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August 07, 2016


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I really appreciate your everyday advice for IELTS, especially when I had been knocked down with my score and start to doubt it is worth to challenge.
Your everyday comments encourage me and telling me to go ahead my further challenge.
Thank you, Simon.

I really appreciate your sharing comments with us language learners and I indeed learn a lot from your everyday advices, even though i have not take the exam. I thinks your advice is like sth. very "local", which helps me better and further learn the exam and make progress.

I have been facing problem with ielts exam for the last 4 years.I scored 1 band in reading when I take first time exam and scored 6 rest of the modules.I thought it was by mistaken from the examiner side.On 16th July 2016 again I scored 3 in reading rest in 6.I required 7 each .
I would be a great help for me if you kindly help me to score.

hi simon,
thank you for your educational responsibility...
good job

It's worth reviewing of your ielts result if you are confident of your performance. I had appeared UKVI in Kuwait on 21 May 2016; My result was L-7.5,R-7,W-7.5,S-6.5. I was very sure of MY speaking prowess and felt the 28yrs old lady examiner was more a kind of biased and prejudiced. I had applied for an EOR(speaking only). Would you believe, today exactly after 8 weeks the revised result has come. My speaking result has been increased from 6.5 to 7.5( 1 mark increment is not small).Thus I recommend you to do so when You are certain of your performance. There are incompetent examiners. Good Luck for your IELTS.


Congratulation, Dr Madhu. That was pathetic! Deviation of band score 1 is huge.

Hi, Simon.
Myname is Cuc, Im from Vietnam.Actually, my English is quite pool, but I am affording to learning English because of it benefit for my futute. Im quite flutter to comment every lesson which I usually follow. Perhaps I afraid of being wrong. From now, I will learn your lesson perfectly. I mean I will comment, be a good member in thí site. Thank you for your responsible job.

"In past students tend to study in their own country. Nowadays they have more opportunity to study abroad. Discuss advantage and disadvantage". Give be a band score for the following

The scope of going abroad for higher studies is remarkably rising nowadays, while it was not so common among the pupils few years ago. Getting a degree from a foreign educational institution has both benefits and drawbacks.

Leaving home country for the sake of university degree may lead to various types of shortcomings. Brain drain, for instance, currently is one of the major concerns for developing countries. The most meritorious students are settling abroad after achieving a university degree in a first world country. Those people could be a pioneer in development of their own country by bringing up to date ideas, setting up economic policies and ultimately leading the country. Moreover, students might be affected personally. They have to stay far away from their beloved family members, friends which often could create severe homesickness, loneliness, and eventually frustration. Furthermore, pupils staying in outside world are likely to sacrifice their food habits, cultural preference, and sometimes spiritual believes.

On the other hand, the opportunity to study in a foreign nation can be advantageous in different ways. Firstly, it comes up with the chance to explore advanced academic system, highly sophisticated laboratory equipment, knowledgeable professors, and to achieve a high profile certificate. Secondly, those opportunities provide scholarships with a huge sum of money to lead a standard lifestyle. That often enables the pupils to contribute financially to their family which ultimately boost up a country’s economy. Finally, the process can be seen as a bridge between countries. For example, student living in a modern, technologically ahead country may transfer his acquired knowledge back to his home country. The good social ideas, political diplomacies and environmental protection methods can also be followed by other countries.

In conclusion, in spite of having few disadvantages, student should utilise the possibilities to get admission in a foreign university to grab all the benefits.

I have been following your blog Simon. The more I read it, the more I am convince why I only got band 7 in my previous IELTS exam. I am aiming for at least 8 in my writing so I can have the points for Superior English. I am still learning techniques from your blogs. Next week, I am going to time myself. Perhaps in another week, I will be sending you my essays for your comments and suggestions. Kindly send me a direct link or your email address so I can send you a sample of my writing. Please email to ebvillaflor814694@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

it is very useful to us and thank you for sharing this information

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