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July 11, 2016


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Cambridge IELTS Book 11, Test 1, Passage 1


Q 9. Human beings are responsible for some of the destruction to the food-producing land.

Text in the passage

Historically, some 15% of that has been laid waste by poor management practices.
Along the way, we despoiled most of the land we worked often turning verdant, neutral ecozones into semi-arid deserts.

Q 11. Some damage to food crops is caused by climate change.

Text in the passage

We humans have shelter from elements, yet we subject our food-bearing plants to the rigorous of the great outdoors and can do no more than hope for a good weather year. However, more often than not now, due toa rapidly changing climate, that is not what happens. Massive floods, long droughts, huricanes and severe monsoons take their toll each year, destroying millions of tons of valuable crops.

Candidates like me it is the challenge to think rather than over-think. Because we can't differentiate between thinking and overthinking.

Ielts is all about reading.And most of students including me are stucked in these sort of questions,it's easier for native speaker to identify the key points in it but not for us ultimately ending with overthinking and wrong answer.

Hi Simon ,
Thanks for useful website, I have a question and would be grateful if you please help me. My biggest concern in Ielts General is reading, particularly the last section, do you think that it is a good approach to start the reading with answering to this part first?


I am very new here..I want to sit for IELTS in November..One of my elder suggests me to follow your blog...though its so helpful,but sorry to say it seems to me as a giant sea.Can you please help me to make a routine for 7 days with 6 hours..How could I go through your blog..?I bought 3 IELTS practice Test Plus book from British Council...Please help me out..Eagerly waiting to hear from you...

Dear Simon,

I scored 7.5 in my recent IELTS test with an 8.5 in Reading. I didn't attend any preparation class and only spent some time reading through your blog. There are many great tips and techniques from you that I successfully applied in the exam. After the test, I felt like I could have done even better with more preparation. I'd like to thank you for your wonderful job and your blog has always been and will be my only reliable source for IELTS preparation!

With warm regards,

Hello Simon,
You have given many lessons on different question types of writing task 2 such as problem & solution essays ,strong opinions etc.which are really very hekpfulI have seen all your lessons but could not find any on advantages outweighing disadvantages tyoe questions.I ' m having difficulty in answering such types .I would be grateful if you give us few tips / techniques for such questions with practice on such types .


1. It's not a bad idea to begin with the final passage in General Reading and aim to finish it in around 25 minutes. The reason for this is that the early questions are easier, and if you are rushing at the end of the test you may get more of them correct. Section 2 can be a bit tricky, so try some practice tests by doing Section 3 first, then Section 2, then Section 1.

2. Practice some academic reading tests as well, because the texts are similar in length and difficulty to the final text in General.

3. You might also want to practice some tests from a more challenging test, such as CAE. I've seen many candidates improve their reading scores by becoming used to 'harder' texts and questions.

4. Learn from your mistakes. Whenever you do any reading test, notice the questions you get wrong, and ask yourself WHY. The answer to this question will help you avoid the same errors in the future.

Hi again,

Thank you so much, that is absolutely useful. I appreciate for all your helps and good advice.


thanks Simon for the hint! :D

I am feeling reading section of ielts are tough as compare to others. i will attempt ielts exam in September 2016

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