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September 17, 2016


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Thank you for your subtle advice, teacher Simon! It's really easy to understand, yet still quite essential to keep in mind everytime we study for the IELTS :)

Thanks for simple, short and sweet but worthy advice.

I am grateful to you for valuable advice.

Superb guideline!!

Nice one

Thank you Mr Simon, it's benificial advices.

Thx u Simon , your website is my best resource (I also use ielts advantage and Doctor ielts ) There is a strong passion in me to study English and speak it at an advanced level . Persistency is a huge challenge and I m kinda work by fits and starts .
Should i measure my progress by my ielts results ? How to track progress of my learning ? Tests seems to be an easy way to do it but not very encouraging .
If anyone of you have a good method please share it with me .Thank you :)

thank you a lot Simon, i learn a many things from your website and improve my English skill very much. Things you taught is really useful and meaningful to me. And i am fighting for my goals to speak English fluently. Thank you.

I'm glad you like the advice!



Tests and teacher evaluations are the obvious way to track progress. However, you could also track other positive things e.g. how many pages of your vocabulary notebook have you filled, how many topics have you prepared for, how much time have you spent speaking English each day, how many TED.com videos have you watched...

You can be as creative as you want with the things you track!



What I believe is that you told us.
Thank you for sharing.

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