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July 15, 2016


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Dear Simon,

H have noticed that you wrote sentences like

- museums often put more of an emphasis on enjoyment

- hobbies are relatively easy, while others present more of a challenge

Could you explain the meaning of "more of"?
Can I write

- museums often put more emphasis on enjoyment

- hobbies are relatively easy, while others present more challenge


Dear Simon,

Recently I have been using the IELTS Official Guide for practice, but I found that the practice in it is rather difficult than that in the IELTS 9, 10 ...(authentic examination papers from Cambridge ESOL).

So, I want to ask you that am I really worth doing that? And, is that close to the difficulty of the real exam? And, what kind of materials should I do for preparation?

Thank you for your help! :)

Please tell me about todays exam ..about tasks reading and listening.my paper is after 1 hr...please

Those questions were asked for me at ielt test on March 18 this year.

Hey simon pllease tell me if had talked about malls and apartments
And question was about public buildings in part 3 was i wrong ?
And will marks get deducted

Hi Simon,

I am wondering if we can answer the questions Part 1 in one sentence only? Will it be too short? I always think that it should be at least three sentences for answering it.


Do you live in a house or an apartment?

because muy mom don't like apartment and she like to live a close-knit community we live in house.

Which room do you like most in your house? Why?

well, i'm certainly into my room, because i spend most of my time there, i fall asleep there, i study there, i do research there, i fall in love there ;)

Is there anything about your house that you would like to change?

i'm a couch potato preson and changing of something is not my work, but if i want to change something in the house once a day, i change the parking door and change it to electrical door which means it would automaticly open and close.

Tell me something else about your house

we have large rose flowers garden with a alo of old tall trees in that, which make our yard paradise especially in summer, i use flowers as a gift in my friends and families weddings, graduations and birthdays.

I live an pretty and quite big apartment. it is on the fourth floor. It has five rooms; one living room, one kitchen, one bath room and another two bedrooms.

My favourite room is living room because it is nice room for taking relax, watching TV, reading a book and also talking with family.

Yes, I would like to change the our kitchen because it is too small. It is not convenient.

Well, my apartment is pretty good decorated and furnished. We have also a big balcony for watching around of house.

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