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August 02, 2016


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nice sharing Simon, can't believe that he made all of these magnifient caves himself, very admirable!!!

Simon are u obsessed with ielts teaching ?
We do appreciate your selfless act . Stay blessed :)

heyy simon ...its humble request to please reply to this .. i want to learn some speaking skills from u ..please help,,,thnks ...pls reply...ready to pay any cost

I'm glad you like the video!


Jasmine, just read the lessons in the speaking category in the menu on the left.

Hey Simon

As usual, stunning video indeed and shows how doing what you love outperforms business-as-usual.

Thanks heaps ...

I can not see the video..it is not working

Tnx Simon for sharing such an amazing video

Unfortunately, this video seems not to be available in Japan...

Wow, unbelievable,like a miracle, he deserves the respect.

unavailable in Australia, either.


YouTube is blocked in some countries, and in other countries YouTube might not have permission to show this particular clip.

If you can't see the video, it's a pity. However, you are not missing any IELTS advice - it's just an interesting and inspirational story.

Hi Simon,

I know that you are saying that the most reliable IELTS practice source is Cambridge books. I agree with you and whenever I practice the tests in these books, I normally get 7 or 7.5 for listening. However, the tests in a series of books called >IELTS Listening Recent Actual Tests> which are climed to be the real IELTS tests are much more difficult and more tricky than Cam books (based on my own opinion and also what they themselves claim). you can see what has been said here:http://ieltsmaterial.com/ielts-listening-actual-tests-vol-2/

I am now so disappointed, because my score with the tests in this book is almost always 6.5.

Can you comment on that ?
I hope you can help me with this

Thank you in advance.


BTW, in these series of books, they also mentioned the dates of the tests. So, it seems they are right, they are real IELTS tests.

Hi Simon,

my question is about the books called "IELTS listening actual recent tests". The tests in these books are harder than Cambridge books. I normally get 7.5 with tests in Cam books but 6.5 in "IELTS listening actual recent tests". Do you have any idea? are the real IELTS tests more difficult than the ones in Cam books?

Hi Simon,

I also have a similar query like Nina. I recently participated in academic IELTS test in the UK. While I always I used to get around 7.5-8.5 practicing the Cambridge book, I only achieved 6.5 in the real test. In fact, I found the actual listening test more difficult than the one in Cambridge practice materials. If you could kindly shed some light on this issue that would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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Untill now, I am really ENVY with him.
Im a bad girl, right?

Guys, who live in the country where cannot watch this video.
I've found the same one as Simon has shared.
It worked in Japan at least! :)

Cave-digging artist finds inspiration underground

Thanks for your advice.

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your sharing - it's a very interesting and inspiring story.


I take my hats to him for his talent for creating such magnificent caves

I take my hats off his talent for creating such magnificent caves

@dung: I think this is more correct: "hats off to his talent..."

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