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August 03, 2016


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It is true that we are experiencing drastic changes in our climate. Although I accept that we need measures to cope with this phenomenon, I also believe that it is necessary for us to take actions to stop climate change.

Just made this 5 mins. quick introduction.
It's a balanced answer.

Here's some good reading about climate change and it's effect from a reliable source:

(I don't know if it's allowed to post links)

That's a pretty good introduction Dan. I would just make the comment that the word 'phenomenon' is used a lot by candidates in IELTS who are under the 7 level, but it's not a word that I would use in an essay very often (I don't recall Simon using it very much either). This is because in English it is often used to describe 'mysterious' things, and also it can refer to a temporary trend. I wouldn't describe climate change as a phenomenon.

Thanks for giving description about the word phenomenon.it is quite useful advice.

@sjm thx for the "phenomenon " tip.

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is being argued that we should accept the global climate change, and try to be habitual of living in it rather than making concerted efforts to prevent this harsh climate. Personally, I believe that we should adapt and keep taking steps as well to prevent this climate.

On the one hand, it is necessary to be able to cope with the present world climate.
* there is no other option, cannot do anything in short time
* Long process to stable world's climate, take many years
* For example, need trees, and trees take many years to grow
* May need more investment to prevent present climate

On the other hand, it also seems to me that everyone must think of doing something in order to make our climate same as past.
* Better climate in the past
* No sudden rains, floods or heat waves
* Efforts may make people living again in these conditions

In conclusion, while there is no doubt that people have to find a way to bear new climatic conditions, I believe that it is also vital to stop climate being severer.

Climate change is a widely discussed subject. Intro - Band 9 model essay

Scientist believe that we humans are most responsible for it, and also acknowledged that we could sustain our lives living through the impact of climate change by adapting our lifestyle to reduces further damage to the climate. It is agreed that this climate change can be prevented if we learn to adapt to the environment we live in at present. This essay will present supporting statements and give example.

Intro - Band 9 model essay

Climate change is a widely discussed subject. Scientist believe that we humans are most responsible for it, and also acknowledged that we could sustain our lives living through the impact of climate change by adapting our lifestyle to reduces further damage to the climate. It is agreed that this climate change can be prevented if we learn to adapt to the environment we live in at present. This essay will present supporting statements and give example.

It is true that nowadays we are observing unusual climate change all over the world and it is inevitable in the coming days. While I accept that we need to be habituated to cope with these events, I believe that it is necessary for us to take actions to slow climate change.


I was really not sure of the word "phenomenon". Thanks for pointing this out. It's a great help for us.

Can you suggest any other word or phrase to replace it?


Dear and Sym
How's about the word "matter" or "situation"

Normally we prefer more 'neutral' words like 'trend' or 'development' but I wouldn't use these words for climate change either. It's certainly not a 'matter' or a 'situation'. I would probably just refer back to 'climate change' by using 'it'. If you introduce climate change with 'changes in our climate', then use 'them'.

Hi peers,

Please take a look at my essay, any comment is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!!

It has been suggested that we should focus on adapting various climate changes rather than taking a great deal of effort to prevent them. While I disagree with this view, I believe both measures are equally vital to deal with global climate change.

On the one hand, we as a human species certainly should eliminate climate changes in every possible way. If we allowed extreme climate change to continue, the costs of fixing the consequences would far outweigh the costs of preventing it. For example, governments should invest money in finding alternative sources of energy instead of keep exploiting fossil fuels, because managing air pollution issues would cost more than the development of sustainable fuels. At the same time, it could be seen as a selfish behaviour to simply ignore the effects of climate change and just to cope with it. Our next generations might have to live in extreme weathers or lack of resources, if we made a wrong decision today.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to alter the way we live based on our current climate changes. Some environmental changes are irreversible; as a result, we need to learn to adapt accordingly. The hole in the Australian atmosphere is a good case in point; where people often need to put sun protection products on their skins, because the sun light is stronger in Australia than the rest of the world. Perhaps another change is the rise of sea levels that caused by melting ice from the north and south poles of the earth. People who live in coastal cities will need to take extreme caution during rain seasons.

In conclusion, we should place as much importance on climate change prevention as we do on adapting a new way of living.

Hello Simon,this is my first comment and here is my idea:

P1: People have different ideas about climate change….While I agree with those who believe that we can find an own way to live with it.

P2 (The cause of climate change):There is no doubt that we are encountering more and more extreme weather nowadays and “Global warming” is no longer a strange word to public. In my opinion, Climate changing caused by a lot of reasons. Some people believe that human activity is key reason of climate change. For example, more and more fossil fuel is consuming by vehicles, aircrafts, ships. Green house Gas like CO2 is emitting into atmosphere. Large areas of rainforest have been clear for building factories or residential building.
P3 However I would argue that may be Climate changing is a kind of natural cycle, and human activity do not have such a great impact on nature. Thousands years ago in Ice Age the temperature was much lower than that of now and of course that kind of “Climate change” can not be caused by human being. Evolution talk about “Survival of fittest” and I believe that Climate change is also a challenge to human. All we can do is trying our best to live with it otherwise the civilization of human being would be extinct like dinosaurs. Thanks to our rapid developing technology, we are able to flight for ourselves. For instant, building dam can help us to prevent flood. With the help of air conditioner and Water-transfer system we can get rid of extreme hot weather and drought.
P4 In conclusion, protecting our natural environment is obviously essential, but with the help of technology we can also live with climate change.

My Essay:

In the modern age, even though it is widely accepted that extraction from natural resources should be more and more day after day to meet increasing humanity demands, the downsides are remained highly controversial especially those linked with the Earth climate. I highly recommend that all of us ought to do whatever we enable to terminate these growing fake needs if we desire to keep living on this planet.

It is unanimously agreed that making progress in a focus on economic issues has been drawn lots of attention from eastern to western countries worldwide. However, what should be more matter to us is preserving our mother planet; the earth; in which has been given to all its dwellers a birth. To date, humans failed to discover everywhere in which a beam of life could be found. Therefore, needless to say we all need to the Earth more than it needs to us! Additionally, we are limited to go far beyond our solar system due to a lack of cutting-edge technology needing to do so. As a result, all we should do is nothing but preventing climate change since drawbacks behind this hassle is highly risky.

Was not climate change addressed, not only do all humans are badly influenced but other creatures living on the Earth will be severely suffered. Firstly, endanger species cease to exist if global warming is permitted to be continued. Secondly, being adopted to it is charging us in a way that is not beneficial in comparison with stopping this trend. Water scarcity is a tangible instance. Food shortage is another example of letting climate change to be developed. Finally, our planet resources are not so endless that we are allowed to use it madly.

In conclusion, no matter where we are living, the Earth should be protected by whom share the same water, soil and air if only we have a passion for saving ourselves.

Mahdi Nemati ( 319 words )
August 4, 2016

What band score will you award this essay Simon?

Climate change is a widely discussed subject. Scientist believe that we humans are most responsible for it, and also acknowledged that we could sustain our lives living through the impact of climate change by adapting our lifestyle to reduces further damage to the climate. It is agreed that this climate change can be prevented if we learn to adapt to the environment we live in at present. This essay will present supporting statements and give example.

Scientists have reached a consensus on what is the impact of climate change? It is described as increasing temperature, melting polar ice and rising sea level, and these changes are irreversible, however, it is believed we can prevent its escalation by adapting our lifestyle in ways by which there will be no further climate change. Firstly, people should stop deforestation and clearing of bushes to prevent direct loss of heat to the atmosphere. Secondly, people should avoid dependence on fossil fuel to produce energy. This will reduce the level of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide that causes climate change. However, it is not feasible to stop people from doing all the aforementioned, therefore, there it is considered that people should rather learn to live with climate change.

Nevertheless, academia have suggested that governments should impose legislations that will encourage industries (agricultural and manufacturing) to be more nature friendly, or eco-friendly thereby reducing the negative impact of climate change on people. This way people lifestyle and way of living will change but it will not be directly affected because they have only adopted the produce from available infrastructure which would then be eco-friendly and safer to use. For example, people will use recyclable materials, and reduce domestic waste generation.

To summarise, climate change is considered a burden. It is agreed there are measures that could be taking to ensure people adapts well and life is sustained. Government should impose legislation on industries to adapt there produce to less emission of toxic gases and people should reduces there domestic waste by using more recyclable materials in homes.

It is said that we should should not do anything to prevent the climate change. While I accept that it would be perhaps difficult to stop the ongoing change of climate, I disagree that we should not do anything about it.

introduction=paraphrase the question and state if you agree or disagree.

paragraph 1=Reason why we should prevent global warming.To prevent further deterioration of the climate and prevent disaster from happening.

paragraph 2=i will take a concession.why people will disagree.reason is that we can't stop what is already happening.We can't stop depletion of ozone layer.we can only find ways to deal with it and live a normal life.

conclusion=restate your claims and take a stronger side.Then add a recommendation

Hi Simon,

Here is my essay, please help to take a look at it. Many thanks.

Climate Change

Dramatic climate change becomes a critical issue faced by all of us living in this planet. While many people focus on taking actions to stop it via numerous attempt, some people turn to adapt themselves to it. I believe that the latter is wrong and we have no way to escape it but try our best to overcome it.

There are three root causes on dramatic climate change. Firstly, there is fast urbanization happened in most of countries in recent decades, especially in developing countries, which lead to grassland deterioration, forest disappeared and jungle destroyed. Secondly, economy has been the most fundamental fact purchased by majority countries. Unclean but cheaper energy has been adopted and used by those countries aboard so that pollution and global climate increasing become more and more severe. Finally, quiet a few people have wrong mindset, they think such change is natural and irreversible only because of the ignorance and lack of knowledge.

I insist that protecting environment from now on by everyone can turn back the situation. First priority is to build up the correct viewpoint on the relationship between environment and human activity. We need to balance to economic development and nature sustainability. Then, we need to stop current destruction. Planting more green trees but not cut them down merely. Using green energy for development such as solar power and wind electricity but not burning coal directly. Last but not least, it's government determination that plays a incredible role on improving the environment. For example, Chinese government put a lot of effort on reducing air pollution from 2014. Two years later, the blue sky with white cloud turn out again recently, in particular, the shining stars are visible in some summer evening.

In conclusion, we need to face the situation and try hard to stop the climate change to leave a beautiful home to our generations. Otherwise, our planet will become the hell and nobody can live in it.


Thanks. I should maximize the use of pronouns.

Thank you for checking!

Global warming has been impacting human life and becoming a hot topic for years. While I agree that adjusting our lifestyles with the environmental change seems inevitable, I believe that restricting or changing human activities are the most urgent and effective solution to this problem.

On the one hand, strong adaptability is a human nature which mankind has acquired and developed for survival in practice through thousands of years. For example, people living in arctic area have gradually changed their traditional lifestyle because of accelerating melting of icebergs due to global warming. For them, trying to live with environmental change is as much an unavoidable choice as a born ability. To some extent, we have to adjust ourselves to climate change as changes happen all the time and some problems could not be solved in short term.

However, we would have no future if we relied only on our adaptability but did nothing to change or control worsening environmental problems. First of all, global warming is mainly caused by human activities which emit increasing amount of greenhouse gas through factories and modern transport means. It means that the key to this problem is in us. Secondly, humans have realized the seriousness and international community has been trying to tackle this issue together. Lastly, with the development of technology we have got and will be having more and more eco-friendly production styles and transport means which will definitely help reduce and control greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion, people must realize the urgency and seriousness of climate change and take a variety of effective measures to cope with the problem. Adjusting our lifestyles maybe a smart way in shorter term, but it is not an ultimate solution.


It is often argued by some that instead of spending money on environment protection, we should find ways to deal with it. I partly agree with this view and, in my view, it is as important improving the situation as preparing ourselves to live with it.


In conclusion, we should have a balance approach for environmental sustainability and tackling the detrimental impact of global warming.

Hi everybody,
I have a plan to take an IELTS exam in November. I still have a problem with my writing tasks. I need someone to take a brief look at my writing section. I will very appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

It is widely accept that the consequence of human’s activities are impact on our environment directly. While I agree with that it is essential to take some measures to protect ecosystem, I believe that it is more important for individuals to choose an environmentally friendly way to live than preventing after incurred.

For one thing, spending a lot of time and money in preserving climate change is really a big project. In some industrialized countries, the local government allocates a large proportion of gross domestic products to tackle climate problems, such as smog. Although this action has taken for decades, there are few obverse recoveries in air pollution. So the cost of break ecosystem is hard to evaluate in monetary and more extra efforts would be involved, such as technology and time.

For another, because of the majority of climate pollution is caused by human activities, it is important to change the way people to live. For instance, if people commute to office on private cars that could create carbon dioxide which is one of main elements of air pollution. Instead, people are expected to choose public transports for working and traveling, this would result in a decline in the way of fossil fuels consumption that is likely to generate pollution emissions and this living style is beneficial to every citizens’ health. It is evident that a few of environment problems can be avoided if people opt to living in green life.

In conclusion, although it is necessary to take actions to place on environmental issues, I think changing our living style is the most important strategies to avoid causing pollution.

It seems that misunderstanding the phrase"live with".

HI simon ,it is my first comment here and this is my essay about "happiness",please help me to check!!!!
Any comment is welcome and appreciated,thanks.

Q:Happiness is considered very important in life.

Why is it difficult to define?

What factors are important in achieving happiness?

A happy life is what people have been pursuing both now and in the past. But happiness is so hard to define due to it is extremely subjective and the understanding of happiness varies from people to people. From my perspective, I am of the opnion that basic needs and self-actualization demand are two main essenticals for human well-being.

It is clear that basic needs are physicial requirements for human survival such as foods(including clean water), clothing and shelter. If these demands are not met first, the human body cannot functon properly and will ultimately fail. Can we say we are happy when we are in shortage of foods? What's more,with the advent of mordern times, more and more prople are emphasizing educaton importance coupled with a focus on health. educaton and health care are in the list of fundamental demands.

Once a person’s physiological nees are relatively satisfied. Hence, people need spiritual satisfaction that desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be. For example, one individual who has excellent business sense would have a strong desire to establish his own commercial empire. He can win a sense of accomplishment. So a successful enterprise may make a great contribution to this person's happiness.At the same time, a range of other feelings, from security to love and belonging, is also associated with the concept of happiness.In other words,people would feel happy in different ways.

In conclusion, what makes people happy is not just meeting basic requirements, but achieving the self-actualization and fulfilling other vaious kinds of emotonal feelings. Happiness is both physicial and mental satisfaction.

@ Fanry. Simon wrote an essay with exactly the same quesiton. Here's the link.


Hi Simon

My plan as below:

Introduction: partly agree
1. Out of human ability completely against natural disasters:
- Some of many cases derive from nature, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruption, etc.
- They are the most devastating events to human life, unpredictable and very quick with serious consequences
- For example, earthquakes hit Japan frequently and Japanese have no choices but to accept to live with it and gradually get accustomed to
- Possibly take time to rebuild a city, recover economic activities which make people out of energy focusing on re-doing their life rather than going against it

2. However, climate change is partly to blame for human economic activities so people need to take steps to deal with
- For examples: exhaust fumes from vehicles, gases and toxic substances from factories, etc.
-Because of human mistakes, humans should stop their activities and find a way to revise for saving their own life
- they should find another way to make more profits rather than finding a way to live with these problems they cause while continue polluting the environment
- cannot exist if destroying nature

Conclusion: repeat these ideas


Hi Simon,this is my Introduction:
There is a fact that environment issue like climate change has become a tough problem in the world.However, some people question whether it is possible to become accustomed to poor wheather conditions due to climate change.From me perspective, i am of the opinion that human will die out if just let this situation slide rather than envisage realities.

Thanks for checking!

Many people agree that climate change is one of the most urgent threats facing us nowadays. Although some believe that we human beings now need to learn how to live with the changes, I would argue that we should give more attention to find the way to prevent deterioration.

Above all, global warming is a constant deteriorating problem, not something has been ended. The influences caused by temperature changes will be much more severe than now if we just accept living with the changes and do not actively prevent worsening. The most significant fact is that even though we cannot stop continuous climate change, we can slow it down and reduce the negative effects by prevention. For example, the government of China set strict climate policies to reduce emission in 2011, and the amount of emission in China was actually reduced considerably in 2015, and now Chinese can sometimes see blue sky that they could not in 2011.

Furthermore, we could reduce the cost of resolving the consequences resulted by climate change, and even fatal risks by preventing deterioration. The average of temperature of the world is going up every year, and it is well known that only 1 degree of the increase of the average temperature results in sea level rising which intensifies the risk of flood. For instance, recently in the US, the residents of an island were given $48 million dollars to move from coastal areas due to the danger of sea level rising and risk of flood. This kind of cost and fatal risk could have been prevented if we predicted it earlier and found the way to avoid.

In conclusion, although global warming has been affecting all aspects of our living, in my opinion, finding the measures to prevent more serious results outweighs the need of changes to deal with current problems.

Thanks for check!
(intro)There is a fact that environment issue like climate change has become a tough problem in the world.However, some people question whether it is possible to become accustomed to poor wheather conditions due to climate change.From me perspective, i am of the opinion that human will die out if just let this situation slide rather than envisage realities.

(body 1)
It is clear that human are suffering the devastaing effects of climate changes.There are three main rasons behind this situation. Firstly, human activities is a major factor in the rise of the climate changes. The numerous number of cars on our street produce co2 emissions and exhaust fumes.Secondly, population boom should also take responsibility for the global warming. This meant that people need more land to live in while there is less rainforest habitat for wildlife. Finally, some natural facors like volcanism, solar output and ocen variability also have a nonnegligible effect on these changes.

(body 2)
There is no doubt that certain human activities have been identified as significant cause of recent climate changes,often reffer to as global warming. Greenhouse effect is known as the cause of temperature rising.Rising temperature will cause melting of the polar ice caps.If we do not protect our environment instead of adapting to these changes, we can expect more extreme weather conditions.People can not live in such bad circumanstance!So it is time to take actions to improve ou environment.Government could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories and impose “green taxes” on drivers.Individual should also try to be greener.Taking public transports is always a better choice than driving for the sake of environment.

In sum,what we need is not to ignore these changes but respon positively.People will be the biggiest beneficiaries of environment preservation.

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Climate change now has davastating effects on the planet we are living. Humans need to start thinking about how we are going to adapt to it or slow it down. I agree that adaptation to climate is urgent.

Climate change is a result of increasing the green house effects of the atmosphere which leads to sea levels rise, global warming, flooding, and so on. We cannot do anything to reduce the emission of carbondioxide in the atmosphere because its a done deal. Thus, what we can do now is to adapt to it.
Climate change can be influenced at personal levels or global levels. At personal levels we can have positive influences on climate change by paying attention to our lifestyle for example using resources more wisely, saving energy, rise awareness of others. And at global levels, adapting to climate change could be seen in perseving forests, developing through engineering, abandoning places which will be flooded more frequently.
Having good plans to deal with climate change is what should do. We should think about the conditions of the future and find a way to adapt to climate change.


climate changes has been an important threat that world faces now.While I agree with the view to adapt the situation that it put forth,i believe that is equally important to take measures to prevent devastating climate changes.

oh sorry my comment is wrong to the topic,pls ignore it! hix


Climate change has been one of the pressing issues of today's era, and it affects many living entities in a negative and sometimes detrimental way. While some people prefer to be accustomed of this, I completely disagree and believe that climate change can still be resolved through prevention management executed by both from the government and its citizens.


In recent times, climate change has received global attention largely because it is a development that affects the entire human race. In as much as tackling climate change is beneficial to to man, however I believe it will be more advantageous if we find means of adapting with it.


There is a diverse opinion related to present prevention of climate changes.some people believe that we should find some ways to live with.I strongly disagree with the statement

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