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August 04, 2016


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Thank you Simon.

HEllo sir,

You used "Furthermore" which is additional connector but it is always adviced that students should avoid additional connectors in task 1 writing.

Dear sir.
"over the 5-year period" is ok? I reckon that there were two seperated year here. Thanks for answer.

thanks simon!
Can I move '' Finally....'' to next line to finish my writting?

thank you dear


I used "Furthermore" because it works in this context. There is no rule to say that you can't use linking in task 1.



The hotel has obviously improved between 2005 and 2010, so it makes sense to write about the period in this case. I mainly wrote about individual years, but I think "over the 5-year period" works fine in that particular sentence.



I wouldn't write the 'Finally' sentence as a new paragraph personally, but it wouldn't bring your score down if you did that.

Dear Sir,
In the paragraph 2, you used "hotel guests" but it was "hotel's visitors" in paragraph 3 (line 1).
Can I use possessive case for all these case?
Thank you very much for your advice,

Sir, I would just like to ask if it is acceptable to place the overall statement together with the introduction? I've read it is a current trend in IELTS.

Thank you!


Hi everybody,
I have a plan to take an IELTS exam in November. I still have a problem with my writing tasks. I need someone to take a brief look at my writing section. I will very appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


At the second paragraph, I think the satisfactory decrease from 45% to 17%. I mean that the satisfactory not increase, the like from the guests fell 28% over five years. or I am wrong?

Best regard

Dear Simon

Could you explain how to write a task 1 pie chart without any visible figure (no percentage, no numerical figure)?

I took the IELTS exam 2 times already. My marks are L-8.5 R-8.5 S-7 W-6
L-8.5 R-8.5 S-6.5 W-6.5
I am not pleased with the results I am getting, I am really frustrated now, I will be taking it again on the 20th i need all 7 in all sub tests.
Any writing advice is appreciated

Dear Simon,
In the last paragraph the last sentence,
you wrote:

"a fall in the number of ‘satisfactory’ ratings in 2010 reflects the fact that more people gave positive responses".

I can't understand it.From my point of view, I will consider satisfactory as a positive response. So I think the decrease of satisfactory cannot explain the fact that positive responses is on the rise.

Or does the reflects here means a "contrast"?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Muffy,

I know it seems strange, but English speakers (maybe British people in particular) consider a 'satisfactory' rating to mean 'not very good' - if I ever received satisfactory grades at school, it was not good news!

What I'm trying to say in the report is that the percentage of satisfactory ratings fell in 2010, but this wasn't because fewer people were happy - it was because more people gave a 'good' or 'excellent' rating.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you sir !

Dear Simon
As you said " satisfactory" means " not very good".
So,i get a little bit confuse when in the second paragraph , you wrote:

'It is clear that overall customer satisfaction increased considerably from 2005 to 2010'.

Does that sentence describe the chart wrong?

Thank you in advance

Hi Tu,

I know it's confusing. Although "satisfactory" often means "not very good", the meaning of "overall customer satisfaction" is NOT a negative phrase. It simple means: "how happy customers were overall".

Hi simon, i appreciate your efforts towards students like us. You are trying and explaining it again and again but still last 3 lines of last para are confusing i.e. satisfactory part.

Thanks for the answer

Hi Simon, thank you firstly for the wonderful resources posted on this website. One question: Is that ok to write only one sentence in an introduction paragraph, like what you tend to do in the sample answers?

dear simmon

in task 1 if you wrote an overall in the beginning of your essay and your parapharse it in the conclusion ... would be correct

Thanks for your answer

Dear Simon,

May I write "The pie charts compare paying guests' attitude towards the customer service at the Parkway Hotel in the year 2005 and 2010."?

Thank you.

Hello sir my exam 26-11-16
My writing never improve how can improve it

The piechart compares the proportion of visitors rating the hotel's services between two years 2005 and 2010.It is obvious that great disparity can be seen in the numbers considering the positive vibes towards the hotel over the time frame of five years.
As can be seen from the figure ,the tiny fraction surged up by almost four fold considering the excellence of facilities provided after five years.Also the customer who described the services as good increased from 14% to 39% respectively.The number of visitors who accounted for the very poor plunged by almost three fold .Furthermore,the proportion of poor fell from 21%to 12% respectively.Overall,the hotel improved its infrastucture and services as the number accounting for satisfactory dropped from 45% to 17%.

The two charts compare the results of a same questionnaire that interviewed by 100 customers to the Parkway Hotel on their rating of the hotel’s service in the year 2005 and 2010.

There are 5 levels of rating which is excellent, satisfactory, good, poor and very poor. It is clear that the proportion of the first three categories increased substantially over the five years.

In 2005, only 5% of customers marked hotel service with excellent, while this figure rose to 28% sharply in 2010. Furthermore, people chose level of good as many as almost three times in 2010 compared with that of 2005.

On the contrary, visitor made answer with poor and very poor decreased dramatically. In 2005, the ratio of poor and very poor is 21% and 15%, however, this number became 12% and 4% respectively 5 years later. It is also noticeable that the percentage of satisfactory fell from 45% to 175 over the 5 year period.

Dear simon,
I wrote this task 1 by following the no trend way. I mean that i analysed each pie chart in separate body without comparing the changes between 2 years. I concern whether that way makes some minus point for my task 1.

Dear Sir,
At first thank you for your great teaching. I have a question about "almost three times as many people" that you used in paragraph three.Actually I don't know what does it mean exactly and how can I use it. Can you explain it more?
Thank you in advance

Hi Helena! I also have the same thoughts as you. I am bit confused if it is okay not to describe the trends between the two pie charts and should write a paragraph of each chart instead (a paragraph for year 2005 and another one for year 2010). Sir Simon, is this how to write pie charts like the one you have shown? Hoping for your response! :(

The pie charts illustrate the proportion of the hotel clients according to their answers to the customer service survey in 2005 and 2010.

Overall, it can be seen that the total percentages of the top three good services saw a significant increase, while the unwanted service conditions, poor and very poor, were reported less than five year before.

Regarding the pie charts, the proportion of excellent service rose almost six times more than it was before, from 5% in 2005 to 28% in 2010. In 2005, most of the people (45%) who got hotel’s service reported that it was satisfactory, whereas only 14% of the hotel’s customers answered to the questionnaire as the service was good. However, the response, good, was the most popular one with 39% in 2010, while the percentage of people who considered that the hotel staff served them satisfactorily was 17% in the same year.

As another significant point of the charts, in 2005, 15 per cent of the hotel’s guests were served very poorly, but this percentage decreased dramatically to 4%, which was the least popular given answer by clients. Like wisely, there was a fall in the figure for poorly served hotel guests, from 21% to 12% between the years 2005 and 2010 respectively.

210 words - 7 band acc. to essay check website

Guys! Can you do me a favor and give me some advice how I can improve my writing timing? as I can write my best in 30-40 min. and I can only get around band 6 in 20 min.

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