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July 09, 2016


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Thank you. I've never used the phrase "for my liking", so I'll try next time!

By the way, do you have a plan to make a video about the listening test?

What is the meaning of "the weather is too hot for my liking"?

eg.There are too many kinds of food for my liking.
Personally,I would rather walking to work than taking bus.

H. A. Kader,

According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary,

If you say, for example, that something is too hot for your liking, you mean that you would prefer it to be less hot.
e.g. The town was too crowded for my liking.

Don't forget to consult your dictionary whenever you have any questions.



Does anyone know what the writing task 2 topic for today? I know it is topic to analyse the causes of "throwaway society".

But for the second question, are we asked for "solution" or "explain what the consequences for throwaway society"?


The news on local television are too intrusive for my liking.
Personally,I'm not a fan of watching TV.I'd much rather read any article online in that spare time.

@James Z
I found your sharings truly valuable
Is there any chance to get in touch with you?
Would be very grateful!

Dear Simon, I wish to have more speaking tips from you because my speaking test is getting nearer and there's only three days left. Actually I have prepared for the 6 main topic areas but everytime I think of my exam, I get butterflies in my stomach

Hi James,

Many thanks for your advice. I got it.


personally ,i am not a big fan of soccer.
I'd much rather do a reading than watching a tv.

The public swimming pool in stadium was too crowd for my liking. Personally, I am not a fan of swimming at the stadium. I would rather swim at the outdoor swimming pool which is located at the second floor of my living place. This is because normally there are not many people. The most important thing is I don't have to share a lane with a lot of people. ^^

Watching TV programmes is too time-consuming for my liking. Personally, I'm not a fan of reality shows and teleplays. Therefore, I'd much rather play sports with friends than watching television.

Drive is too complicated and tired for my liking.Personally, I am not a fun of car. I'd much rather take public transportation than driving by myself. Because in metropolitan, the traffic is always crowd and congestion. I don't need to consider the parking problem if taking public transport. And it is also cost effective.

living in the city is too costly for my liking.
personally i am not a fan of computer games.
i would much rather do cleaning the room than watching tv during weekends

Can we say
Dancing is too uncomfortable for my liking??

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