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August 05, 2016


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First Answer:
Yes, I believe working people should travel to different places on their weekend or some other vacation. There are many positive reasons going on site seeing. Firstly, Travelling will enable to visit a new place of natural or historical interest. They can gain knowledge about that location, its history or just fascinate with its natural beauty. Secondly, it will create opportunity to enjoy different meal outside after being habituated with home food. For example visiting a sea beach will offer people to taste sea food cuisine. Travelling abroad will come up with options of experiencing new food culture, habits and taste. Finally, the most important is mind refreshment after hectic job/business life. Holidays can take away all the hardships and boost up energy for upcoming days.
(After writing I found it too long, is it?)

Second Answer,
I guess there are quite a few factors stop people traveling abroad. Firstly, expenses are the major causes. Traveling another country will include plane fare, hotel, shopping and food cost which normally a big amount. Not all the people have that sort of extra budget in their annual expenditure. Secondly, time or weather will also need to be considered. Christmas holidays, for instance, are usually common holidays for all over the world. As it observed in late December which is extremely cold in most of the countries, is not a good option. Finally, many people are worried about security in an unknown place. Countries like Thailand or India are very popular for tourism yet many people will not visit due to safety concern.
(I know I have grammatical problem, can any one found and tell me where to improve)

Yes going on holiday is definitely essential for everyone's life because it makes a change from every day life and gives fun and entertainment. For example last month i went to india on holiday with my family we spent quality of time there and when we back from there we do our routine work more energitically because holiday makes people reinvigorate.

Very good answers of yours, I guess

Well some people do not go on holidays because there are several reasons
firsly they do not feel secure when they are on foreign trips
Secondly they do not enough money to spent on expenses on holiday
Finally they do not know the language which speaks in foreign countries

i think going on holiday is crucial for people for variety of reasons.Firstly,spending a week in one's preferable places help them to be mentally fresh from the pressure of work that they tired of doing.Secondly,children want their parents to spend sometime with them outside.Finally,continuous working brings boredom.

I think there are a lot of reasons leads to more people don't want to take a trip in other countries. The first is the different weather, as you know, that will be a problem which most of people must face to come to the other countries in some occasions and they need to prepare more information before they go. In some cases, if some people are under disease, weather is most dangerous to their lives. For example, my friend's mother has travelled to Japan in the fall, but her body couldn't familiar with the changing weather slightly, so she was at hospital to recover her health after one day to come this country. The second is the food they will eat that fit to their taste or not during the time to visit one country. For example, foods in Thailand are boiled with oil and the variety spices which are not familiar with foods in Vietnam. That causes the inconvenience in eating and brings alot of bad impact to their health.

Many people prefer not to spend their holidays abroad. This could be due to several reasons, firstly . going abroad requires good amount of financial capability and planning.For some people that might be possible but its not possible for majority of people.

Secondly ,there is visa processing time involved and requirements for some destinations could be mean lot of paperwork.

Lastly, many abroad locations do not have good health and safety levels and the idea is discomforting to the minds of potential travelers . For ex. countries in Africa , middle east etc.

I just finished my speaking test, and I am a little nervous now. In my test, I keep talking, but I did not used any big words in the part two. So what score do you think I will have

Well, I think that expense and different weather and time ozone are difficult for many people. You know,plane fare to go other country is also more expensive or they have to spend on fee for different money. In addition, they need more time to adapt between cold and warm or am and pm time that are stress for them.

1. Personally I do, because having a trip on holiday can help people to relax after working flat out on stressful business. Additionally, it is also a good opportunity for those to spend time with their family : wife, children, parents… For example, Tet in my country is a traditional holiday when people can meet friends, family members our neighbourhood and give them best wishes instead of thinking about job.
2. Ummm... actually I’m not sure about that but I suppose the price for a tour abroad is one of the key reason. As you can probably know that many Vietnamese people haven’t good financial ability so on holiday, it more likely that they prefer having trip in their country to going abroad. Anyway, the price for a domestic travel is reasonable especially compare to the international trip.

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Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?
My answer:
Yes. To me, it's necessary for people to go on holiday.
Vacations would promote tourism industry. People pay for hotels, resorts, restaurant and many other service. Vacations also enable people to relax after hard-working time.
For examples, in summer, many companies hold long vacations for their employees to have time too relax.

Why do you think some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday?
My answer:
In my opinion, some people do not like to go abroad on holiday because of the following reasons
Firstly, they have to prepare a lot of things for the trip, such as passport, visa, and these things may consume time. Secondly, people do not have much time for an abroad vacation. For example, employees just have few days for vacation. Finally, language is a serious barrier for people to go abroad. The limited ability of speaking foreign language make people not interested in going abroad on holiday.

Do you think that it's important for people to go on holiday?
yes, it is very important for almost people to go on holiday because of many reasons.
Firstly, life is very stressful from work or our responsibilities on home especially the mothers. secondly, smelling some fresh air make us in a happy mood and improve our abilities on our works when we return to it.
Finally, visiting new places and seeing new people improve our knowledge and relations to each other.

Why do you think some people prefer not to go abroad on holiday?
some people want to to have some rest on their homes and sleep more and more after a stressful days but in my opinion , traveling abroad makes a chance for us to enjoy on life with new taste.

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Hello everyone.
I have got my speaking tomorrow i.e. 20th of september, 2016, and i really need some speaking partner, if anyone can please help me out.

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Yes, I think it's very important to go out on a holiday so that you can tend to release stress from work and spend time with your family. For example, having a short holiday in places like beach can be relaxing and rewarding especially when you travel with a love one. It is very intimate and peaceful to relax and have fun for a while and helpful to reduce stress that you had from work.

I think some people prefer not to go abroad on a holiday because it could be expensive to travel and will need a lot of money. It can be also for some reasons like traveling abroad is not their passion. For example people spend more time on other things like shopping at the mall and spending time with their family. I think this is more meaningful and productive for them. It is more of perspective on how you see things or enjoy yourself without wasting a huge amount of money.

Yes, Personally, I think it's important people to travel at least once in a year. Firstly, traveling gives an opportunity for working people to unwind and get away from work problems for a while. Secondly, going on holiday, especially to historic and ancient places widens horizons of people. And finally, life is short and we live only one time,it really worth to have a good time as long as possible.

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