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June 15, 2016


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Thank you for the tips, Simon.

That's right, the central point is body paragraph, thank you very much

Cambridge book 11, Test 4, Passage

Match each statement with correct researcher

List of Researchers

A Francis Galton

B Thomas Bouchard

1. Pioneered research into genetic using twins

Text in the passage

Reed credits Thomas Bouchard's work for today's surge in twin studies. 'He was the trailblazer,' she says.

The idea of using twins to measure the influence of heredity dates back to 1875, when the English scientist Francis Galton first suggested the approach (and coined the phrase 'nature and nurture').

my introduction part
people have different view about to improve transportation system in cites. i would argue that
first priority should be to spend much money to promote bicycle in developed area.

Hi simon
I just want to know that if right answr is 'style'
I right (more style)
The option is that
then my answer is correct or not


I think the problem is many people (including me in the past) overly concentrated on the introduction in an attempt to impress examiners and they, more often than not, ended up presenting more grammatical errors, unnatural vocabulary or poorly-expressed opinions. In fact, it is more important to give a very clear point of view allowing examiners to know which side you will be supporting and save the time to develop it in the following main paragraphs.

Hi Simon,
It is a great honor for me that you quoted a part of my essay in your lesson.
I really was following the advice of an IELTS teacher in structuring the essay but as you explained, it consumes a lot of time.
Did you recommend a certain structure for the introduction? or Is it just two short sentences about the general idea of the essay? or rephrasing of the question?

Thanks very much

Hi Simon,

Could you give me some advice about the following introduction? Is it ok?


"Over the past decade, arguing about the priority of developing public transportation system has become a prevalent and publicly recognised phenomenon. This may bring several downsides for individuals, the returns are highly justifiable.

My introduction

There are opinions that bicycles should be encouraged in cities, while others support for spending money on public transportation. In my opinion, these two means of transportation should be promoted in urban areas.

Hi Simon,
I have real IELTS today.
Task 2 question: Most large companies operate multi-nationally. To what extent should these companies have a responsiblity toward local communities in which they operate.

Do you have any suggestion for this question. Many thanks

Hi Simon

Thank you for your priceless blog. I followed your planning structure on writing and finally, received band 7 in all parts today.

To those students who are reading Simon's blog currently, I highly recommend you to follow Simon's planning strategy before writing an essay.



Hi Simon,

First of all thanks a lot for this awesome blog site. I have improved a lot from your videos and ebook, but still struggling to score 7 in writing section (always stuck at 6.5).

I have a question regarding Discussion essay where it asks me to provide my opinion. If I want to support both sides of the views, then how should I frame the essay? So 2 weeks ago on my test day I received this question: Most parents help their children with their school homework,while others say that children should do their homework by their own. Discuss both views and provide your opinion.

So in intro I said, While I believe parents should help their children with their homework, they should also allow their children to work alone.

Main Para1: I mentioned why some parents help their children

Main Para2: I mentioned why children should work alone

Conclusion: I paraphrased my intro.

But later I realised that I didn't mention anywhere why I support both views in any of my main paragraphs.

What should be the appropriate structure for this?

BTW I got my result today and it's again 6.5

Waiting for your reply.


Hi sir,
I just wanted to share yesterday s writing topic with you all .
In some countries students are doing unpaid work for companies/ institutions. To what extend it is beneficial for companies and students ?

Hi Simon,

Could you please show how body-paragraphs should be structured if a task has two subjects to be discussed and this is a Discussion essay.
Should government pay for healthcare and education. Some agree while some don't. Discuss both views.

Usually, Discussion essay has one paragraph for one view and another one for opposite opinion, but here there are two subject like Education and Healthcare. Limit of time doesn't allow to consider them separately.

Thank you.

hi simon´╝î thank you for your sharing ideas, but I am a little confued by the task response. According to the requirement, we should disccus both views, but you only address one point, and give your own opnion.I am wondering why?

Plz suggest me how can improve writing, my exam date is 30th July, could u help me? ??

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