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September 04, 2016


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Could these phrases be used in the speaking test? Would I score less, for instance if I happen to use one of these?

I admit that I have not seen so far any strange or unknown vocabularies in this website. I come to this conclusion after comparing with a couple of other ielts practice websites.


This is from one of Simon's speaking lessons, so yes, you should use this type of language in the speaking test.


That's exactly right. IELTS is a test of your ability to understand and use 'normal' English, not your ability to find strange words.

Can you definition phrase : " working in a previous job"

Hi I am very new here but this web site is awesome.
Thanks for your efforts.

Could u define what the awaiting car is?

Can all the cars that you are going to get in be
named the awaiting car?

Thanks for your teaching.

cao cao,

It just means "in one of my old / former jobs".



Yes, it's any car that is waiting for you (probably with someone inside the car who is waiting for you).

got dressed in record time, what's the meaning?

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