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September 21, 2016


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can you show me a sample after some guides please? i think your outline is quite clear and easy to catch i. it is really useful for IELTS learners! once more time, thanks for your instructions and hope that i can see other types in task2 . Thank you

Dear Simon,

I have a request. I have read most of your writing lessons and learnt alot. My problem is that whenever I have no idea about a topic I can not write anything. I know you say that knowing about the 24 common topics helps. However, a topic like this "In the past, many people had skills such as making their own clothes and doing repairs to things in the house. In many countries, nowadays, these skills are disappearing.Why do you think this is happening?Is this situation true in your country?" seems to be out of the common topics. Can you please have a lesson about this topic. I really found it an abstract topic.

Dear Simon,

Should I write a "To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?" essay by discussing both sides, one of which I would acknowledge its validity while supporting the other point of view more strongly.

Thank you

Dear Simon,

I drop by to say thank you for all the lessons you shared and continuously share especially in writing. I took the ielts on Aug. 27 2016 and was able to pass :) im so happy i got 7 in writing. I followed your strategy and it worked!

More power! And God bless :)

Hi Simon,

What if I use the following structure?

1. Introduction: mention both views and give my opinion
2. Main paragraph: discuss both pros and cons for one view
3/ Main paragraph: discuss both advantages and disadvantages for the opposite view
4. Conclusion: repeat my view


@ Yan

I think that is another type of essay, "Advantage Disadvantage: Discussion Type"
Just my two cents

dear simon,
as you mention about discuss+opinion ,is it necessary to write our opinion in introduction or should we write it in conclusion?


I think Simon already answered this question few months ago, here's the link

I just sat my written exams yesterday in the Philippines. It's my first time to take an english proficiency test so i was a nervous and almost panicked. Anyway, regarding the writing task, it goes like this : fossil fuel has been a major source of energy for a lot of countries over the years. However, most countries are encouraging the use of alternative fuel source. Is this a positive or negative development?

I responded in the positive orientation. While i think it was generally ok, i am confused if i wrote it in a correct structure -meaning if i had an appropriate task response. Basically my first body paragraph revolved on the ill effects of fossil fuel and why we should develop other cleaner fuel sources. My 2nd body paragraph pushes for the alternative fuel sources why it is cleaner etc. Then conclusion reiterating my position that it's about time we explore alternative fuel sources.

Is this correct?

Thank you.



* i was so nervous

i can not write well essay ,how i write attractive essay and charming,please give me example of essay task 2

Dear Simon,

Please, post the sample essay based on techniques whatever you have given above.

My essay(Dear simon firstly thanks for yours blog,secondly if you have time please have a look at my essay and give band ,it helps me to judge my progress.
Many thanks

It is true that in many countries there are salary disparity among the people.Some people believe that it can be justified for the people who have higher qualification or skill.However, another group of people believe that it is unfair to the people with lower qualification.I personally believe that, rather than salary gap, there could be alternative benefits given to people with higher qualification, because money is the basic need of human.

People believe that good wages are a kind of pay off to the people's hardwork.A group of people believe that employees work hard to get the rewards in terms of money.They think if even few workers get higher salaries, it is a symbol that your's company or country is progressing.For example,Forbes do the survey every year of the top earning executives around the world, and if our country comes in this list, so it is itself a pride moment for a country.
On the other hand, some individuals think that, we cannot measure a nation's progress with the handful of people's salaries instead of average wages of total population.They argue,Money is the basic human's need, so we can create a huge gap of salaries among the employees.There are plethora of alternative ways by which we can rewards the people with higher qualification or skills such as ,car,bonus,house rent, ect.
In nutshell, i would like to say that we cannot measure a nation's prosperity with the handful of top executives salaries, and subsequently it is right of every human being to earn sufficient amount for their families.

hi Simon, if you have time can you please check my writing, thank you in advance.

Most of the countries, a few number of an individual is earning remarkable high salaries some people said it is good for the country, but it is argued by some that the government should impose a salary that will not exceed in maximum level. In my opinion, I agree with the first statement, because I believe that worker should be well and properly paid in order for them to work productively.

There are various reasons why the government should impose maximum wages and allow employees to be properly paid off. Firstly, people working to support and provide their basic necessities, if they are well compensated, they will work harder and efficiently. For example, in a garment factory, if they are not receiving the enough salary, they can easily sabotage the company by increasing the rate of rejected and defective items, means loss of profit. Secondly, no need for them to go overseas, if they receiving a satisfying salary, they will rather choose to work near with their families rather than traveling abroad to work, by this the government also omitting the risk of broken family and children without parents. Thirdly, people with extremely high salaries tend to be happy because they feel satisfaction, satisfied individual means loyalty, a happy worker means a good governance, thus the company avoided the need to rehire people or worker from time to time.

On the other hand, some people believe that the salaries of people must not exceed a certain level because they think that the wages of employees should be balanced and based on the income of the company. The government avoiding the risk of bankruptcy of the companies. The government also protecting the rights of the investor by giving minimum wages to their employees, more investor means more company, more company means more job for the people.

In conclusion, although there are several good reasons, it seems to me that it would be better on balance between the workers and companies, for the government to set a limit on the wages.

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