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June 22, 2016


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Every time I read your samples, they never stop to amaze me. They have simple, concise, and yet fully explanatory sentences with just the right words at the right places. My biggest problem is that, despite knowing all the words, I could not use them well in my test. I wish there is a tip for that other than just study hard.

Thanks Simon,

Your lesson have taught me that we don't need complicate words or structures to make a great essay. The important thing is to present our ideas in the clearest and persuasive way.

hi ,simon .i have just found your website for 1 day i don't know how to start learning in your website to achieve high score in IELTS .can you help me .
thank you so much!!!

Dear Ha

In general I started from the beginning

Especially for writing task2 and speaking all the lessons from 2009 worth reading very much. They are not out dated at all. Every idea you read will benefit you in someway.you will learn a lot
Regarding other sections you will find a lot of repetition as in general this blog is not designed for the same candidates, I mean a lot have passed ielts from a long time and Simon keep repeating his strategies for the benefit of new members, so you can speed your benefit by reading as much as you can

Hope this help


By the way, as long as you have just found this blog, I advice you that you no longer need much fromm other blogs.just practise Cambridge books 4 to 11 along with reading here

Good luck and best wishes

The chart compares data about minutes spent by the British people in making calls through three different means during a period between 1995 to 2002, units measured by billions.
Overall, we can see that the British were spent most of their times in making local calls, although, other forms of calls were improved during the entire period but they were still less popular.
Obviously, a tremendous amount of times spent by the UK citizen were through local calls , it had started off at just over 70 billion during 1995, subsequently, these were increased steadily to reach a peak of 90 billion by 1999, apparently, this pattern had reversed reasonably down word to ended at the starting point (70 billion) by 2002.
On the other hand, national, international calls, as well as cell phone, were less popular, but, they had gained a reputation through the ongoing time, and thus a better starting point of national and international was at about 40 billion in 1995, however, roughly three billion was a kick off point for the cell calls, subsequently, these two modules had levelled off constantly, and therefore, in 2002, the national and international calls took a higher point of over 60 billion whereas mobile which ended at lower level of about 45 billion

please check up this work

Thx Simon!!!

Hi Simon

I am very new to IELTS and your blog also, i am very curious about my writing skills and want to know my position that's why i am posting a task 2 essay with a topic plz mark my essay and help me...

Task2: A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions. Old-fashioned values such as honour, kindness and trust no longer seem important.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Human being is a social animal by nature and they have some social valuation depends on their position or nature of character. I do agree recently one’s position in a society depends on their social status and physical assets.
Firstly, a human being who is honest, generous and trustworthy has less value than who are financially sound such as rich, political or other empowered persons in a society. The main reason behind this is money can take control to any situation and position anywhere in civilization.
Secondly, the way of source of income or make money is one of the most difficult job for modern people than oldies. As a result a generous human being failed to compete this race lack of his so called smartness or other illegal way of income. In this way it is also tuff for a trustworthy person to get a good position in a modern civilization.
Finally, the qualified people who have to struggle to get the education in proper way because of their gentleness characteristics. In the same way they have to suffer a lot to get a strong financial position in a society because of their honesty. On the other hand nowadays dishonest, cleaver and fraud person can make money easily, which help them to get a good position in a society.

There are several reasons why people believe that more should be allocated to encourage the use of bicycle. Firstly, commuting by using cycle is more healthier than riding bus, train, car and taxi. Peddling cycle would help to burn energy and movement of many parts of our body thereby helped to make people physically fit. Secondly, from environment perspective cycling is much better than fuel dependent vehicles because it does not emit harmful toxic fumes. Finally, traffic congestion caused by many vehicles is the main concern in many cities which could be solved if people used bicycle because it occupied less space than other motor vehicles.

when will u write paragraph 3? :D, i'm waiting for it.

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