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September 28, 2016


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Introduction: People have different views about salary levels in numerous countries. While enormously high wages that a group of people get is beneficial for the country, I agree with those who believe that the governments should control the level of salaries in the societies.

Main paragraph 1: Firstly, high salaries can increase the brain drain from overseas. Secondly, high-income people pay more taxes than others, which can help to boost economy.

Main paragraph 2 (also my view): However, I would argue that salary levels should be framed by the governments. Moreover, limiting high salaries would bring more equality in the community. Furthermore, capping high salaries will prevent the rich from gaining unfair control over certain aspects of society.
Conclusion: In conclusion, huge incomes that some people earn have useful sides for the country but the governments should not let wages being higher than a definite level.

the issue whether extremy high wages should be permitted is heated in many coutries. although government's curtail of extremely high wages is beneficial to the stability of the society, i maintain the fact that the manority of the society earns pretty high salary might contributes to the overall development of the society.

Nowadays,the money given to the workers in compensation of their labour constitutes the high wage/salary for a certain group.However,it is argued by some that it works in favour of country,while others are of the opinion that its boundaries should be in a direct concern of government representatives,which will have imposed some restrictions over the salary from the equilibrium point .this essay will delve into the both sides ,and my personal opinion about this issue
On the one hand,it is said to be good about the benefits given to the country.firstly,the shared money in governmental organizations would be more beneficial in that case of not providing the salary more than normally-deserved responsibility.Secondly,the money from which the certain proportion is cut will have provide the benefits to the organizational government
On the other hand,however it is argued by the majority of people that not having the money payment balance,which is not shared equally during the working processes,will not cause the appearance of more potential workforces.Another contributing factor tailored to the issue of not giving the chance to get high salary is that unemployment problem which is currently standing as a fundamental issue for society will not cause an increase.From the the other side,if the people are not assessed according to their background,which plays the vital role for salary, then their enthusiasm to the jobs will not be in a great extent.
In conclusion,it is understandable that despite the money can generally provide the advantages to the society in engaging government on the infrastructurial spheres,yet I believe that to assign the salary according to the potency and give the high salary to the more experienced workers is really a right option

Workers’ wages vary with degree earned and competence level. While others think that this is unfair and should be regulated by the government, this writer believes that as with almost everything in this world, people are given what is due to them.
The labor force in various countries consist of minimum wage earners, those earning average income and the high paid individuals. While those having huge salaries enjoy the benefits of a greater purchasing power, minimum wage laborers have to live with the meager sum that they receive. Blue collared jobs and rank and file employees who earn just enough, work the same number of hours and even exert more effort as those who are paid more. This is probably that main reason why others think that a ceiling should be created by the government to keep salary levels fairly even.
On the other hand, an increase in salary may be what an employee needs to further motivate him or her to do better at work. Inspired employees are more productive and this may benefit the country more. Usually, workers who earn more are those who are successful in their field. These are professionals or non-professionals who have excelled either in their education or performance and are rewarded through salary increase. High salary rates may encourage the brightest minds around the world to work in the country and share their expertise. Employers should be given the prerogative to provide a competitive salary scheme for valued individuals who deserve it.
Employees depend on income from work to feed their families and provide for their needs. People should be allowed to receive high salaries if they have truly worked hard for it.

Introduction: People have different views about high wages which were earned by few people in many countries. Some people think that is beneficial for the development of country, however I would argue that the government should manage the standardization of salaries.

Main Paragraph: Firstly, high salaries increase purchasing level among people.

Main Paragraph: On the other hand, this condition lead to many companies bankrupt.

Conclusion: In conclusion, although there are benefits of high salaries, I believe that it will be better if the government make wages standart in order to avoid extremely high.

Four-Paragraph Essay Plan:

Introduction: Summarise the topic and give my support towards one view

Main Paragraph 1: Explain one view that I don't support

Main Paragraph 2: Explain another view that I support

Conclusion: Repeat the summarization

Introduction: Topic&response
Body 1: Discuss 1st point & your opinion
Body 2: Discuss the other point
Conclusion: Summarize

Peope have different ideas about how salaries should be paid. Some people believe that salaries should be paid significantly high, while some may argue that government shoud create a certain level for salaries which I think I would agree with to balance society and lives.
There are several reasons for people who support to pay extremely high salary. Firstly by paying high salary, the workers would work dramatically hard. They may put all of their effort at work as they belive all of their hard work will be paid off. Those emplyees have more money to support their families, such as improve their children education or treat illness in the good hospitals. Secondly, the government will have benefit from taxes that contributed from those high incomes. Taxes from these workers would be invested back in some public needs such as infrastructure or hospital improvement. As as result, both the workers and governments are benefited.
However, some people may argue that a certain level of salary payment should be required for the aim of social and private balances. If people put all of their energy at work they can not balane their work and live effectively. They therefore can not work productively when they usally have to overwork to get higher salaries. In addition, people who are usually working hard, they normally have very little time for their families. Many couples have to divorde as they have not enough time to care about each other. The childrent of these workers may not meet their parents frequently and thus they lose their communicate with family and start to be addicted to some drugs or game online. If it occurs, it will be a threat to our society. Therefore, a certain amount of money payment needs to be examined seriously to protect our society.
In conclusion, very high salaries can help encourage people to work harder to support their families and contribute to national budget. However, a centain level of payment needs to be set up to ensure people banlance their work and live effectively.

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Here is my essay skeleton.

People have distinctive opinion whether gaining such high wages is beneficial for the country. Nevertheless, I strongly disagree with that idea and believe that the government should set the maximum level of salaries.

First main body
On one side, some people argue that there are various benefits for the country by allowing workers to earn as high salaries as possible.

Second main body
On the other side, others believe that it is better to limit the amount of salaries for the sake of the national stability.

To sum up, I strongly believe that setting limit of the salaries would be an appropriate measure in maintaining the countries' sustainability.

It's an honour for me to gain your comment, guys.

Very few people are fortunate enough, as they are paid tremendously high wages in some countries. This creates argument that there should be some sort of restriction in the amount from which their monthly salary should not exceed, whereas on the opposite, people believe that this may be beneficial for the country. Both opinions have strong aspects about which this essay will discuss.
In the first place, high salaries are not granted and whoever earns them may have worked hard, must have had particular abilities which lack in others, and probably have genius mind. For instance, professional sports stars who always cause envy in millions of people deserve their unbelievable amounts of salaries, because they train hard for their success. Secondly, high income stimulates specialists further enhance their work performance, to achieve better results and encourage them to perform great deeds. Finally, rich people are pride and dignity of any nation as they spend the highest amount of their wealth to the prosperity of their homeland.
However, some people may argue that it is not fair to pay that much money for a single person whatever her/his achievement is. This view is also correct if we observe to what extent some wealthy people are spoiled and wasteful. Celebrities from film industries, models and footballers worldwide, for example, often organize parties, during any of such nights may have been wasted the amount of money for which hundredth of families living in poverty could easily survive one month. Therefore, it is essential to establish correct balance and frame the salary payment scheme by governments.
To conclude with, high salaries should be given to individuals to provide competitive atmosphere for valued specialists. However, it will be quite wise to fix certain restriction in the amount of payment in order not to make it extremely high for only certain people.

306 words. 35 minutes (If there any experts, please comment on my grammar mistakes, I really appreciate your opinion)

People have different views about the limitation of maximum salary rate for employees. In my view, it is fair that some people in many nations are overpaid due to their skills.

Companies are willing to spend big money to pay employees who bring big profits to them. The money that has spent to pay salaries is nothing compared with the profits that they will gain. Employees with a fantastic salaries likely have skills that are not owned by others. They have devoted all efforts to become a professional who deserve to obtain spectacular salary. Not to mention how much time did they spend on it since there has not an instant way to reach the top. Furthermore, People who acquire a very well paid are likely risking their life while doing the job. Only certain persons who brave to do so.

However, Employees who are paid very high cause social jealously in society. People likely conduct many ways to acquire an extremely well paid job. It could trigger crimes if the people reach in wrong way. Governments should establish a clear criteria and a transparent process of the job recruitments. All citizens obtain the same chances to fight for those job. People who met the requirement are entitled earn a high salary.

In conclusion, some people with high qualified deserve to earn an extremely high pay. Governments do not need to limit the maximum rate of salary , somehow , they should set a clear criteria requirement for those job.

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There is a trend of giving very high salaries, to only few designated people, in many countries. The debate, whether or not this should be a fashion to be followed, is steamy now. Where some people appreciate it, others including me are against such trend. I think that bringing balance will do good to individuals and societies as well; subsequently, flourish the country in a better way.

On one hand, people argue that by giving fat incomes to only a small population, a fire of competition lits in people. Others, who don’t earn more, will keep struggling to get on the top of high earners. Moreover, people also believe that this will also motivate people to learn certain skills and subjects, which are uninteresting for them; to achieve great allowances. As a result, it will make the society keen to work and grow; consequently boosting state’s economy.

On the other hand, there is a mindset, who believe that the salaries of overall professions should be homogenous, to bring people closer together. Although, individuals who have ample experience and competent tertiary education, deserves high wages; however, there must be a limit to it. Monetary control and setting levels of stipends will not leave anyone underprivileged. Moreover, people will be more respectful for everyone equally, that will groom a society ethically; subsequently, eradicating the imbalance of wealth within the communities. For instance, salaries in china are consistent amongst all professionals; as a result boom of successful economy with least number of underprivileged populations is noticeable achievement. I also believe that governments should set a scale of salaries for all, so that the trend of rich becoming richer, and poor poorer can be disregarded.

In conclusions, a balance of finances amongst people will let a country grow ethically and economically.

Nowadays, It has been seen that a few of famous CEOs and celebrities make money through exceptional high salaries and bonuses while a lot of people barely make a living with minimum wages, which governments set by relevant laws. Some people agree that extremely high salaries have positive effects on the country whereas others believe governments should impose restrictions on high salaries in some degree. In this essay, I would discuss both views and give my own views on them.

Some people may be concerned that a low-income group may feel a sense of deprivation due to a high-income group. Even though the low-income group work harder than the high-income group, the low-income group would earn much less than the high-income group. Furthermore, if the poor see the extravagant life of the rich, it falls more deprived. This sense would play an important role in aggravating social division so that governments may impose restrictions on high salary limits.

On the other hand, others believe that limitations on high salaries may restrict motivation, innovation, and risk-taking, which are the most critical values for countries in a highly competitive global market at this moment. For instance, although Steve Jobs, the former Apple CEO, received the extremely high salary, he has greatly contributed to huge benefits to his country in the way of job creation, donation, leadership, and so on. I believe that he deserves to receive an extremely high salary in compensation to his positive effects on his society. However, it is hard to believe that the next Steve Jobs would appear with the government policies on high salary limitations.

To conclusion, although there may be disadvantages such as a sense of deprivation on high salaries, I strongly believe that the advantages of them outweigh the disadvantages in terms of promoting motivation, innovation, and risk-taking, which are the most important values for countries' survival in a fierce competition.

Can anyone gives me some suggestions on my writing skeleton below:
1) Introduction and paraphrase the writing topic
2) Discuss the first opinion: It is true that some small amount of people earn much more than average salaries. But we cannot deny that some talents have made extraordinary contributions to the world which make them rich at the same time. (i.e Apple Inc. and Mircosoft Inc.)
3) Discuss the other opinion: Some may say it is not fair for those who didn't earn much but still work hard. This may worsen the social equality and enhance class differentiation. They suggest government set up an upper boundary level to limit the highest salaries people can earn to prevent the inequality.
4) Summary and give my own opinion: I agree that those who makes great contributions to the development of world should earn more money. So it is unreasonable to limit their income. But I do recommend governments to set up a minimum wages level which makes sure that citizens share a standard living level.

Few citizens are fortunate in some countries earn enormous without any restriction by the government. And people have different views about how the government should entertain this exception. While such boundless earning by a person may have some positive supports for the country, I agree with those who believe that the government should restrict any salaries up to a certain level.

1st Para:
Such enormous earning is obviously pays high tax to the gov.
Such salary may come as a remittance.
May have motivation to create more opportunity and to get focused to others. Celebrities usually earn much.

2nd Para:
Economic Imbalance,
Social discrimination,

It is true that some jobs are always demand-able in terms of expertness and situation may get the rewarded salaries but still it should be up to a certain level should be defined by the country.

An often debated topic is whether potentially high salaries could put certain burdens on the country's economy or not. Many arguments support the existence of high salary professions while others say that there must be a maximum wage for the salaries being given to the employee in various governmental branches. These opinions will be analyzed in this essay before drawing a logical conclusion.
First of all, to see how high salaries can be considered as a tremendous incentive for the working people, we should have a look at the renowned bank HSBC. This well-known banking organization has passed a lot of worthy financial strategies to many other banks through their managing directors. Should they face any monetary troubles, there will be a great backing up to their bank finances. As what has happened in 2008 when they saved the bank from a catastrophic economic crisis which was about to devastate the bank branches the world over. looking at this side of the coin, it is well seen why many support this point of view.
On the other side of the coin, many evidence has proven the necessity of putting a maximum wage for salaries as this will achieve the equanimity of society fortunes versus goods displayed in the markets.Take, for example, the progress of China economics was not to come true if there was no social equilibrium between the various hierarchies of governmental officials.This is a great deal to make satisfied desires of Chinese citizens ubiquitous. Thus, it has been proven that fencing the society with social justice in the distribution of wages is something of the utmost importance to be put in the social security plans.
Although there are many stances which support the need for high salaries for some sensitive official positions , I believe it is very important to put limits for the wages that exceed the reasonable boundaries. It is hoped that legislations will be put to restrict these exaggerated salaries in the foreseeable future.

In some nation, few people earn a high grade of salary and some people think that this can be an advantage to the economic progress of their country. However, others have different point of view in which they are against to the implementation of giving salaries beyond a certain degree. In my case, I will further discuss this issue on details.
Most professionals, who graduated in their bachelors degree, have a good paying salary. But, to those who have an advance education or maybe to those professionals who are dealing with hazardous job have greater salary than those that of the regular employees. For instance, medical professionals and engineers have higher salaries because of their gravity of involvement in terms of the life and safety of a human being. Doctors, nowadays, charge their patients with their professional fees aside from their regular salaries that they received in the health institution. Moreover, the country will benefit from them because of the tax that the government is imposing from their high wages.
On the contrary, some people think that if the government of a country allows these pay rise to individual workers there would be some consequences. For example, if a certain institution or company provide a huge pay check to their workers, the company owners might suffer from maintaining their business in which case it can lead to massive lay-offs or worse, bankruptcy to the company. In the given situation, the disadvantage outweighs the positive side of the argument. Therefore, the government should see to it that the paying off salaries to the employees must be balance and be fitting to their life style also.
At the end of the day, I think the government has the power to regulate the salaries of the workers and implement proper taxation for the benefit of their country.

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One of the most confusing issues to governments is the case of boundries of salary levels, it is considered a dilama because there are many opinions and factors which may influence it, one opinion is supporting the idea that the governments shouldn’t set any restrictions to the upper limit of salaries ,however,there is another opinion that supports the opposite idea which is that there should be control from governments on the maximum salary level, from my point of view I agree with this opinion that there should be some sort of limitation on salary levels.

Paragraph1:other opinion
On one hand, some people think that the salary level is something decided by the organization or company that the employee belongs to, the only factor that may distinguish between one employees in terms of salary level is their skills, efforts and professional attitude thus It won’t be fair that any other entity control this issue. People who think in this manner believe that this policy will be very beneficial to county because it will encourage talented people to develop their skills and do more effort because they have the proper motivation, at the end this will be a win /win relationship between employees, employer and country.

Paragraph 2: Opposite Opinion
On the other hand, I believe that the above opinion I very ideal and focuses only on the optimistic side of the case while it neglects the drawbacks, In my opinion I believe that the government should have some sort of control of salaries specially in official governmental organization ,if there is no control then this may be misused by some people and they might gain high salaries which are overestimated compared to their capabilities ,moreover, in case that there is limitation on budget in certain organization, only few people will absorb most of the budget due to their high salaries while the other employees will get unfair salaries which is injustice and this can cause frustration and depression to the other employees.

Paragraph 3 Conclusion
In conclusion, some people may think that if there are no boudries on salaries ,it will be useful to country as this will motivate talented people to develop themselves, however, I think that the government should set maximum limit to ensure some sort of justice between employees.

Nice ideas

People living in the same country have a different scale of earnings. A few people have a very high amount of salaries. Some people argue this group is good for the nation, whereas others who refute say the government should define the upper limit of a salary that an individual can earn. This essay will analyse both views before declaring a position.
Firstly, some people claim job holders having high incomes are liable to pay a tremendous amount of tax which boosts a country’s economy. For instance, many countries in the world have by-laws which demand high tax pay from employees earning above the normal income ceiling. Tax paid by these employees forms a large source of the budget of the nation. It can be implied that the big chunk of the fund invested in infrastructures, health, education comes from the tax of high-income holders. Therefore, high-income holders are essential manpower of any nation.
However, others, who say governments should limit the upper ceiling of the salary an individual can earn, claim that people with high-income source occupy many jobs. For instance, an individual working more hours of overtime will receive a high amount of salary, but he works some of the hours which can be a part of the job for the next person. Therefore, a person earning a huge amount of money creates financial gaps between people living in the same area.
Although employees earning a huge amount of salaries pay a high tax to the nation, I believe that limiting the upper limit of salary an individual can earn helps to fill the financial gaps between the different classes of people living in the same society. Thus, I think governments will consider this as one of the approaches to fill the existing financial gaps among people in the near future.

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