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August 12, 2016


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well, speaking of an occasion when I do something in a hurry, the memory when I attended my friend, Elva's wedding comes into my mind. It was on July 3rd that Elva held her wedding with one of our mutual good friend Tom, actually, we've been knowing each other for more than 20 years since we've been neighbors since we were children. As I have been living and working here in Chongqing for more than 8 years, I asked for a 3 day's leave in order to get back to my hometown to attend their wedding, sharing my best wishes for the new couple. However, on my way to the airport the day before their wedding ,let me see, it's July 2nd, I made a huge mistake, which hardly made me miss the flight. My flight was 19pm and I set off from my home in CQ at 15 pm. I thought I had already picked up all my packages previously. What's more, I rechecked my handbags to insure that I had taken my ID card with me. Having thought that I had taken all the necessities with me. I headed for the airport. It was about an hour and a half's way to the airport, when I got into the taxi, almost half the journey already, I found that I cannot find my telephone. I was like,fully shocked, but I had no choice but to head back home and bring my phone with. I cannot deny that nowadays I could not live without my phone in hand. It was really an accident that I forgot to take it. As you know, I returned back only to find that the phone was right on the desk where I put my handbags. The second time I took a taxi and I was worrying about the flight all the way, what's fortunate, I went to get the boarding check in time. It was an unforgettable experience because I am always a well-organized girl, who is always making plans orderly for everything I do. The experience taught me a lesson. Never do something in a hurry, do preparations more carefully! AND do remember to check all the trifling matters you think are definite.

Here is my answer:

I remember a recent event, I left my bag unconsciously in a restaurant and I discovered that after arriving my home. My home is about 10 kilometers away from that restaurant. It was a rush hour in the evening and just after office closing hour. I completed dinner with two of my colleague and spent a quality time with them. I was really scared after noticing that I lost it because the bag contained some very important and confidential stuffs such as a credit cart, tax return form. I was very hurry to get back to that restaurant. At that point of time, initially I had confusion whether I left it on dinner place or metro train. I was quite nervous and on my wits end what to do. But fortunately the bag was collected and kept securely by the waiters.

Well,I'd like to tell you about the time I was in a hurry 2 months ago. I worked at company from 8h30 to 17h30. Then I came home,cooked rice and had a dinner at 18h30. But,I needed coming to my student at 19h to teach her some subjects for 9th grade. So, I just have 30 minutes for eating and moving.
I ate in a hungry and tried on time. At that time,I was so stressed, even I forgot something that needed to bring like books.I wished I had more times to do everything carefully and perfectly. Even though I tried faster, I still was late 10 minutes. This was not good and I had to sorry my student.

Academic Ielts in Austalia 13 Auguest 2016

Writing task 1: a bar chart about the number of people who applied for immigration with 4 different occupations between 2009 to 2012.

Writing task 2: Nowadays people use bicycles less as a form of transport?
Why is that?
What can we do to encourage people to use it more?

Hope it help
All the best

I am banker, so in my position, there are a lot of reports in many cases which concerns about the creditworthiness of customers, the warning sign report of repayment ability’s customers and etc. At that time, I had to finish the hotel industry report to support my credit approval division in my bank to help them give better decision to grant the loan. The requirement for finishing the report was just gave to me and my colleague who was in the team with me a week before meeting the deadline they needed. So, I was so confused and stressed for hearing that assignment, but I needed for implement because this ask was from my boss, although I also had a lot of loans to evaluate to meet the time at the end of quarter, exactly it was the time of nearly the end of June, 2016, and we almost worked hard for finishing. Firstly, I and my partner tried to find out more information about the hotel industry figures such as the price for renting, the companies' financial report in the hotel industry in lately years and the law documentaries which control the hotel business. At that moment, I had 2 days for research the information and fortunately, I had found the report of Grant Thortorn, a big researcher in the hotel industry in the world and of course it made the report of hotel industry in Vietnam. My colleague and me worked hard at weekend, maybe I worked late to 2 a.m during that time to arrange the ideas with logical structure. 3 days after deciding to write the report, we finished and gave it to my boss in a day earlier she needed for checking the content if she needed more details or corrects. But she just asked little things to fix and we correct some mistakes and attached more pictures to finish at the right time, and that was very awesome, we also had the experience at that moment.

I remember when the day I had the second interview of my current job. I do not remember exactly the day but it was a day of November 2014. I had applied this job when I was still in my previous job so sometime I had to arrange my work schedule to attend the recruitment prog
It seemed good for the test round the the first interview when I could easily asked my old boss for day-offs but I had trouble with the second interview. That day we had a very important meeting with a Korean partner in the morning and the interview started in 2 Pm so I thought that I could handle the time to attend. But the meeting lasted longer than expected and It was about 3 PM when it finished. At this moment I was totally disappointed, but before utterly giving up, I decided to make a call to the recruiter to ask whether I could join in the interview or not.Fortunately, He said I could but I had to show up before 3: 30 PM. Only 30 minutes left and the interview place was 30 kms far from my place. I quickly took my motobike from the garage and drove to the interview place without asking permission form my boss.
I do not remember the speed but I presented at about 3 :30 and took the interview.
Now, I have been working in the new job for nearly 2 years and it still makes me smile to remember about the interview in that day.

I had remember a situation that held last month at due date of my entrance exam of upsc that is union public service commision. The exam was to be conducted on 17 July and the reporting time was 9'o clock at chandigarh. So I had to rush in early mourning to be there at 8o'clock. In too much hurry ,I forget my admit card in file at home and I realize it when I reached the bus stand. Obviously, it was a shocking thing that happened to me at that time when I was already getting late. I was litterly feeling that I will miss the bus and may not be able to give the exam. I was really broken internally. Then I called my brother, he made me relax and told that he knew that I left your admit card at home and he is coming in the way. At last my brother reached at busstand within 5 min and that moment really have me a soft of relief. Moreover, within five mintues my bus has come and I took that bus and reached at my examination centre at home .this was a really horrible experience which can splash water on my all efforts.

i remembered when i was studied in 9 grades . There was a final exam and i forgot it . it is really a horrible mistake i had done . When my teacher announced there will be a final exam next weak , i was so confused and asked over over to my friends was that true . Then i realized i only had a minimum time to revise the whole knowledge i had learned in 6 months . At that time , i only had two choices , pass the exam or studied again from the beginning . So , i planned a schedule to studied in a weak and also asked for help from my teacher and friends . After the hard-working and the assistance of others , i finnally pass the exam . Thanks to that experienced .

Dear Simon,
If I say that i forgot the ID Paper in the first passage, then at the end I told that I found telephone to ensure the fluency, ( just like the echo discription mentioned above), this will be accepted or not and what will be affected to the score of speaking test,as I know that in speaking test, the score will not depend on the task responses

Thank you very much !

Dear Sir,
Please give me some idea about desire job topic. I would like to talk about marketing.

I'd like to talk about something I've done in a hurry one month ago.That's one trip I went to Korea with a bunch of friends.I remembered that's one day we went to take bus bounding for Jeonju ,which it took us two hours to get there.After breakfast,we started to move to bus station together and we should have arrived there on time.We're talking and laughing happily until one girl shoot about we took wrong train!!After that we begin to run. Continually,a lot of group ran in the subway,which we knew we're about to late. Unfortunately,the bus left 5 minutes ago when we reach there.Alternatively,we decided to give up booked tickets and took high speed rail instead.

Well, speaking of an occasion I was in a hurry, it was several months ago when I had to take the train to my hometown. I booked the train ticket in advance, and I left the office after work about one and a half hour before the departure time of the train. I decided to take the bus because the time is enough, but unfortunately, there was a traffic accident and the bus stopped waiting for more than twenty minutes. I realized that I had to change to a taxi and go another way to the railway station. I took off the bus and waited at the sidewalk for a taxi. About ten minutes later, I finally got into the taxi. Only half an hour before the train leaves. I was extremely anxious at that time. Luckily the taxi driver is experienced and went a way that has the least traffic lights and vehicles. I finally got on that train at the last minute. With this experience, every time I have to take a train or a plane, I will leave the office as early as possible.

Talking about something I did in a hurry, the memory of forgetting important things come to my mind.
It was my friend’s birthday, almost 2 years ago. I remember clearly, it was on Friday, in the winter and the weather was so severe/hash. As a manager, I am always busy at the weekend with pile of emails to read and other things to work out. On the last day of week, I had to complete withdrawing money from the bank to pay my partners. It could not be late just because the bank closed on the weekend but I needed to transfer the money on Saturday morning.
It was 6 o’clock when I got out the bank and was at home at 6:45 after 45 minutes of driving home in the terrible traffic of the city. Approximately, I had almost 15 minutes for taking shower and getting dressed because the party was going to begin at 7 clock. Everything done in hurry, I got to the party 5 minutes late as everyone having food and drink.
The time seemed to be so fast, it was almost nearly 11 clock after 4 hours drinking beer and chatting with some old close friends the warm atmosphere. I drove back to my own house, stood on the front porch fumbling my pocket and I realized that I didn’t have my keys. In fact, I could see them in the dining room table where I had left them. I ran around the house and tried all the other doors and windows. Luckily, there was a windows unclock. After a haft of hour struggling, I got into the house.
I felt freezing cold and desperate at that point of time in that such cold weather. I learnt something from this experience. Try to be calm in any situation and must be well-organised.

Hy Simon how r u could u send me ielts10 pdf

Well, sometimes my small child sleep very lately because he wants to play with me and his father.I feel very exhausted because I need to take some rest after a tough day then wake up to go my work. I sleep very lately and then in the morning , the alarm rings and I try always to open my eyes difficulty. unfortunately, my son wake up with me and needs to eat his milk. this time rally pass very hard on me because I need to feed him then go my work without any late. after I feed him , i sprang out of my bed then splash some water on my face and dress my clothes very fast to goes out from my home and go to minibus to arrive me to my work. Really, it is very stressful days.

First of all i would like to thank simon coach for helping by this website.

Well,i remember by far that day when i studied in 10th grade.those days i was studying more than usuall for prepairing my exam.normally i am a morning person,i study during the day.but while when i was taking my exam.i was studying till late night.i was not getting any problem because my mom awoke me up to go to school early in the morning,and i also had time to revise essential mcqs.i had taken my three tests,when test of chemistry came to,i had to study for a long time even more than mid of the night,and while atudying when i got shut eye i did not know at al.and that day my mom could not awoke me up because of her illness.then my father got me up,after getting up i suddenly looked toward watch and have been staring for a few second,i was not getting understand at all.what i do.it was late,i had just 10 minutes to get to examination hall.I sprang out of the bad and got dressed,and left home without having breakfast,i got to examination hall hardly after five minutes late.that time i regretted and felt embarrassad.after that i learnt the worth of timing and i have not been late ever.

I remember when I had final exam in university, I reach late to it. Last neigh of exam I felt that I should be again studied my books for this reason I slept late. That time I lived in other city, but my university had 100 KM distance from my city. I usually was going to university by my car. Unfortunately, when was driving until reached to university, my car broke down hard, I tried strongly that repaired my car, but I found that this field I did not professional skills. I decided that used old bus for reaching to exam. But it was big problem because driver of bus drove slowly , I protested to him that please drove rapidly but he said with a laugh my speed are limited by law of police and age of car. Finally, I arrived with 20 mints after exam, I spoke sadly by my professor but he did not allow that I enter to exam.

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