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September 02, 2016


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Wow, sounds real! I like this one :)

Wow, great! When I started reading your answer, I thought I would not be able to read it within two minutes in a normal speed with some natural pauses! But my stopwatch surprised me, It is showing 1m 50s 05.

Welcome back.

i have had the same scenerio last year, but in my case i had missed my flight cox we stucked in trafic.. i could have caught up with my flight if i had been awaken 30 minutes before the time i actually woke up..:p

Dear Simon,

Thank your for the full answer on "hurry topic" as you did it just after your safe arrival.

However, could you please let us know the important phrases that you incorporated in your answer?

Hı Sımon , Thank you for your advices.

I must say that your sentence too basic than I expected. when I started to speech, I try to more fluent as like you, but I can't . Can you help me about that ?


I am Tran Le Minh from Viet Nam. I am 16 years old. Currently, I am learning English at Shane Center in VN. I would like to increase my knowledge about English language, therfore, I would get your advise about how to practise and do the exam for IELTs from now on. I know that you are expert about the Ielts so I hope you support to achieve this goal since I would like to go to USA for learning in the comming time.

Enclose my email for your attention and advise

Tran Le Minh

it is first tine for me to check this website. Really, i feel that i learned some new words today and this step encouraged me to continue my English learning to improve my 4 skills.

Thanks for the beautifully answer. I found some words I haven't used in my daily communication before, like spring out. Could you give me some suggestion on how to learn and use those words?

I was sleeping; suddenly I realize that my trousers were wet. I went to the restroom to check. Oh my god, my amniotic fluid was run out that means I was giving birth. My house is 45km from hospital so I was very worried about my baby’s safety. I wonder whether I was born my angel in the street. My heart beat strongly and quickly. I never have that feeling. It was really terrible. Thank to my god, I had my baby in Dong Nai general hospital

Thanks Simon for this nice speaking exercise

Hi Simon,
I am so glad that i could get a good score in Ielts after referring your site...especially i got 7.5 in Academic writing which i could make only because of your help...

Thank you so much. As i am working as an ielts instructor now i still refer your site on a daily basis and i alwys suggest everyone to make use of your guidance.

Thank you. God bless.

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