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September 23, 2016


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The MODEL answers provided need improving. Nearly all sentences start with "I" and the words are the same with those in the questions. This suggests that the speaker lacks the skill of demonstrating variety.

I strongly suggest people who want to receive a score of 7 and above leave these bad examples alone
Obviously I sleep at home, but I don't spend very much time at home during the day, because I'm usually busy with work.

During the day I prefer to be out of the house, so I like visiting family or meeting up with friends. But I do like relaxing at home in the evenings.

Simon did u write this yourself ? Is this a band 9 example ? What score do u give for such an answer ?

Dear Simon,

I am writing to thank you for the great advice you shared in this webpage.

I came across this site about two months ago, just about one and a half months before my exam date.

I found the site extremely useful for my speaking and writing self-preparation. It has helped me perfect my skills set quickly. I got the test report today, which shows me and overal 7.5 (L 7.5, R 7.5, W 7, S 8) after 3 month knowing what actually an ielts test is about.

Your site provides wonderful shortcut. I am very graceful for bettering my English too.

Best regards,


Hi Simon,
Thank for you help

Hi Simon,

Congratulations to Thang, it is my dream

congratulations Thag, can you please tell me about your experience with
each part R,L,W&S and how you prepare for them to got this
good score and which sources you use .


Hypertext and Lala,

Please remember that you can't get a high score from part 1 in the speaking test. Don't try to show off your best language in this part of the test - just answer quickly and keep your answers simple. The focus in part 1 should be on fluency and avoiding mistakes, not 'difficult' vocabulary or grammar.

When I wrote the sample answers in the lesson above, I fully intended for them to be 'easy', to begin with "I", and to use some of the words from the question. I can't give my answers a score because part 1 is just a warm-up. Examiners don't give you a separate score for each part.


Well done Thang!

Dear Simon,
Can you give us your next questions which are belong to part one?
Thanks very much.

Congratulation Thang!

Could you leave your email that I can ask you in detail about your preparing experiences.


1) How much time do you spend at home?
I spend most time at home
2) Do you prefer to spend your free time at home or outside the house?
I prefer to spend my free time at home to outside the house because I like silent atmosphere.
3) What do you do when you have some free time and you're at home?
When I have some free time and I’m at home, I often do the gardening
4) Would you like to have more spare time to spend at home in the future?
Of course, I think not me; everyone also wants to have more spare time to spend at home to do what they like

Hi Simon,
I noticed that all of your model answers contain two sentences. The beginning sentence contains the direct answer to the question while in the last sentence, you gave some additional information that supports your answer in the first sentence.

I am new.

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