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September 02, 2016


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hi simon
Great to see you here again. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday.
Simon I got my results, they're really lower than I expected. Please help me to understand what is the problem. As for Speaking and Writing, would we lose score if we copied a prepared answer? I used your model answers for both speaking and writing, and I want to know if that had been the problem, I wouldn't repeat that again(I need to mention that my scores for writing and speaking skills were about 7.5 and 7 respectively in samples). And about Reading and Listening I always get 5.5 or 6, while I have at least 32 correct answer at home. I'm really exhausted and I don't know what to do.
thank you for all of your help.

Welcome back Simon!

I have a question about reading( Cambridge IELTS 5 test 2 reading, 29) .I don't know the reason why Doctors is correct. Could you please explain about answer?

Hallo Simon,

Happy return!

sir,I'm glad to have this gold opportunity to ask some questions about the review of ielts.
i'm a chinese students as a postgraduate in China Univercity of Petroleum majoring CHEMICAL ENGINNEERING.
nowadays,i'm very tired to remember ielts words,especially some complicated words.i have been remembered these words during the past two months, but to my desperate,so many and complicated are ielts words that i have been format a circular remembering and forgetting.so it is confused extremly for me that i should continue to remember these words or just remember some words which is important and usual to use in READING OR WRITTING.
could you give me some advices about that ? thank u,sir.

sorry,sir,i have some mistakes in sentences above,one should be 'a student',the other not be 'univercity' but 'university'.

hello, Simon

Happy rejoining!

Hi QiPeng,

I am a Chinese ESL learner as well.

I think your prior challenge is not vocabulary (there is no such a thing called IELTS words) but your grammar and punctuation. English learning is a all-rounded process. You can't focus on 'some words', try to express your thoughts (any thoughts) in English and minimize grammar error.

Try to read through Simon's blog and comments. There are so many valuable tips which I believe they are helpful.

wellcome back!

My ielts exam is on 13th oct. plz give me sum suggestions abt what topics should be prepared in speaking module.

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