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October 10, 2016


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Dear Simon, could you please work on the extreme sports topic after finishing the topic you are working on at the moment in the task 2 section as I didn't find that you talked about it before and I find it rather difficult.

Your lesson is useful for my case, thank you your help so much.I hope I try my best I'll get successful. I never forget your kindness

Dear Simon,

You are the best teacher for IELTS. I have introduced your blog to many students in my country who do not have enough money to attend IELTS lessons. After reading a large part of your website, I found that if one really focuses on your lessons, she/he does not require anything else for IELTS preparation. I hope you will continue your lessons. Thank you Simon.

Thanks L.

Your lesson is useful for my study, thank you so much for our help

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