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August 24, 2016


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If we ignore the climate change, we will surely face serious problems. Global warming, which is on the rise, is one of the consequences of climate change. It will threaten the lives of all living organisms including humans, animals and plants in different ways. For instance, many animal species would be in danger of extinction, because they may lose their habitats due to global warming. Rising the sea level is another consequence of climate change which leads to the disasters such as inundation and drought. Air pollution is another negative impact of climate change which particularly has detrimental effects on our health. For example, research has shown that the main reason of lung cancer in major cities is the inhale of gas emissions produced by exhaust engines.

If instead of taking the above measures we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that the consequences will be disastrous. The rise of sea level caused by extra water from melting land ice could be one of the primary examples of these consequences. This might mean not only collapse of the Arctic, but also an increase of floods. However, some would argue that we may not to worry about this large-scale problem, relying on contemporary technologies.They should know that there is a serious human-induced threat to the environment, and not any human-made machine will face it.

Mr. Corcoran
I would be very grateful if you comment on paragraph I written.
Also, I have a question
I use your task2 preparation method, but little bit differently: I make a research( point2) and only based on the ideas I found,I write paragraphs.
Do you think it's acceptable???

I wonder why I can understand all words written by Simon, but by others, there are many words that I have to look up them in dictionary.

Hi Simon,

Could you help to distinguish these sentences?

1. Neighbourhood task teams have had an immediate impact in cutting crime.

2. They have a long-term impact on crime levels.

impact in + Ving & impact on + N
Are they correct?
And we can apply this formula for " influence" ?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Simon,

I'm wondering if after mitigate needs (,) in this sentence(There are various measures that governments and individuals could take to prevent, or at least mitigate, climate change)

??? may you take a look at your sentence?

If instead of taking these above measures we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that the consequence will be disastrous. It has been a long time since human was aware of negative impacts of climate change, but there are thousands of people killed every year because of natural disasters. While majority of people in highland lost their homes in the flood, the last year drought damaged large amount of agricultural drop in delta in Vietnam. Also, the drought cause water shortage and then a lot of disease occurred as the result of water shortage. Apart from that, human being is experiencing low life quality just because of polluted environment which is the consequence of developed industries. Scientists show that people’s well-being is affected by the increase of temperature, high level of carbon dioxide gases in the air.

Hallo Kevin,

The same question from here. Whether there is a need for the comma?
There are various measures that governments and individuals could take to prevent, or at least mitigate, climate change.

It looks unusual compared to other sentences written by Simon.

if we live with climate change, we are going to face losing land, disasters and epidemics. Rising sea level caused by global warming is invading rapidly some parts of land, many coastal territories are disappearing on the maps of the world. average heat is the highest than ever, it is triggering critical disasters. For instance, water shortage and drought tent to happen more frequently affecting agricultural crops, blazes are getting stronger, destroying forests in wider levels and threatening animal and human life. Health of people is in danger, in this century, we have seen various deadly and unpredictable epidemics killed thousands of people and it is not going to stop if we do not make effort to keep climate change in check.

Dear Simon,

I noticed you wrote

- a major threat to life on Earth
- impact on the Earth's climate

Why the first sentence does not contain "the"? is it right to say life on the Earth?


If instead of taking the above measures, we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that the consequences will be disastrous. I speculate that the sea level will rise rapidly because of the continuous melting of icebergs in poles caused by intensified climate change. The sea level rise will cause more erosion to seashore line, more floods to lowland area, and even the disappear of some coastal cities. Besides, some species of vegetation or animals will become extinct once they failed to adapt to the speed of climate change and travel to another suitable environment in time. The climate change will also bring epidemic to tropical cities and increase the disease incidence rate and death rate of human-beings.

Hi Simon,
I saw that in your previous lessons you wrote "Internet" not "internet"? does it affect my score if in these situations, I do not start the word with capital letter?

The danger of not tackling the climate change would have a detrimental effect on environment, plants and wildlife and most importantly to human races. As global weather continue to gets warmer,high temperature melts the polar ice cap that causes the rise of sea levels and massive floods in some areas globally. Warmer sea water resulted to migration or extinction of marine life as well as coral bleaching. Excessive heat from sun dried-up the forest regions that sometimes sparks wildfire. Lastly,humans suffered hunger,scarcity of basic needs and weather disturbance.

please comment on this. thanks


I'm afraid I can't check sentences or paragraphs that people share - I receive too many 'comments' and it's impossible for me to answer them all.

There are several useful questions in the other comments above, and I'll try to answer them in one of my 'grammar' lessons here on the blog, probably next weekend (3rd Sept).

Factually, people around the world, nowadays, are facing many complicated problems resulted by the climate change and these are even more dangerous to not human beings but animals and plants if we do not take any actions to prevent or at least diminish the influences of climate change.There are a mixture range of consequences to our plant but, i belive, the melting ice in the south and north pole which leads to the rise on sea level is deeply affected to lives on the earth.For inllustration, Men will be suffered from floods, storms, thunders...etc. Also, this would imbalance the ecosystem and as a result,animal extinction will occur and it is hard for plants to be adjustable to the change that driving to lack of oxidide

This is definitely my writing. I'm going to complain you.

Why do we accept to live with climate change regardless of disastrous consequences while we can absolutely prevent it together? In my opinion, I completely disagree with this view.
We can do many things to prevent climate change. Although they are simple actions, they contribute to making our planet much purer. If we were children, we would stop dropping litter. Were we adults, we would have wide knowledge of improving living environment. One man one tree is the best way to prevent flash flood as well as severe droughts. Meanwhile, let’s stop deforest. In additions, we shouldn’t be costumers who use products losing environment balance such as nylon bags, rhino horn, …
If we want to meet an early death, we continue to survive on climate change. We have to breathe source of polluted air. In other words, we are living with incurable disease. Moreover, we will still exist in no power condition and unclear water because of the rapid exhaustion of the earth’s natural resources. Human’s longevity will be much shorter our descendants will be victims who receive consequences of climate change. Trying to live with atmosphere change just like destroying our habitats
Climate change means our lives’ change for the worse. For this reason, our urgent responspility is to try to prevent climate change as soon as possible. We should eliminate immediately the thought of living with it.

If instead of taking above measures we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that consequences will be disastrous. As the global temperature is increasing, the polar ice caps may melt out and sea level will rise. Consequently, hundreds of millions of people live in coastal areas will become increasingly vulnerable to flooding. Apart from this, a large number of species may become endangered due to the rising temperature impacts their habitats and feeding resources. A good example for this is Great Barrier Reef in Australia, over 50% of reefs in this area is bleaching. It means that if we do not take immediate actions, the disasters of climate change will only get worse in the future.

Hi Simon,

Is "energy efficient" a compound adjective?



Hi Simon,

What to do if we do not understand the meaning of a word or the meaning of the whole topic in a hard question for Writing task 2?

Instead of living with these climate changes the result will be disiterious.And their effects seen around the glob.Owing to the global warming many diseases provoke on land.Individuals suffer from many life threatning diseases in which skin cancer prominently have seen.Additionaly the atmosphere become polluted day by day due to the presence of toxic element.These all things put the human life endanger.

hi Simon
kindly check my para and suggest me your advice.I need 6 in writing

Hi Simon

When should we avoid writing "partly-agree" essay? Can you give me an example?

Thanks a lot

Hi Simon,
I tried to write my own opinion and also takes some quotes from you. Can you plz say to me your feedback about what i write?

Climate changes comes from increasing of carbon dioxide gas which coming from oil fuels. This problem leads to increase of the temperature of the earth therefore, it threads the human being.
There are various measures that governments and individuals should take it to prevent or at least mitigate this problem.
Firstly, governments should regulate laws and rules to monitor all vehicle types. Also, they should put penalties on the drivers who can't apply the rules.
Secondly, governments should encourage the individuals to use solar instead of oil. Also, they should encourage the projects which produce vehicle using sun resources to try to decrease the pollution percentage.
Finally, individuals should have the awareness about the size of the disaster and try to help the governments by applying the rules.

Hi dear Simon

Don't you think the first praragraph is off topic?
We're not asked to talk about measures. At least based on what you taught.
We shoud support why we think this idea is simplistic.

Thank you.

Hi Pouya,

I understand why my paragraph seems a little off-topic, but the reason for this is that I'm disagreeing with the question statement.

For me, the question statement is saying that we should give up trying to prevent climate change (because we can't prevent it). I'm saying that we CAN still prevent climate change, and I suggest HOW we can do this.

An alternative would be to explain WHY we should prevent climate change (instead of HOW). However, I intended to cover that in the second main paragraph - explaining the dangers of not tackling climate change is really the same as saying WHY we should prevent climate change.

I suppose the short answer is this: when you disagree with something, I think it's acceptable to introduce an argument that isn't necessarily mentioned directly in the question. I hope this makes sense!

Kindly tell me what is exact meaning of topic sentence. I have read about it on internet but didn't not get it exactly.what it's meaning according IELTS writing point of view.

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