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August 16, 2016


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"a waste of funds" is the similar word of option B's "a poor use of resources"

So the answer is B

A is correct

My answer is B. Because elitist means organised for a few people = minority.

Answer is B

I would like to ask a question.I don't know how to contact you.Hence I am posting here. I am preparing for IELTS (General). My exam is on the 20th of August. I am originally from India. But I am a New Zealand citizen now. There are questions related to "your country" in speaking section such as Tell me about the sporting events in your country?" etc. Can I talk about India. Or should I talk about the country where I am a citizen?



To be honest, it doesn't matter which country you are going to talk about. You can say you are from either India or New Zealand. It is unnecessary to tell the truth. You even can just make it up. It is just a test of language.

I think C

The answer is B: "elitist and a waste of funds" has almost the same meaning.

I think the answer is B because 'a poor use of resources' is the same meaning of 'a waste of funds'.

Waste of money = poor use
Only elites using = the minority of people

A, i think so

I'm go for A, the keywords is minority.

I think the answer is B, because they claim it is "elitist" and "waste of funds".
"elitist" means just small group are influenced.
"waste of funds" means use money/resources is not good as "poor use of resources" in the answer B.


"a waste of funds" = "a poor use of resources"
"it is elitist" = "only a minority would use it"
The answer is B.

The answer is B
only a minority would use it = elitist
a waste of funds = a poor use of resources

the answer is B.
a poor use of resources = a waste of funds
only a minority would use it = elitist


I changed my mind. I go for B.The text did not mention anything about "student".

The answer is B .




elitist = only a minority
a waste of funds = a poor use of resources

(elitist = for a small, select group of people, usually only the richest or best in a particular field)


The answer is B

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i'll go for letter B.. Elitist= which is referring for a selected group of people.. No such word as student was mentioned and aside from that ,the text " a waste of funds = is the same with a poor use of resources..

simon sir, i am reshma,from saudi would like to ask a doubt regarding how to write dates in the listening..
in IELTS book3 test 4,first question asking the date of birth,the speaker says 10th of august,but the answer is 10 august.question 30, the speaker says 10 th of july nd answer is 10 july. where as when i listened to the book 5 test 3,question no:21 nd 22,the speaker says may 5th nd july 16th..but the answer is5th may nd 16 th july.
sir, my question is why not august 10 in the first case?
seccondly,why cant may 5th nd july 16 th in the second case..
sir could u please clarify this..

expensive ~ waste of founds

answer is B, because : a waste of funds = a poor use of resources

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