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August 10, 2016


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Here is my introduction:

Climate changes endanger life of different species on earth, as it is obvious nowadays, some people may suggest to cope up with those changes. However, I completely disagree with this approach, because in my opinion solving problems is preferable than living with it.

Hi Simon, I have a big problem with prepositions, I know to use some date or place prepositions but there are a lot of situation for that. Please help me. How can I learn them?

Thanks for everything!

I think Simon has shown us a very clear structure for dealing with a strong opinion essay which seems to be a bit harder for many people. When you realise that you can explain why you believe that we should try our best to prevent climate change in the first main body paragraph, and argue what might happen if we live with this problem without tackling it (in other words, why we should not overlook it? Because we cannot afford any more consequences we have already suffered) in the second main body paragraph, then you are sure to be more confident.

Also, it is better to search for arguments and examples that are common and obvious as they are likely to resonate with the examiners, rather than wasting your time on seeking original ideas. Just save it for minimising grammatical errors, improving vocabulary and avoiding being off-topic.

hi simon
I took exam on 16 of july and result was supposed to come out on 29 but i recieved an email that your result is delayed.....its being 2 weeks now but i call my center many times ,they says they have no news yet could you know how much it will take ?? why do they delay it?? anyone expierenced it before??

Hi Simon,

Do you think that we need to write the opposite argument first (First Body Paragraph) and then the one we agree with (Second Body Paragraph)? Exactly the opposite of your example.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Simon,
Here is my introduction:

It is sometimes argued that people could seek a potential method in order to inhabit with climate changes, which are the most danger happened in our planet. I completely disagree with this viewpoint because I believe that we should try to tackle this issue as much as possible.

I would accept both views: mitigation and adaptation are equally important to address climate change problem more effectively.

1. Introduction
2. Body 1 (importance of mitigation)
3. Body 2 (reasons why adaptation should be promoted along with mitigation)
4. Conclusion

Hi Simon
This is my introduction
Climate change is a phenomenon of variation in the habitation included of peoples and all nature creature are living in that habitation. This variation sometimes have direction become more serious and worst. But most of experts in world-wide argued that they can seek the way to reduce or eleminate that change. But actually there are no way for doing that one. Because It is properly imposible. Nowaday the continuity deverlopment of modern economy in the world that leading to environment polution become worst. Im going to agree with both of oppinients above. That is the way of mitigation and adaptation the climate change.

I think it's better to write " the problems of trying to live with climate change " then " things that we can do to prevent climate change " as our body paragraphs.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your plan, but I have a question about the first main paragraph you proposed in your plan.

Main paragraph: things that we can do to prevent climate change
(I feel like you focus on how to prevent climate change, i.e. the solutions to this issue)

I thought we should explain why we should prevent climate change in this paragraph,focusing on the reasons for stopping climate change.
For example, two main reasons: 1.climate change is mainly caused by human activities, e.g. the use of fossil fuels, deforestation. 2. transitioning to renewable energy will actually save money in the long run.

Sometimes, I feel confused about such kind of questions, whether we should say the reasons or the solutions to support our opinion in our main paragraph.

Look forward to your clarification.


A few people have suggested that my two main paragraphs could be in the opposite order (problems first, then ways to prevent second).

I almost wrote the plan like that, and I agree that it would work well in that order too. I think both ways are equally good.



On the topic of preventing climate change, I think we can explain both 'why' and 'how'. You have actually done this by giving some causes and a solution (renewable energy).

Hi simon,

thank you for the helpful guide. Can I just ask a small question please?
Assume that in the writing task 2 question, the question asks about "to what degree do you agree/disagree".
So I'm going to choose either agree or disagree or maybe a balanced approach right?
What if chose the agree side but I only have one idea for it. I dont have a second idea to write about it in the 3rd paragraph of my essay. Im stuck with it.
The question type may vary but the same problem can be the same. For example for a "propose a solution" type of question, I only have one solution in mind, and I write it for the 2nd paragraph but I dont have any other solutions in mind for 3rd paragraph. What do I do?
What solutions can you suggest?

Hi Sebastian,

I'll answer your question in a blog lesson this weekend - probably on Sunday.

Much appreciated, thank you

Hi Simon,

Let me start by thanking you for the wonderful work that you do. Your blogs were of great help for my IELTS preparation.

I had given my IELTS GT exam on the 30th of July in India and received my scores today.
L-8.5, R-8.5, S-8.5 and W-6.5

The only reason that I can think of for getting such a low score in writing is that I could have fallen short of the 250 words limit. I had written 28-29 lines in the essay grouped as 4 paragraphs(as recommended in your blog)and each line had about 9 words.
What is the usual penalty for not reaching the word limit? what could be the other factors affecting my score?

This was my first attempt at IELTS and have booked for my next exam in September. I am looking for an 8 in each section. Please advice.


Hi Rose,

It would be a good idea to get some of your essays checked by an experienced IELTS teacher. You need to find our why your writing score is so much lower than your other scores.

Hi Simon,

is it TRUE that writing task2 of GT is easier than AC?

Nowdays, Climate change becomes one of the most concerned global problem. This issue has a huge influence not only on Invironment but also on human's live.
Instead of finding out the way to reduce the impaction on the environment , some people argue that we should change to adapt with climate change. I completely disagree with this opinion.
We can easily find the obvious signals of climate change such as: Higher temperature, regular nature calamities (tsunami, earthquake, drought, flood, ...). People can restrict the influence of some phenomenon by forecasting and building the prevention plan but there is a huge consequence that we could not deny.
There are a lot of people has die because of sudden tsunami, even by floods that were forecasted; huge amount of asset has been destroyed through every earthquake. There are thousands of people die every year because of the heat in the summer especially in Indian recently.
Despite of many methods to prevent the impact of climate change, the number of death has increased through years.
So it is necessary to build up the methods to prevent the climate change instead of learning the way to live with it. Planting tree is always one of the most effective solutions to reduce the heat increase and prevent the flood. In the other hand, with the development of technology, there are more and more eco-friendly products that are Biodegradable and cause no bad impact to the environment. It will be a significant change if each one of us make a little change in our daily life such as : using more paper bags instead of plastic bags ; recycling stuffs; planting tree….. They all seem very simple compare to living with climate change.

Hi Simon,
Can I use personal pronouns in my writing?

Introduction: completely disagree
Paragraph 1: things that we can do to prevent climate change
Reduce energy usage
Use renewable energy
Reduce air pollution
Paragraph 2: the problems trying to live with climate change
The temperature will be higher
Health problems
Land area becomes smaller
Conclusion : completely disagree.

Climate change is currently the most dangerous damage to the human existence. There was an argument said that people should adapt to the change instead of preventing it. I totally disagree with that statement because of two main reasons that I would explain later.
Firstly, the restricting action would slow down the climate change process. When people help to protect the environment, nature's balance could be improved. Once the balance is maintained, the speed of changing temperature would be slower. Thus, people would have more time to prepare for the transformation of the temperature.
In addition, the number of participants in restricting this threat is great so that the action is obviously effective . The act to protect the environment is simple so that everyone could get involve. The move could come from dividing trash or taking the public transportation instead of using a private car. Those uncomplicated could influence a better world and to against the changing climate change.
In conclusion, I think that people should take part in both restricting and learning how to surviving with the damage from climate transformation. Therefore the growth of this threat would be slow down and more people could get involve to heal the earth.

This is my planning
1. Introduction: completely disagree with the statement
2. Body 1: problems of trying to live with climate change
- Higher temperature -> global warming -> high sea level
- People suffer more diseases -> unhealthy population
- Climate change causes droughts, floods, wildfires, storms -> decrease in crops -> lack of food
3. Body 2: things that we can do to prevent climate change
- Reduce gas emissions from factories and exhaust fumes from vehicles.
- Use renewable energies
- Raise the awareness of individuals on saving
4. Conclusion; paraphrase the opinion

Hi Simon

I can't thank you enough.

I have been following all your IELTS techniques from "transcribing" for Listening section to "keyword table" for Reading section. I have also purchased your ebook and all your Writing task 2 videos.

Today I have just received the result for my second attempt, and I couldnot be any happier with the score as below:

Listening: 8.5
Reading: 9.0
Writing: 8.0
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 8.0

I was so grateful to find your insightful blog. All your nice encouraging words really motivated me to go for second attempt, and now I can get the score that I want.

I'll definitely continue to recommend this blog to all candidates out there wanting to achieve their IELTs goals.

All the best,


Great scores Hua! I'm happy that my advice and materials have helped you to do so well.

@HU super achievement where u taking exam?
can u give me ur whtspp number aur Skype ID

Hi Jane

I took GT module in Vietnam on 04th Aug 2016. My Skype ID is quanhua2022. Feel free to add me and talk at anytime.



Hi guys and Simon,

This is my task 2 essay for the 'climate change' topic.Please feel free to leave any comments down below. cheers!

Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that climate change represents a major threat to life on earth. While some people argue that we need to accept it, I strongly disagree with the statement, because I believe that we still have time to tackle this issue and reduce the human impact on the Earth’s climate.

[Things that we can do to prevent climate change]
There are several steps that governments and individuals could take to tackle and prevent, or at least reduce, climate change. Firstly, governments should introduce laws to limit emissions from factories or to force them to use renewable energies such as wind, water and solar power. Secondly, governments could also impose ‘green-tax’ on drivers so that people would be encouraged to use public transports. People, for individual perspectives, should take responsibilities for the impact they have made on Earth. They could simply choose products with less packaging, and recycle and reuse wastes like paper, plastic or glass as much as possible.
[The problems of trying to live with climate change]
However, if we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that the result will be disastrous in a very short time. In Australia, for example, people are mostly applying sunscreen on their skin to protect them from strong ultraviolet radiation due to the big hole in the ozone layer. We cannot get away from this kind of problems until we solve the main cause of the issue. Furthermore, serious climate change can cause natural disasters such as tsunami, which cannot be stopped or controlled by human power. Many of Japanese people did pass away by the big tsunami in 2011. In order to make it not happen again, we definitely need to take some actions.

In conclusion, it is clear to me that we must address the problems of climate change, and I disagree with those who argue that we can find ways to live with it.

hi hua my Skype account have some problem I ll add up asap thxs

hi hua plz add methxs

Hi Hua,

I would like to talk to you too. and get some help. can you please let me know if i can add you in skype?

I had my IELTS exam on 30 July
And the writing task 2 question was a bit confusing
New research shows that over-eating has been a wide spread problem than hunger in the world today. What do you think are the reasons of this problem?
Give solution on how to solve the problem?
Please can you suggest how to answer the question
My main idea was the busy life style make people eat more fast food and sandwiches than a healthy meal
While my solution was to force workplaces to provide a full healthy meal for their staff

Hi Amira,
here you are. I wrote this essay in 45 minutes.

For a long time, it was assumed that being hunger is a challenging eating problem. However, in the modern life, we can see that the opposite side of hunger which is over-eating habit is also an issue which has been ignored by many people. In this essay, I will discuss some of the main reasons why people tend to eat too much food and propose some possible solutions to this difficulty.
One of the prime reasons of over-eating is the increase in consumption of junk foods. Today, both women and men are very busy outside of home and when they come home they are too exhausted from their daily activities. Therefore, with this lifestyle, they lose motivation to cook home-made food and will become more and more dependent on eating outside in the restaurants. Of course, many people can not afford going to luxury and expensive restaurants. Most people who are eating outside most of the time go to the cheap places such as McDonalds and Subway. These fast food restaurants provide not only foods with low cost, but also make the food very delicious by adding too much additives to the sandwiches. This way, peoples sense of smell stimulate and they tempt to overeat.
These problems mentioned above can be tackled in different ways. First, governments should impose a heavy tax on both companies that produce unhealthy food products and also on the restaurants that buy these products and make junk food. Moreover, such companies should be forced to explain the details of the ingredients of their products so that people are aware of what they eat. Another action that can be taken to solve this issue is to educate people about the negative consequences of over-eating. For instance, some educational courses should be held by the authorities to increase the awareness of the public about the life-threatening eating disorders such as diabetes and obesity.
In conclusion, nowadays, over-eating is one of the major problems in the modern world which needs to be taken into account.

Hi Hau,

Can you please answer my question? I am waiting!


Please see below essay. Your feed back is required.

In this modern society, we face several issues that occurred due to climate changes. It is a hot topic whether to tackle this climate change or not to give much importance to climate changes. I totally disagree with those people who think that there will not be any effect to human due to climate changes.

The main problem of climate changes is the global warming. Recent research says that the atmospheric temperature increased by 2 degree during the last decades. Due to the climate changes, the sea level increases and the land area diminishes gradually which will endanger the existence of many small islands. Many health problems occur to individual due to frequent climate changes. Many people have been killed by sudden tsunami and floods which is also subsequent product of climate changes.

Individual can do a lot of positive measures to tackle this global issue. Each person need to take a proactive approach to reduce carbon emission by using the public transport and also by using renewable energy objects. We should also take a pledge that we will not vote any candidate who does not take any effort to resolve the environment issues. Government also can do many steps to diminish the effect of climate changes by implementing new laws to tackle this issue, imposing “green taxes” to vehicle owners and also by implementing renewable energy materials in construction industries.

Due to above mentioned issues, I strongly disagree with those people who thinks that we can live in this planet safely without protecting environment. I urge each person to take positive steps to safeguard our environment for future generation and also to teach our younger generation the importance of protecting the environment.

Hi,I'm sorry I don't fully understand why the main paragraph 1 write about measures taken to prevent climate change , instead of why we should prevent .

Hi Simon
Can I write a balanced argumentation here?I think we do should prevent the climat change, but it is also a good idea to make some adaptations, like drought- resisting seeds, stronger infrastructure that fights the flood better...

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