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July 05, 2016


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Thank you so much Simon.

Hi Simon, how can I distinguish if I am going to write an article or not? For example, I answered vending machine and the correct answer was 'a vending machine'. I always get into trouble with that one

Thanks so much

thank you so much

thanks so much


You only need the article if the grammar requires it. For example, if you are filling a gap in a sentence (e.g. They have installed _____), you should write "a vending machine".

Hi thanks for your tip
Then we could say sea food or seafood for the answer if the instruction said no more than two words?

From my experience, almost we have the sample was done for first, thus we can follow this kind of works to write down, this is not useful for listening but also the reading section, for example if the sample answer is 31 January, the answer for next question could be 1 February ( not 1(st) February (2016))

Hi simon i am siamak.Im from Iran im so glad for knowing your website and you.thanks a lot

Thank you Simon. Honestly,sometimes I am unsure of when to put an article or not even in my writings.

Thanks alot Simon Sir

Thank you, Simon.

Thanks simon

Hi Simon,

thanks for the information!

I have a question. One of the answers was "antifreeze" but I wrote "anti-freeze" Would it be a mistake?


Hi Simon,

if the question asked one word and/or a number and the answer was 5 to 12 years old ,so what are the possibility of writing this numbeas a one number,means shall i write it as 5-12.

Hi Simon,
In a question, the answer was 'red flag', but I wrote 'cold red flag' as answer (We were allowed to write up to three words). Is my answer correct or...

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