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August 11, 2016


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So we can sat hotel guests or hotel's guests?


Hi Iana,

Think about these 2 correct sentences:

The hotel guests must leave their rooms by 12 noon on the day of departure.

The police are questioning all of the hotel's guests.

In the second sentence, is it also possible to write 'hotel guests'? Yes.

Would we use 'hotel's guests' in the first sentence? No.

My advice is not to worry about the rules for this - just think about how possessives/compound nouns are used, for example when you are preparing your answers to reading passages.

Thanks a lot Pete , it is really complicated. I think it is always safer to use "of" form for English learners, isn't it?
What do you think?

Well, Iana, Simon indicated that the first noun with the possessive will be noticed by the examiners when used correctly.

However, it is very usual for two countable nouns to go together without the possessive. They are word combinations that are commonly found together, like hotel visitors, train stations, bus drivers, company directors, student numbers and many more.

So, my advice is to note them when you are reading, and then try using them yourself when you practise speaking or writing.

Personally, I like to use "of" when we have a possessive of a plural noun, like: "Dogs' owners must act responsibly". It is correct, but I prefer to write or say: "The owners of dogs must act responsibly".

Hello Simon, I have an important question. This might seems strange but I am just curious if "%" is counted in counting of words used?

I hope you will answer. Thanks!

Thanks alot Simon


A number and a symbol are counted as one word. For example '5%' is one word.

Thanks sjm!

Dear sir,this is excellent organization this is why u r exceptional & popular as ielts simon.

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