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September 06, 2016


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I hope that God wishes to bless you,Simon, who help us always free. If anybody can help me about how can I improve my writing skill, I will quite happy.

My major problem is about grammar and structure of the sentence. I do not have any problem in other sections.I need to have 6,5 writing. That's all. I am set below my mail address. I am waiting for everybody's help.

I am tempted to help, lol. You can check me out @ icecream2401@gmail.com.

Hi Simon,

I am so sorry to ask an irrelevant question here. But I think the answer to these questions help many people:
1) When the word limit is ONE WORLD AND/OR A NUMBER, and qustion asks about date of birth, I am so confused what to write. I saw different answers in Cambridge books in these situations. One option was (e.g.) 27.01.1973 and another option was 27th January. Can you make it clear which one is correct to write for real exam?
2) my second question is that does ORDER matter? e.g. if the record says "male and female" and we write "female and male"? do we lose mark in this case?

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