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August 17, 2016


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excellent.... its our duty 2 take some effective steps to wane the problem in stead of living with it.

Hi Simon,
great job you offer to students all over the world.
Could you help me pls in this Writing task 2 From Cambridge 11 ,test 2, I don't understand is this opinion essay(agree or disagree)
or discussion and give my opinion ,Thanks;


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic:

Some people claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement

To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Hi, Simon
I've been following your posts in this website for more than three months and this helped me a lot to get a high score overall. Here is my result that I got yesterday:
I want to say thank you very much, Simon.

I respect your work on this site and also appreciate your lessons.

Here is my opinion for P. 2 and 3.

Paragraph 2 : Governments should advance policies which reduce carbon pollution produced by mainly burning fossil fuels and support clean energy technology. Also, attention should be paid to curb deforestation.
Individuals can play a role to prevent climate changes. People should try to use more public transportation and buy fuel-efficient cars if possible. At home or work, our small changes can save energy and money such as using energy efficient bulbs, recycling, and planting trees.

P. 3; First of all, climate change varies a lot naturally and obviously unpredictable. I believe that adaptation to climate change is almost impossible. For example, Louisiana experienced floods in March this year, but it happened again this month with extremely intense rainfall affecting at least 40,000 homes and killing 11 people. Also, when people pay attention to living with climate change, they might forget the fact that a majority of carbon dioxide emission is produced by human activities. Then we will have to face more extreme consequences of climate change in the near future.

I feel like paragraph 3 is weak.
I am looking forward to yours.
And can I use 'a lot' in a essay?
Thank you.

Hi Simon!
Thank you for your all lessons!

Thank you!

Hi Simon,

Is it a way to know which words are not formal and should not be used in Writing? for example words like get hitched, senior citizen, white-collar jobs. I really have problems in distinguising the formal from informal words.

I hav one doubt can u plse correct me....

Eg. My boss recommended me a long holiday -Active voice

Ans. I was recommended a long holiday by my boss

If i use instead of I WAS RECOMMENDED '
Wht would be the meaning if i still use subject instead of object....i am grateful if u would answer me....

I feel difficulty when i handle passive voice
If we use PASSIVE VOICE In writting , sometimes i use the SUBJECT instead of OBJECT while i try to write in passive voice.....

Members asked me many questions in the meating-active voice.
I was asked many questions by members in the meeting
SOMETIMES I USE ' MEMBERS WERE ASKED ME ' is it correct or not...
Since long time i hav this doubt plse plse correct me


I'm afraid I recieve too many comments/questions for me to answer them all individually. However, I do still read every comment, and I use them as the basis for future lessons.


Congratulations Dildora. Great scores!

Hi Simon,

I have a difficulty for online payment to buy your ebook and the video courses. Is there any alternative to pay?
My second query is that can you please introduce some teachers that can score our essays? I really need someone to check my essay before my actual test.

Hi Simon
For the first time I'm going through Simon n i really liked d way u explain about writting task 2. I'm struggling with writting task 2 n I have my exam on 24 September.
Plzzzz help me to get good score in writting task 2....
Thank u

Hi Simon, this is my first time to post a comment on your blog, are you able to give some feedback on my writing passage, really hope you could reply!!! THANKS!

Climate change is likely to be a serious problem of the whole world, basing on this question, different people have different opinions, some of them believe that people should find a way to accept the change climate instead of preventing it. However, I totally disagree with the view, we should aware the importance to mitigate the change of the climate on earth.
Environmental groups should improve people’s awareness of climate change. They may disseminate the bad sides of climate change through different ways. Then people are able to realize the importance of the environment protection as well as the climate controlling. Another method is that the government should enforce some laws to deter those from damaging the environment which causes the climate change. Erosion will be decreased if the government impose penalty on people who drive excessively.
On the other side, there are some problems if people try to live with the climate change. Obviously, it is possible to be more and more serious if we do not take any measures to control the climate. For example, the level of the ocean will increase while the climate is getting warmer on earth, furthermore, many animals will die because they can not adapt this kind of warm climate. In the end, human beings will also be influenced by this kind of climate, which the CO2 will increase and the forests will disappear over time.
To summarize, it is everyone’s ownership to do something to avoid climate change on the earth, we are able to give out strength to build better environment as well as the climate and say no to those who would like to accept the climate change.

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