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September 14, 2016


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Hi Simon, you are a perfect teacher!
Recently I took IELTS and now I am waiting for results.
You are right, we should be doing a better job at home. But it doesn't work with people who do not usually practice because of certain reasons. If we daily practice writing. In this way, we can achieve a perfect essay.
Thank you!

Hi Simmons

I took IELTS exam twice and each time I missed 7 from writing. Here I attached my last week (3rd attempt)writing task 2 for your kind comments. I will appreciate if you or anyone could make a proofreading of my essay and give a score:
It was " Some people argue that people should continue their work after the age of 65. Other argue that it should not be allowed" Discuss both views and give your is your opinion.

Here is my answer:What would be the right age of retirement –it is still an issue of argument. Although it is true that the steady hand of experience can still best guide a company in most cases, the energy level and fresh ideas of youth can rejuvenate a company. I completely agree with the idea of high-level employees leaving at the age of 65 to make room for the upcoming generation.

It is a huge investment for a company to develop a resource pool. If everyone retires at 65, there will be smaller pool of experience at the company. So, who will show them the ropes of the trade? In addition due to the improvement of medical technology, our life expectancy has increased and people want to continue their work longer. On this point the argument seems to be justified that people will continue their work after age of 65.
However, there are some clear disadvantages if people continue their professional life after age of 65. On top of these, it will block the door for young generation. If young generation get proper opportunity on time, they might be able to explore their potentiality. For example, Steve Jobs was the pioneer of Apple/iPhone technology at his early stage career. If young generation do not get job/service on time, they might be involved in different destructive activities, those are alarming for social security system.
In conclusion, although there are some advantages of late age retirement, it should not be allowed considering its long term effect on society and the future of young generation.

Hi Simon
Thank you for your useful instructions.
I took a Mock test and examiner wrote "use some cleft structures" in my writing sheet.
I would appreciate it if you could explain these structures.
Best Regards

brilliant idea

Simon, thanks a lot for helping me in practicing my writing skills.
I only got a band of 5.5 on my first test, before I found your website.
Today, the result is out, and my writing score is 7.0!! You can't believe how happy I am.

Thank you.

Hi Amin,

Simon often reminds us to use Google to research grammar points.

If you google 'cleft sentences', you will find this excellent BBC grammar reference:


This new Writing-2 question in 15-Dec-2016 Jeddah

Some employees can do their work from home using modern technology. some people say that this way is beneficial to workers but not to employers.
Do what extent do you agree or disagree?

What is possible answer for this question if you are agree or disagree or partially agree.

I talk about it is beneficial for both and It caries also some risks to workers.

The advances in technology nowadays have made working at home more popular than ever before. While,many people think that this development is for the benefit of the employees , I believe that such step is beneficial for both employers and employees .

Thank you Simon. For your work and tips

The thought of " writing the perfect essay" always scare me to write .I read here and there and sometimes jot down some good phrases and even copy down your sample essay ( read out loud for 7 times then forget it lol) but never practised writing the whole essay myself at home . Previous two tests my writing score stayed at 5.5 even though the total score was 7.0 and u know what, I deserve it . No more blame on the examiner's harsh marking or the bad luck with the essay topic .I still pity the money wasted though :(

What the hell I was thinking while signing up without preparing for the writing task . A MIRACLE ! ! I should have known that I am not Donald Trump and MIRACLES happen in US elections not in IELTS .

8.0 is my goal and I don't know how long does it take me to write at that level . In this case , a band higher is a flawless 9 , oops I see a distance oceans away Unreachable . Sad :(

No hell NO sadness is a SIN and not welcome anymore . Let me bargain instead how about 8.5 , do u think I can get 8 if I practised 8.5 essays at home ?

Request :

What a 8.5 essay/ report look like ? Simon I wish you would post some of your students essay at 8.5 /8 /7 level with your detailed comment .
Your essays are too perfect to simulate and YOU are too GOOD to say NO
Am I right ? :)

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