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August 09, 2016


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Dear Simon

Thank you always! You help us a lot, Simon.
Today, I have a question related to enumeration.
You encourage us to use the 'paragraph building' techniques with 'Firstly, Secondly, Finally', but an English speaking friend has pointed out it's not correct; he says 'First, Second, Finally' should be used for listing things.
So, what do you think which is better for the IELTS and/or daily usage?
I'm actually a bit confused because you've always taught us to use '-ly' words.


Hi Hitomi,

The "ly" words are definitely correct. I'm English, and thousands of English speakers have seen my blog (including many teachers).

I also sometimes use "first, second" - I prefer these when I'm speaking.


Thank you! It's really helpful :)


Hi Simon,

In this transcript, I am a little confused about "Last and arguably least beneficial", could you give some explanations for it?


I strongly feel that I need to increase the exposure to spoken English...

where can I see your previous post for this listening???? thanks you sir

Coco beans should be Cocoa beans

Well noticed Yasha. Thanks!

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