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September 09, 2016


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Well, my answers are:
I was filled with a sense of panic and fear as I realised that the car was lost brake and the gear was broken.

I felt so embarrassed because this is the first time I faced it.

What I liked most about my English teacher was enthusiasm to all student in my class.

I enjoy learning different languages beside English because I can communicate with other people directly by their language.it is easy to show our emotions to them.

Hi Simon, I am regular reader of your blog and it has really helped me to improve my reading and speaking, anyway, my friends told me that PTE more scoring then IELTS. Is it true? I hope you will give honest answer.

Sir today is my exam plz tell me about reading writin and listening

Hi mr simon. I am an online student of you. I have some advice related to how to improve my speaking skill

is somebody willing to practice speaking over skype, please let me know?

Dear Simon, this is my answer: I enjoyed learning English so much because I could understand easily of whatever related yo English. Also, l could gain my knowledge by reading more documents to improve my second language skill. The most important thing I could communicate with people around the world that use the same language by chatting, discussing and exchanging experience online. So I was really amazed at how I could speak and understand English better than before.

Simon or some who already know the answer. I have a question. Please answer me.
I'm not able to manage time during my speaking part 2. Is it okay if I talk about last question first, after main explanations, since it is the most crucial question.

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