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October 09, 2016


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"drink driving" - about 450,000 results
"drunk driving" - about 9,290,000 results
So "drunk driving" is more common.

Thank you for this advice!

hi simon. do you teach students in manchester????

@Dina Scherbakova: Hi, I searched on google and found these results:
"drink driving" - about 25.300.000 results
"drunk driving" - about 8.930.000 results

So "Is drink driving more common"?
I don't understand why two results are different?

@Minh Trang: you need to add quotation mark (").
E.g. "drink driving", not drink driving.

Hi Elyor,

On the home page menu, click on 'IELTS in Manchester' and you will find the details that you want.

They are great workshops, and you will learn a lot.

Hi Tuan Ha,

Thank you.

Dear simon & friends,I think that those two sentences are much common mistakes not on write an essay rest but on speech because of the candidates didn't understood the voice or tense so unfortunately usually they are writing or spoken with complex or compound structure which means they through it is good way for attempt advanced . However,I still remembered you had been mentioned make the means short , easily understand and simple

e g yesterday the two cars was accidented by one drunk driver,consequently
The policies fine the one who is drinking driver.
Above those sentences are make a sence of language?

@Minh Trang: You need to use speech marks ("") to search for a exact phrase.
Here is a lesson about it:
IELTS Advice: use Google to search this site

Thanks for a great tip. I absolutely love Google.

I told you this! ; )

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