country to be economically healthy to support armed forces.

finally,it will also attract foreign investor to do business in country and also improve the overall condition .Healthy economy will help the goverment to implement the policies in better way.

Finally, a stable,thriving economy is a fertile ground for further growth and development. More employment opportunities will result. This is the number one indicator of a healthy economy. The population will enjoy an increased standard of living as better health care,welfare ,education and infrastructure are developed for its population. When there is stable employment, sustained business and property investment, and lower inflation (affordable commodities), people have more time to foster family relationships. The social fabric becomes strong and people exist with a strong and positive purpose to improvement and fulfilment. Greater wealth and stability creates more personal time to find our innate wisdom and spiritual awareness as we can live in a clean, organised and productive environment.

Finally, devoloping the economy could help the government maitain a safte and stable society, as people from all walks of life are more likely to improve their living standard and enjoy better social welfare and healthcare.

Finally, a rich country can guarantee basic human needs which can help to reduce crimes like burglary or robbery, and so improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Finally, a strong economy helps people to lead an improved lifestyle which leads to increased life expectancy.

Finally a thriving economy could help a country reinforce its capital and social status within a Union of nations

This sentence below is not a full sentence, Sir?
Firstly, a healthy economy results in job creation, a high level of employment, and better salaries for all citizens.

Finally, we can clearly say goverments responsible from economic growth because it ensure a better educational system, job creation,more public services and infrastructure . At the same time higher income for all citizens play a key role for healty society. Thank you for coming and listening me :)

Finally, the strong economy leads to the government enable to develop the friction science, this is to say, having more money allows the nation to invest in some special fields, like landing the moon or explore the Universe and Galaxy


It is complete, why do you think that ? so that I can explain.

Finally, a country with financial power is more likely to more easily recover after unexpected situations such as after natural disasters or globally financial crisis.For example, with the firm development in economy, Britain could find its own way even British would vote for leave or remain in EU.

Finally, a strong economy reflects power of the nation in the world. A country with a stable financial success often has a substantial impact on other nations, as such it benefits the country when negotiating with others even on political matters.

Finally, a state whose economy is one of the most strong economies in the world has also the ability to determine the world politics through its national interests.

Finally, a reasonable inflation rate not only does make a better way of life for everyone living in such developed community, but also could invert the elite immigration due to offering the best opportunities in terms of career and the like which means a two-side profitable trade.

finally,sustainable economy well complements to a country in the wake of any unforseen event like natural disater,terrorist attack,recession etc.

Finally,a good financial health of a country could entice highly educated and capable people from all over the world to work in their country and share their skills.For instance, the US has a diversity of people from many countries due to its good economy.It is beneficial to government in term to increased workforce and contribution of different skills.

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Finally, economical prosperity allows governments to set aside more funds in helping people living property or for disaster relief programs. This type of funding can also play a critical role in case of emergence.

Finally, developed governments likely have high reputation, habitants have no need to vote for new government, because which have provided whatever they wanted, Citizens and government would keep together with peace and happy.

Lastly, the healthy economic can give citizens a better life without war, poverty, and unemployment. They seem to less concern about the stressful, tough situations related to the government's policies on tax, budget, and education.


Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'll show you my "Finally" sentence on Sunday.

Dear Simon,
Your site have been very informative. And I've been following your tips especially in writing and speaking.

This may be out of the topic but something bothers me. One chat coach in a review center said that the standard of ielts scoring in the Philippines is higher compared with other non-english countries. This is because examiners are aware that we had English as a subject at school since elementary and it is considered as our secondary language. If this is true, I'm worried that the my writing skills might not be enough to get a 7.0 here in my country. What are your thoughts about this?
Thank you.


That is not true. IELTS examiners are trained in the same way and use the same scoring system in every country. Please don't listen to that kind of advice.

Thank you so much for the insight, Simon. That's a relieving thought.

Dear Simon , your blog is exceptional.I regularly follow your writings.I have taken the test five times but have not been able to score 7 for writing.I have doubt on last week essay regarding businesses social responsibilities.In that essay you wrote in the introduction that businesses should do more for the society than simply make money .However,in conclusion you said companies should give equal importance on both money making and social responsibilities.Can we write different opinions in introduction and conclusion.plzz reply

Finally, economic strength make country to enjoy the global leader status. Economically developed countries can make their voice to others and get positive position.

Finally, strong and stable economy could attract the outer investments and for sure enhance the local currency as well as the stock market.

I hope to see your comment as soon as possible

Hello ISSAC,
welcome to this wonderful website.You can practice and improve your skills here.My personal opinion is , this website is excellent for above intermediate people, especially who are good at speaking and writing. If you find any difficulties in these two sections, you definitely require a tutor to correct your mistakes and to get feedback. Here we have an amazing tutor-Simon.However, he cant teach you individually. Its impossible. So once think about yourself and try to make a good decision. Have a nice day!

Finally, a wealth country leads citizens to be more happy and safer because there are not many robbers as well as thieves in their country.

Finally, the economic progress provide stability to the projects which are important for the long term success of any nation.

Finally, economic progress gives government a chance to invest in military forces which will protect this country from threat of another country.

Finally,economic growth will boost our image and ties with other countries on the forefront of developmnt.

finally, economic growth helps to government to stand powerful on international area

Finally, a wealthy country makes citizens feel a sense of security and stability which usually leads to lower crime and poverty rates.

Finally, economic expansion is a game changer to fight poverty and beat inequality which particularly exists in some region of a country.

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