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July 22, 2016


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1. a fan of music
2. at home, relaxing, travelling, leisure
3. mood savor, revitalize, recharge, mood recover, cheer me up
4. blue, stress, sense of accomplishment
5. all types, classical, country music, pop music, love music
6. as long as its good one, its fun
7. touches my heart, excitement
8. rhythm, lyrics, harmony, catchy tune, seductive melody, soothing
9. different tastes, getting popular, famous singer
10. I tried to learn
11. self-discipline, determination, passion
12. recorded, live music
13. MP3 player, mobile, computer

1. Yes, I love to spend my leisure time listening music.
2. Well, there is no special category that I am following most. but for sure I have preference based on my mood. Normally I'm a huge fan of classical music with soft melodies. These are always refreshing my mind. During working alone like cooking, cleaning household staffs I listen to rock songs with high volume which brings a lot of energy.
3. To be honest there is no drastic changes. I noticed few mere changes for instance I have now more interest on English song which was never in my favorite list.
4. Of course I do. Logically people from different generation will have taste variation. Depending upon the maturity, music stars of their own age, impact of globalization as well as technological development in music industry will divide younger and older generation.

( It will be a pleasure if anybody review my answer and give a band score)

Yes, I love music very much because first , listening to music helps me to clear up my mind second, it improves my mood when I am unhappy.

1, To be honest, i don't like music, I'd rather watch movies or game shows. However, it's good for me sometimes when I've got stressed in my work.
2, I used to listen music from secret garden which has no lyrics, because i like some music makes me feel so deep and I dislike to listen rock anyway.
3, yes, of course. When i was a child, i listened music on TV or in school which the contents were towards to the happiness and love in school,with friends and family; but now i listen more about lovers and sadness in love.
4, it depends, for example, in my family, although my parents just like some old songs in the war time because they were grew in that moment, my friends' parents like the young music as my friend and me too.

well i am a massive fan of music because it refresh my mind and soul.2 Actually it depends on my mood.if i am alone then normally prefer to listen sufi songs as its source of enjoyment after work either physical and mental 3 as generation gap,the advancement in technology has changed the lyrics,melody ,base and tunes of the music.4 yes, choice of music wil differ according to age Besides older people
often listen old songs .on other side younger usually enjoy rock music.

1. Do you like music? Why / why not?
Yes, I am fond of music. It is simply the medicine for my mind. When I am stressed, music remove stress. When I am happy, music inspires me to be more. It always in the center of all my parties with friends. When I am sad, music takes me out glue and move forward.
2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why?
I listen to different types musics, It depends on my mod. When I am happy, I usually come to metal rock to boost up my emotion. When I need to relax, or concentrate for studying, I come to R&B. When I am feeling the sense of patriot, I turn to traditional music...
3. Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?
Definitely yes. Due to technical advancements and computerization, music has become popular and accessible almost all the time. People can enjoy music whenever they like with portable equipment such as handy phone, ipod while music fans just did it at home if they had CD players which were not affordable to many or just in theatre.
4. Do you think older and younger generations prefer different types of music?
It clear for me that different ages enjoy different kinds of music. Young people tend take fast and strong rhythm while elders take classical one as they want enjoy great teaching rhythm, lyrics and harmony.

1. Do you like music? Why / why not?

yes I like music because music very important to change my mood .

2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why?

Actually I listen to romantic music but I love clack more than romantic music.

3. Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?

yes because I change my plan .

4. Do you think older and younger generations prefer different types of music?


1. Like many people in the world, i enjoyed listening to music so much. Music can refresh my mind. And sometimes it makes my mood better.
2. Actually i dont have any specific kind of music that i like for now. I just play what's becoming hits on youtube.
3. Yes. When i was a kid, i enjoyed kid's song, and then when i was in high school i enjoyed pop song. But then in my college i got influence from my friends who love rock music. And for now, i enjoy any kind of music.
4. I dont really think so. I remember when i went to concert i saw many people at my aged. Some of them are younger or older than me. And what i see nowadays music idols have fans from young to old fans.

Yes, music is one of my favourite pastimes.

I listen to different genres of music , western classical , indian classical and film music ,rock.

As I grew up , my music taste has also changed a lot. I used to listen to simple tunes earlier and now I love more complex and subtle music.

Definitely, different generations prefer different types of music. I think people prefer music they can relate to and have grown up with.

LOVE music and always have. Mostly rock and roll, although i like and respect many different types of music.

I think about "older vs. younger" quite a bit as it relates to music. It's a very interesting topic, obviously younger people are more into what is popular at the time, which can often be disposable and mediocre. then again, I still follow and enjoy a lot of the songs/albums/bands that I liked when I was young. I know a # of "older" people who think everything released in the last decade or two sucks. It's a silly attitude to have.

So I'm not sure that my listening tastes have changed all that much. This is largely due to being open-minded. Being a big rock fan i do feel like the mainstream music scene has shifted away from the type of music I like the most, but I'm still always on the lookout for quality new songs and bands.

1. Do you like music? Why / why not?

yeah, i am really into pop music, especially when i want to study, it increase my concentration, my mom always say to me how you could study with musics, dont they disturbe your concentration!?

2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why?

well, it certainly depends on my mood, when i feel unhappy, i play a dance CD and dancing boost my mood! when i come bach home after a boring day, listening to pop music make me relax, or after a stressful day, a tradition music cheer me up and gives me a sense of accomplishment

3. Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?

surely, when i was under 18, i had limited myself to tradition and pop musics but when i went to university my views changed about diffrent muscis and i currently listen to r & b, metal, hip hop melodies.

4. Do you think older and younger generations prefer different types of music?

i want to give my grandfather answer to you, when i always want to turn up muscics vloume he says me, i'm so old to listen metal music, but if you play a pop music CD, i give you permission to increase volume

1. Do you like music? Why / why not?
yes sure, I like it so much.It can cheers me up and increase my energy to do my work.

2. What kind of music do you listen to? Why?
I like many different types of music. I prefer old Arabic music very much also I used to listen to some English songs when i was younger.

3. Has the music that you listen to changed since you were young?
No, I think not because now i am not interesting to listen new types of music.

4. Do you think older and younger generations prefer different types of music?
Yes, because life now becomes more faster therefore the music also started to take the same direction.

I love music and it is my favourite hobby to listen to music.Music ,i think zest up your life.

1. yes, i do love listening to music, especially when i'm upset or sad. listening to some types of music like pop music can help put me in a better mood.
2. i like all types of music. i think every single song has its own unique meaning, and i can be inspired by these songs.
3. yes, listening to different types of music from other countries really helped me become open-minded and also curious about the world.
4. yes, people from different generations have different tastes in music. young people are more likely to listen to some rock and love music, while the old may be are well into some classical music or traditional music.

Do you like music? why?

I like music as because music is the language my heart sometimes and also food of my soul. Specially when I feel tensed or exhausted i need to learn/hear music.Sometime I enjoy new favourite song by new voice with a remix flavour.Basically, I hear song for getting recreation and to refresh my mind.


describe a magazine article yo recently read ?
yo should say
what was the article about
when you read
how you read
what lesson u learn from it

well i am fan of classical music, i listen music while travelling, cooking or doing some housework

As i mentioned i am fond of classical music, well while doing work out in gym i prefer to listen Rock music that give me more energy.

Its really helpful

1-) Yes, like most people in the world, I like to listen to music. Because, to listen to the music, it gives me a lot of energy and helps me feel myself better. I prefer to listen to the music when I have stress and to achieve my goals in my life, that is, listening to music always motivates me.

2-) To be honest, there is no special category that I listen to or to follow. I listen to all kind of music which make me happy.

3-) Yes, I agree with that, the music I've listened when I was a child totally changed. A kind of music can be changed based on a lot of factors like age, mood savor and etc. I used to listen to love music in my childhood, but nowadays I'm preferring to listen to classical music.

4-)Yes, the people from different ages prefer to listen to various music. For example, most older people don't like to listen to pop music :)

1 )yes absolutely,I love music because it makes me feel good apart from that whenever we listen music two parts of our brain region are activated they are know as limbic and paralimbic which help us to cheer more beside this music decreases our stress harmone .
2) I have different test of music like I am found of to listen Rock,Pop,Rap song but melody songs I love the most because it has great power to connect you more deeply secondly it is soothing to our brain.
3) certainly,it has been changed in a decade just because of advancement of technology before songs were made in rudimentary versions like before producer you using simple beats and tones but since the technology has upgraded producers are using 3D effects in composition.
4) yes it is true that youngsters have different choices about song mostly they like fast music like remixe version but older people love to listen Singtel music because songs preference changes according to maturity level of a person.

1. I am a music lover
2. I love POP music, because it's exciting and interesting
3. No I have liked this genre since young
4. ummmm, I don't know. but maybe i will change it a bit.

2 . i like Ballad music , because it's one of the "most elegant" words - not fancy, but inspiring; and make the listener feel comfortable to enjoy

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