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August 01, 2016


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Great thanks a lot

Thank you. I hope you give us a test of this type

I follow - 1. Reading question to identify keywords, 2. finding the relevant part of the text in the passage, 3. read the choices to find out best matched (answer)

Hi Simon,

I'm from Sri Lanka.

I have been studying your web site for last two months. i did GT on 16th July and got L 6.0, R 6.5, W 7, S 7.

your website is great that i learnt a lot from that. It really helped me.Thank you for maintaining such a service. i self studied for IELTS and studied ur blog and IELTS cambridge books.

however i found listening multiple choice very difficult. and i'm a slow reader and i missed questions and couldn't locate the corresponding questions to the audio at the exam. And i ran out of time during the reading test, that 5 questions were left to do in the last section. Please advise me.

Many thanks and regards

Hi simon.. May i get the tricks and tips of all type of questions which are appeared in reading. My reading is weak kindly help.

hi sir, can you post the tips for identifying information in reading passages

Dear simon
I have practiced all Ielts Cambridge books up to 11 and I have memorized the 110 essential words book by heart and also 504 absolutely necessary words book, but still I have problem in doing tests . I cant understand the text when i am reading quickly and I run out of time I really appreciate you if you help me and let me know about the solution .
your sincerely ;


I don't think it helps to memorise lists of words. Instead, my advice is to slow down! Try reading more slowly, even if it means you spend much longer than 20 minutes on each passage. As I've said before on this blog, you need to get BETTER before you get FASTER.

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